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Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: You tell yourself that you won’t come back, but you always do. He is addicting, the way he makes your feel is addicting.

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Warnings: player Harry, smut, dominance, fingering, begging

A/N: I began writing this a few days ago before people starting send in requests which I will be working on in the next few days.

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Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

“I thought you said you weren’t coming back?”  Harry said smirking.

No matter how many times you tried to quit him, you always came back.  You always told yourself and him that, that ‘this’ would be the last time.  That you wouldn’t come back to him.  But now you find yourself at his doorstep with him looking at you with amusement because you are weak again.

“I knew you would come back, you always do.” He states smirking at you because you both know it’s true.

“Shut up, and let’s just do this” you say pushing him into his house, pressing your lips hard against his.  Harry doesn’t take a lot a time to respond, and two begin to make out.  He closes the door behind you by backing you into it.  Now you are pinned against the door frame, which is strong body against you.  But you don’t care, you want him, no you feel a need for him.  You knew it was wrong, you knew that you would end up getting yourself hurt in the end like you always do, but you didn’t care.  

You try to shake these thoughts out of your head by focusing on the way he is making you feel.  You love the way his hands travel up and down the body, almost like he can’t get enough of it.  His hands move from your sides to your ass.  He squeezes your ass, causing you to moan against his mouth.  His hands continues to knead, as his lips travels down to your neck.  Leaving marks as he goes, he’s dominant, so he likes to show what is his.  And right now, your body is his.  As he kisses down, find your sweet spot that makes you grip his biceps.  

“Found it” He says smirking against your neck.  He then begins kissing your collar bones, biting slightly making you moan, and grab at his hair.

“Harry, bed, now.” You moan out.  Harry picks you up that you are straddling his front side.  As he carries you, his lips do not leave your neck.  It makes him hard when girls praise him for how good he makes them feel.  

When you get to his bedroom, he lays you on the bed, and kisses you hard.  He then lifts his shirt over his head throwing it across the room.  You kick of your shoes, and sit up to take off your shirt.  You throw your shirt off the side of the bed, and lay back knowing Harry loves undressing you.  

Harry leans over you and kisses you again, but begins to travel down, unclipping your bra, and putting it with your shirt on the floor.  He begins to work on your breasts, kissing down between them and then taking a nipple into his mouth biting on it lightly, and sucking on it.  Your fingers tangle in his hair, slightly pulling when he tugs.

Slowly, Harry kisses down your body, and swiftly pulls off your leggings and underwear at the same time.  He then opens your legs, and runs his finger down your slit.

“So wet for me baby. No wonder why you keep coming back.  Who made you this wet?”  Harry asks smirking up at you.

You don’t respond, but push his head down signaling him to go down.  Harry doesn’t hesitate and goes down.  He first takes his tongue flat and licks up your slit, and moans at your taste. The vibrations from his moaning adding more pleasure.  

“Mhm, Harry.”  You moan as his tongue pushes near your entrance.  As Harry tongue pushes his tongue in and out.  After, Harry began to focus on your clit.

He sucked it on and pulled at it, causing you to find your hands pulling at his hair.  Harry loves the roughness when you pull at his hair.  You then feel Harry’s two fingers push into you.  His thick fingers push in and out.  You loved Harry’s hands and how they could make you feel.

“You like that baby girl?”  Harry asks, not looking at you but watching his fingers move in and out of you.  He is mesmerized by how his thick fingers seem to disappear and appear covered in your wetness.

“Yes, oh yes.” You say your voice getting louder as her curls his fingers hitting your g-spot.

“Yes Harry, yes, yes, yes”  You yell grabbing the bed sheets, with your hips lifting up wanting to intensify the feeling.

“Cum baby girl, I want to taste you.”  Harry commands, pumping his fingers fast.

As you cum, your hands grab Harry’s hair, pulling it, but pushing his face down, and pushing your hips up against his mouth, not wanting to lose the feeling.
After you are finished cumming, Harry sits up, and grabs a condom and pumps his hard cock a few times.

