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Work in progress: Captain Hollow Silver x White coord

I want to make some custom shorts and a fancy silver x white buttcape to go with this at some point. The Jacket was originally missing the arm band and half the side chains, so I made those too!

Alice and the Pirates: Jacket, boots, armor ring
Angelic Pretty: Melty moon bag
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Scepter
Handmade by Me: Hat, (part of) melty moon necklace, jacket side chains and arm band
Kawaiicore: Moon necklace pendant
Mossmarchen: Cross necklace
R-Series: Blouse

161028 BTS Music Bank Pre-recording - Fanaccount Compilation

1. Seokjin was excitedly laughing at the waiting area while turning toward the fans and greeted. He came to sit at the first row of the fans section but was kicked out. Then he had a little chat with the PD.

2. Seokjin was mainly talking about how everyone in the same year as him had graduated, he’s the only one left ㅠㅠㅠ

3. Jimin: Thank you for coming today as well!
Jin: They’re shining today as well~
Kook: You shine, shine, you’re pretty, pretty ♪♪ (singing ‘21st Century Girl’)

4. Everyone imitated Jimin’s pose and teased him (except for Namjoon).

5. Seokjin didn’t want the coordi to attach pincettes to his outfit so he ran away. But noooo seokjin you think you can escape your fate he eventually had to put the pincettes on.

6. When the recording was over, Seokjin came under the stage lighting and threw his hands in the air like the Titanic pose.

7. jungkook being jungkook today Jungkook was being hyperactive the whole day.

8. Jin kept shoving Jungkook aside today. remember the classic taehyung ‘you’re too much’ in preview show yes that’s exactly what happened someone save jk

9. Taehyung: Hi~~~ My name is Shinichi Kudo!
Jungkook: You’re the detective right 

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…I sure wish the confederate flag would stop showing up in otherwise cute Kpop MVs.

And you guys say you love hip-hop. Right.

Looking at you & your stylists, Infinite H.