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Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, The Clash – photographed by Bob Gruen


“Their world has shifted and everything has changed” – I love how the writers are NOT fucking around here. One epic romance for the ages, coming right up.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Shion’s Eve Cosplay (Eve and Set)

“C’mon Shion, smile!”

“I am shmilingh!”

“Geez, lighten up.”

A mouse (or several) gets into Q branch. 00Q please but who starts screaming like a wimp and jumps on the table is up to you! Thank you! – anon

Ehehe, I had fun. Jen.

It was almost inevitable.

Q-branch were not known for hygiene, cleanliness, or common sense. The cleaners had long since abandoned them – they felt it something of a waste of time, especially when they were yelled at perpetually for moving things a quarter of an inch, even if there were coffee stains the size of Spain – and so Q-branch had fallen into disrepair somewhat. Especially the workshop.

“… I think we might have a problem,” R reported. “Things have been… chewed on, a bit. I think the mice are back.”

Which was quite an achievement, given that rat poison had been placed more or less everywhere. Tenacious little buggers.

Q sighed. “Alright then, we’re going to have to scale things up a notch. I want full scanning in here, life signs registered and every single hole that they could get through documented and filled as required.”

R nodded, and went off the delegate the not-very-exciting task to one of the lesser minions.

Things were certainly in hand, at least.

Of course, nobody could have anticipated Bond’s response:

“Jesus fucking Christ what the fuck is that doing in here,” he yelped – yes, yelped – and scrambled away at high speed, straight onto Q’s desk. “This is a fucking government facility, how is it even possible that you…”

“… we’re more or less below water level, and this place is extremely old,” Q pointed out, smirking. “Of course we have vermin issues. It’s being dealt with, though. Where did you see it?”

It just ran over my fucking foot.”

One of the minions glanced up. “Oh excellent – which direction did it run in?”

Bond mutely pointed a finger. The minion smiled happily, and returned to whatever in the hell he was doing with a device containing a wide and imaginative array of colours. It beeped. Bond was still mostly paralysed.

“… so I’m guessing you’re scared of mice?” Q asked, not bothering to contain his still very active smirk. Bond’s lethal glare was doing nothing to dilute it. “Really? You’re one of the highest ranking secret agents in the UK, and you’re scared of mice?”

Bond’s glare was stellar. “I’m allowed to have fears, am I not?” he asked rhetorically; he seemed to finally be moving from his paralytic fear-induced state, “and yes. Mice are not my favourite things in the world, especially when they’re unexpected.”

Q’s smirk finally developed into an all-out snort of laughter. “Superb,” he grinned. “This is hilarious, you realise? And is probably going viral already?”

“I will kill anybody who distributes this information,” Bond growled. And meant it, judging by his expression.

(one of the minions sank deeper into her chair, and tried very hard to disappear).

“You can probably get off the table now.”

Bond looked at Q for a long moment.

Slowly, he sank down back to the floor.

The moment he hit the ground, he all but sprinted out of the workshop, leaving Q and the minions to burst into cackling laughter.

Card close-up ‘ < ‘ No pencils, all just ink birds, flowers and impromptu animal hats 


Extracts & translation:

“Its not just the recent injury. Since last season I have been experiencing pain in my right foot which has constantly bothered me. Unconsciously,  I have been protecting this foot and it has affected my body’s balance…”


“I don’t want to go for treatment anymore.”

His expression softening, he continued- 

“Therefore, now, after the end of the Olympics, there’s a great sense of relief. Until now I’ve been going for treatment daily, there’s been anxiety and my head felt constantly cluttered but its clear now and I feel relieved. Its empty now. Its been a long time since I was in such a state of mind.”


“I’m glad I continued skating until now.”

He said this calmly, quietly.

“Because I continued till now, my skating has been able to improve. When I view my past performances in my free time I can really see ‘Ah, I’ve become a better skater’, besides the jumps my skating has continued to improve. Every year, I’ve also been able to encounter good programmes.

And, from my heart I have really felt the support from many people.  If I had retired after winning a medal 4 years ago, perhaps I would have been able to go on without experiencing defeat in Sochi, perhaps I would not have these thoughts of regret and embarrassment at finishing in the lowest position among the Japanese men. Still, I think it’s good that I continued. Really, its good to have continued.”

Like the sound of the rain outside, Takahashi’s words were spoken calmly with a peaceful expression.