“How bad do you want my cock?”  He asks pumping his cock right near your entrance.  

“So bad, Harry, please” You beg as he begins to take the tip of his cock and rubbing it on your clit, knowing what it does to you.

“You want it?”  Harry says pushing just his head into your entrance teasing you.  “Beg for it.”

“Harry, please fuck me.  Fuck me with your hard, big cock.  Fill me up-“ You beg, and before you can finish, Harry slams into you.  Then, he pulls out, not completely, keeping his head still in, and then slams back in.

“You hear that?”  Harry whispers in your ear.  When you listen, you can hear the wetness of him slamming in and out of.

“You hear how wet you are?  And how my thick cock fills you up.  You like how I fill you up?”  He growls, loving being praised.

“Yes, I love how you fill me up.”  You moan.

“No one will make you feel this good.  Only me.”  Harry demands being possessive.

Harry feels your pussy start to pulse around him, knowing you’re close.

“You’re close baby girl, I can feel your tight pussy pulsing around me.  You close?”  He breathes in your ear.

“Mhm, yes. Please let me cum, please” You beg.

“Cum for me, I want to feel you cum around me.  Cum.”  He orders slamming into you harder, and bringing his hand down to press circles your clit.

“Yes, yes.  Harry, Harry, yes.”  You scream out cumming.

“Scream, tell everyone who is making you feel this good.”  Harry says, still thrusting in and out of you through your orgasm.  Moments later Harry fills you with his hot cum, filling up the condom.

After staying in you for a few moments, not wanting to lose the warm and tight contact, he finally rolls off, throwing out the condom.

Harry lays down, next to you with both of his arms under his head.  

You get up and start to put on your clothes, and as you are putting on your shoes and walking out the door, you hear Harry says,

“I’ll see you in a few days.”

“We’ll see.” You say, knowing that you will be coming back.

“Yeah” He laughs, “We’ll see.”

A/N:  This wasn’t requested but, I had just had this idea!  Thank you so much for reading and the support! I hope you guys like it! The next imagines I will be posting will be ones recently requested!  Thank you to all that have recently followed me!  If you guys ever want to talk, message me! Or if you have any ideas, send them in! I’d love to talk and get to know you guys!  Also, someone was wondering about girl on girl imagines if I do those, would you guys want to see that?  Send me your feedback and ideas!  

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Gerardo @photosbygerardo / edit: Heiko @heterotopian

In this experimental MAD, I decided to do something different and maybe got a little mad. Gerardo gave me a fantastic landscape to work with and I had it in my mind to change it completely. Of course that should not happen as the essence of the picture stays the same, but I wanted to intensify the colors and made them more artificial. Not sure if I succeeded and let you decide.

As a general note, it’s not that easy to edit another person’s picture but if you have someone to work with, give it a try. It’s fun. 

PWS MAD - Heiko

My first reaction when I looked at Heiko’s edit was  Wow!

I gave him one of my standard foggy landscapes with a lake and some trees and he managed to transform the atmosphere completely. Instead of a cold foggy winter landscape he gives us a lush and tropical scene that feels like coffee and rum. It is so inviting,I just want to sit there on the shore and immerse myself  in the mood.

All that is left to do is to find out how he did it, because I would like to see how this edit works on my  other landscapes

PWS MAD - Gerardo

Going Mad

I walked through the front door taking off my coat and throwing it towards the coat rack. Work was so hectic today. The orders were all wrong, Angelina came in late, three people called in sick, someone forgot to clean the utensils, and the computers broke down. Today is absolutely the worst day ever. “[Y/N] baby is that you?” Harry my boyfriend said from the kitchen. He walked out with an apron and oven mitts on his hands. Harry slid them off and threw them on the coffee table letting me see his long slender fingers. Oh what those things could do to me. “I just finished cooking dinner.” I just sighed and hugged him. His hugs are the best medicine in the whole entire world.

