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Guess holding hands is a vmon thing ;)


This was the worst 1 minute 42 seconds of my life

Corn is the healer in the RPG. A nervous early-teen healer.

Main spells:

  • Repair holes (heal teammate)
  • Snakebite (poison arrow?)
  • Rattle (berserk/panic mode initiated when below 25% health, friendly fire possible)
  • Resurreggtion (revive teammate, requires 1 egg)

Galra Hybrid Keith & White haired Keith

Look, I was going to make only white haired edit but it just got out of hand?

(Also is it just me, but are Keith’s thumbs in a strange position?)

what she says: im fine

what she means: the one thing i crave in life is a high quality pink guy photoshoot. we’ve had like 5 joji ones so is it not the time for a pink guy one, especially now that he is gaining attention and becoming a bigger musician? i want that aesthetic shit right now. straight faced looking at the camera with great lighting, that would be beautiful. maybe a smile picture too. why doesnt anyone listen to me whe

I feel there’s something people don’t get. She’s the villain/antagonist of the game. She is the mastermind behind mint eye ( a freaking cult). Dude, people dislike villains most of the time, you know? And there are enough reasons to do so in this case. It’s not that people hate her because she’s a woman or mentally ill, she is the bad guy here.

anonymous asked:

hi! i just wanted to say that i love that you characterize jared in a way that keeps him in character, if you understand what i'm saying? like a lot of people make him innocent and all kind and everything and just,,, i'm glad that you don't do that? and i love your jared? and all of them? what i'm trying to say is that i love the way you characterize everyone just especially jared but i'm not good with words so i'm sorry if this sounds weird

ITS NOT WEIRD AT ALL and you worded it very well! and this makes me really, really happy to hear. i try to characterize them the best i can haha

hey guys… I’ve been getting anons from what I think are multiple people over a the past few months, maybe new followers? who like my art style and say they’ve been copying it or using my style as reference, or even just mixing my style in with their own… I appreciate the compliments but it’s making me a little uncomfortable, since I’ve had people tracing my art or straight up copying my style before.

I get that you can be inspired by an artist and incorporate new ideas into your style, but please understand it makes me anxious and I don’t really want messages like this;; thank you

tbh… when are we gonna get some new clothes ???

noah fence but im tired of the hipster stuff, i’d like more variety

more boots, cool shoes… cute shoes..

stuff that isnt just t-shirts, vests, etc

give us like. tuxedos and maid outfits, witch hats, shrine maiden clothing, kimonos, frilly outfits, pirate gear, more “armor” looking gear

what kind of gear would you guys like to see added in the future?? O:

there’s a lot of nice in my inbox too

specifically to do with my post about my dad. not sure how many people this will reach that have sent me something on the topic, as i’ve been getting them since my post a while ago. 

thank you so much for the condolences and stories. they’ve made me feel much less alone, i promise