want her shoes

Tol & smol sentence starters

(some are jokey, some can be insults, some for tall people, some for small people)

“I’m so glad you’re tall, you know?”

“My feet are so small I can get my shoes cheap from the kids’ section so who’s the real winner?”

“You’re tall, can you reach that for me please?”

“Can you not put the chocolate on the top shelf? You know I can’t reach”

“You’re the perfect height for an arm rest”

“How tall are you anyway?”

“Us short people can hide in places you couldn’t think of”

“Once I got drunk and told somebody I was 5′12"

“I bought you a stepstool so you can reach the kitchen cupboards”

“You’re too small/tall”

“You’re in another level of the atmosphere up there”

“You’re so close to the average height of a primary school child”

“If anyone laughs at your height I’ll end them”

“I’ve always been the tallest/smallest of my friends”

“You can’t deny you’re small/tall at (height)”

“I don’t think I’ve grown since I was 12″

“If I knock you out you’ve got further to fall”


Thank you to the people messaging me your concerns about my absence on here.

To answer your questions–no I am not alright.

I am angry that Daenerys was taken from me while others get to wake up every day with a dog they don’t even want half the time.

I am bitter that others get to celebrate 7th birthdays with their dogs and Daenerys never got her 2nd birthday or Christmas.

I am learning to cope with my grief but I still carry it with me like a bad tattoo.

I am learning to breathe again, but I still choke more often than not.

I am learning to live with just her spirit beside me, but at the moment it haunts me more than it holds me.

Date a girl who keeps making ridiculous claims, like “the sky is gonna turn green tomorrow” and says if she’s wrong she’ll eat her shoe. They always come true but she always looks really disappointed. You’re starting to suggest she just really wants to eat her shoe.

Reasons to watch Prince of Stride

• A lot of hand holding/hand focus. its. good
• Riku is a sweetie
• Takeru has a leg fetish
• I would let her step on me but I don’t want to dirty her shoes
• Everyone’s hair is #goals
• No forced het romance
• Heck the sport itself is romantic as fuck
• And that sport is PARKOUR
• ok but Riku and Takeru clearly have a romance going on
• It’s just. Really funny?
• Soundtrack is LIT
• Opening is rlly good too
• Oh yeah one of the teams is also an IDOL GROUP
• Like all of the VAs have been in another sports anime
• it’s a good show go watch it please

Was Evie Really Ever Evil?

everyone always talks about carlos not being evil but ;;;? even though evie wanted to fill her mother’s shoes , she wasn’t remotely evil herself ; maybe a little vain , but not wicked . she wanted the same thing that carlos wanted ; unconditional love and to find a friendship in people that hated her because of something her mother did ten years prior .

her mother conditioned her from a very young age that being beautiful was her sole purpose , which is why it struck her so significantly to come to auradon and find her self worth in her talents and her academics .

she wanted that validation from her mother and some handsome prince, but found it in herself .

When You Come Home To Me

Here is Part Eleven in “This Love” – It’s also the last of the series. Sorry.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1479

Warning: Fluffy ending!!

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          “Daddy!” you heard Maddie squeal when Jensen got home from filming. You smiled; he had been making sure he came home to help you as much as he could. He had definitely stuck to his word.

           “Hey, Baby Girl,” Jensen said, picking her up, “Where’s your mommy?”

           “Kitchen,” she informed him.

           “Y/N, what are you doing?” he asked, walking toward the kitchen, “You should be resting.”

           “I’m making dinner,” you said.

           “I’ll finish dinner,” he insisted, walking over to kiss you, “You go sit down and rest. You’re officially off duty.”

           You giggled, “Officially?”

           He nodded, “Go on. Go watch some TV or just sit and relax.”

           “Thank you,” you smiled.

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When NAVILLERA made Yerin and Eunha the main couple~

Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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