“Work was that bad huh?” I groaned out as he finished his sentence.

“The worst of the worst. I swear, I’m going to end up firing everyone and do everything all over again. Angie came in late, Marco, Davey, and Steven called in sick but I bet you they went partying last night and had the worst hangovers ever. I hope they did. Oh and one of the receptionists ordered Santa Cecilia instead of Corona. And it didn’t help that all of the computers completely shut down on us all at once. I had seven customers come by today and we had to do all the orders by hand. This business is going down the drain. I’m going mad Harry.”

My loving boyfriend just chuckled and shook his head. “It’s alright love. You just need to relax. I’m sure this will all blow over by tomorrow. I’ll call Niall and ask him to go and check out the computers since the store is closed. I’m sure Liam can fix the orders as well and I know for a fact that the other people will pick up their slack. Okay?” He rested his hand on my jaw and leaned in to plant soft kisses on my lips. “Just relax okay?” I nodded.

Harry trailed kisses to the corner of my mouth down my jaw and to my neck. I moaned once he kissed a certain spot causing him to smile and suck. His hands slid down my sides and planted themselves on my waist. “The -the food Harry.” I impressively got out through my mouth.

“I bought KFC and threw it in the oven.” I breathed out a short laugh before erupting in moans when his right hand slid up and over my right breast to give it a squeeze.

My right hand rested over his crotch and began palming him through his jeans. “Mm mm. This is about you baby. Just you okay?” Harry kissed down my chest and bit on my oncoming nipples through the cloth.

“Mmm Harry.” He stood straight and began lifting my shirt over my head before unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs slowly. Leaving kisses on my thighs. I bit my lip in anticipation.

He lifted one leg at a time to help me step out of them when he discarded my pants and threw them somewhere in the room. “You have amazing legs.” He said in between kisses with his even raspier voice. I stood in the middle of the living room only in a bra and matching underwear from Victoria’s Secret. I looked down at Harry to find him already staring at me only intensifying my want for him.

He made eye contact with me and kissed my crotch over the lace I called underwear. My lungs took in oxygen but did not let it go. Harry put pressure and ran his warm tongue over me causing me to moan out in amazing pleasure. His fingers I loved so much pushed my Victoria underwear to the side and pushed open my folds to reveal my pink nub begging for some release.

Harrys lips pecked my friend teasing me making me whine. “Harry.” I moaned out. His index and middle finger pushed inside my folds into my fuck-hole making my knees buckle slightly. “Holy shit- shit Harry!”

He finger fucked me while his mouth ran up and down my slit while pushing my nub here and there. My hands snuck through his hair and held on to his roots occasionally tugging him closer to me. Harry moaned sending vibrations all throughout my body. My eyes rolled back into my skull in ecstasy. And my hips bucked into his mouth even more. His fingers were then replaced by his tongue licking my walls.

Harry pushed me down by my waist making his tongue go deeper into my body. The feeling of pressure began to form in the pit of my stomach. With my left hand on his head I ran my right through my own hair. I lifted my right leg onto the couch giving him more access and began riding his mouth. Curses left my mouth and the feeling became overwhelming. “Fuck me Harry! Shit! Fuck me daddy!” Harry pulled away all too sudden and yanked my underwear off of me before pushing me onto the couch.

Harry then dove right back into my cunt and fucked me fiercely. I squirmed but continued to hump his beautiful mouth. “Oh- I’m gonna- shit Harry I’m cumming-” my body quivered in another pool of ecstasy as Harry lapped up my juices.I sighed as he continued to flick his tongue against my clit.

“I’m going to fuck you raw princess.” I moaned as he turned me around so I was on all fours on the couch. He tugged his shirt off of his body and pulled down his pants to step out of them along with his boxers. He slipped himself into the folds of my cunt to rub against my already sensitive clit.

“I’m going to fuck you so good you won’t be able to walk for the next week.”

“I don’t like empty threats.” I could barely make out. He growled and gripped onto my hips. “You don’t believe me? Just wait and see. You whore.” He lined himself up and instantly slammed in me only to pull out before slamming into me again. Not giving me a chance to get used to his massive dick. He continued to ram into my wet cunt.

Harry reached around and purchased a handful of my breast for himself and had a feel making me moan in intense pleasure. “You love daddy fucking you, isn’t that right princess?” He slapped my left cheek. I moaned. “You are such a dirty little whore. But you’re my dirty little whore. Right baby?” He grabbed my jaw and made me crane my neck so he could roughly set his lips on mine. We entered a make out session before he pulled away and made me face forward.

“Such a little slut. Do you imagine me taking you while you’re in work baby? Because I imagine fucking you each and every damn day.” I arched my back and sucked in a breath as he hit a certain spot.

“Fuck Harry.” A burning sensation was felt on my bum.

“I’m going to cum.” I said and he pulled out quickly and laid on the couch before pulling me over him so I straddled his waist. He grabbed my hips and I lined him up. He pushed me down onto his dick and I felt him even better. Harry filled me up and I was bound to cum any second.

“Oh God! [Y/N]! You feel so good.” Harry moaned only causing the pleasure given to me to rise. We were both a moaning mess, sweaty and hot. He grabbed my hips and grinded into me at a different angle. His cock rubbing over my clit as he thrust into me.

“Fuck! Daddy, I’m almost there.” He leaned forward and grunted into my neck. “Fuck baby! Come around my cock. I wanna feel you clench around me. Come for me baby. Show me how much you love it when I take you.” My face twisted in ecstasy, my mouth opened wide while taking in a sharp breath.

After a few seconds I came crashing down over my lovers cock. “Fuck [Y/N]!” Harry moaned out before spilling his seed inside of me. His thrusts were slow as he rode out our orgasms. His lips found mine as he gave me soft, tender, kisses.

“I hope you feel better now.” Harry grinned at me. I nodded before pecking his lips again. “Much better. We should wash up before we eat.”

“Why? Don’t you like my gravy on the potatoes?” He smiled cheekily as I hit his arm softly.

“Way to ruin the mood Harry.”

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saizo×mc first night. and mc being virgin?

Your first time with Saizo would be long overdue, if the epilogue of the last event is anything to go by. He’s a very patient man, with an incredible self-control and a poisonous tongue that can always make you question the legitimacy of his words, but his feelings for you are honest - they’re just about the only honest thing he’s ever felt, and that’s exactly why he’d want to take it slow and steady.

Sex has never really been that big of a deal for Saizo, he’s the kind of guy that looks for a quick way to relieve himself and then goes ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’, leaving his partners behind without a care. Then you’d come into the picture, with your lovely face and lovely personality and Saizo would be royally fucked. He’d be so conflicted, trying not to scare you off, but at the same time he’d want to take you to his bed, to tease you and mark you and make you scream his name to the heavens.

He’d be gentler than usual because he knows it’s your first time, and that alone would be proof of his love for you. Not that he usually made it his goal to go mistreat all virgins who crossed his path, but he didn’t really give a shit about them either. With you, he has to be careful. He has to play nice, and most importantly, he has to convey his feelings with every kiss, because he literally doesn’t know how to make you understand them otherwise.

He’d still be a little shit, don’t get me wrong. Saizo has a filthy mouth, and he’s going to use it to make you blush and squirm, coaxing you with dirty words until you’re begging him to slide his cock into you. And even then, he’d make sure you’re properly wet and ready before actually taking you. His main focus would not be his own pleasure, but yours. He’d use his skilled fingers to make you cum once, twice, his crimson hues never leaving your face because your innocent reactions really turn him on. Since you’re a virgin, he’d go for the typical missionary position, but Saizo doesn’t lack stamina, and he’d be able to fuck you until you can’t take it anymore.

- admin souji