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I watched the Merc trilogy again and feelings for old AUs came back. Specifically ones about Locus and Felix being fucking terrible dads to some homeless kids (three guesses as to who they are, or just check the captions).

And since Siris is now a thing, that just opens up more possibilities. So maybe consider this an AU where Chorus never happens and the assholes just go on being bounty hunters for the rest of their lives while raising the kids.

Also I guess you could consider this a redraw of this old thing with a lot more added.

cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

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Mother Lily

It’s the middle of the night when Baby Harry starts crying. 

Lily: Oh well, maybe this helps:

Lily: No? What about…:

Lily: I hate that everyone is risking there lifes. I hate that we can’t get out of here.

Lily: Harry! Please, please stop crying. What can I do to make you sto-…maybe music?!

Harrys eyes start to drop. The crying stops.

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Ever think about how Alfred must've up to a certain point just not know how to deal with a grieving kid?I mean Bruce ending up the way he is came from somewhere and while he's shown as a loyal butler I feel as if he just didn't know what to do with the poor kid placed in his care,I mean Alfred is already not the most emotional of people but like he seemed to have gotten a bit better at it than Bruce over the years.But imagine him with Dick?Not knowing,not wanting to screw up ANOTHER kid?

i’m actually surprised you view alfred as not very emotional because, to me, he’s one of the most emotional characters in batman comics. he’s just very healthy about his emotions which is very wildly contrasted next to bruce’s lack of correct emotional health management

personally, i think alfred was understandably at a loss at first with bruce, not only because he was left with a little boy in his care who had lost his entire world and the huge responsibility that entails, but because in many iterations alfred didn’t always mean to stay as a butler for the rest of his life, and certainly not as a permanent parent to the waynes’ only child. and suddenly he had a son he had to take care of, a boy that he loved, who was hurting and was left with no one else but him, and we know how everything turned out long-term. we know how alfred always gives hints that he feels he did a horrible job with bruce, that the batman business and all the danger he puts himself through night after night is not bruce’s fault but alfred’s, because he must have done something wrong along the way for things to turn out this way. he puts a big part of the blame on him because he was the parent in this scenario and maybe, perhaps, somehow, if he was more strong or better at being a father, he’d have managed to stop batman from ever emerging

but with dick? with dick i don’t think alfred was in the same situation as he had been with bruce. and that’s not because he now knew how to raise and act around a grieving child, but because bruce took a big load off his shoulders. bruce stepped up big time with dick and was there for him in a very solid, healthy way that you wouldn’t normally expect from the man who never dealt with his grieving emotions in any sort of way, let alone a healthy one. there was no evidence up until dick was introduced that bruce would ever be able to pull off something like that. but he did. he did it so well that alfred had the leeway to be there for dick in many ways as a second parent, or even a close friend, or more appropriately, as dick’s butler like he should’ve been for young bruce in the first place

there’s so many times we’ve seen alfred speak up about the robins, about how putting these kids in danger is so reckless of bruce, and it was more and more evident with the later robins until it blew up big time when damian came around (despite damian ironically being the only kid who could realistically be able to pull off the robin role based on his upbringing), but he rarely if ever did it with dick. and when he did, it was always in a different light. dick has been the staple of the family for many reasons, the number one of them being he made this family an actual family. up until dick’s adoption, alfred and bruce shared a bond alright, but it rarely ever left the limits of nightly batman activities and the cooperation required after bruce returned from his training and hit him with a “yeah so i’m gonna go dress up and fight some crime at around nine”. dick was clear evidence there was something more there, something that made them all invaluable to each other in a way not even the waynes had achieved with bruce before their deaths

i don’t think alfred ever felt like he had to hold his breath as to not screw up dick like he felt he had bruce. i think he was actually alleviated from some of his guilt when he saw bruce bring up this kid as his son, a son who ended up blowing everyone away every step of the way. there was pride and healing because maybe? maybe he hadn’t done such a bad job with that other grieving boy all those years ago

SHINee Reacting to their kid wanting another sibling.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Onew - He’d be extremely happy when your kid tells him they want another sibling and would start uncontrollably giggling and smiling from ear to ear, going straight to you to tell you about the kid’s wish.

“Jagiya, listen to this cute thing Y/K/N just told me!”

Jonghyun - Raising one kid turned out to be a rather hard job so when he hears the said kid mention wanting a sibling, Jonghyun’s mind would go blank and he’d stare at them in disbelief.

“You want what?”

Key - He’d suddenly become very embarrassed for whatever reason it is and stutter a bit before muttering something just to make the kid go away and leave him to question his life choices.

“I’m trying the best that I can.”

Minho - He’d be approving of the idea on the inside, but be vague on the outside and give your kid puzzling answers. After all, it was you who’d decide whether to have a baby or not, not him.

“Maybe your wish comes true, maybe it doesn’t.”

Taemin - Taemin would surely be taken aback by a sudden statement of your kid and wouldn’t know how to reply to that at first but then tell them to talk with you about it because he’d be too shy to do that.

“I’m sure mum would be thrilled to hear about your wish.”

- Admin Lene

M!A: Little Phantom - 0/5 ~START~

when yoosung and seven adopt kids, they adopt a pair of siblings so they never have to get separated

they’d planned on two kids, sure, but a couple years apart so they could get used to the whole parenting thing. then they see these kids’ files and seven looks at yoosung and yoosung already knows

and these kids that have been unadoptable for so long because they made no secret of their hatred for anyone that tried to separate them end up placed in a home with promises that they’ll never be forced apart, and that they’ll have the safest, most stable childhood, because seven never wants another kid to have to go through what he and saeran went through

ok but consider this:

  • aph kids that feel overwhelming surges of love randomly and start hugging people bc “gdi you’ve been my friend for like two days youre such a great person???”
  • aph kids with no personal space whatsoever and sometimes kiss people in a completely platonic way and their friends are left wondering what the fuck just happened
  • aph kids that are bitter about love!!!!! self contradicting demigods gdi!!!!!
  • ones that embody all the marina and the diamonds songs ALL OF THEM
  • ones that embody all the taylor swift songs oh my god
  • ones that are amazing with make up like what the fuck eyeliner game too strong
  • ones that make dresses off the curtains in the cabin like giselle from enchanted tbh
  • yes aph kids that are all kinds of outer beauty
  • yes aph kids that are all kinds of inner beauty
  • aph kids that are okay looking but god damn they appreciate and see the beauty in everything and everyone
  • photographers!! painters!!!! ARTISTS!!
  • black widow type of aph kids that are all about emotional manipulation
  • ones that like to sleep around with literally everyone
  • ones that are saving themselves for that special someone
  • aph kids that have one otp they will defend to their death
  • ones that have had their wedding day planned down to what tablecloth they’ll be using since they were like 5
  • ones that want to be wedding planners/bridesmaids their life goal is literally 27 dresses
  • ones that prefer not to get married
  • all aph kids that fight and rally for gay rights all together and very passionately
  • asexual/aromantic aph kids that appreciate love from afar!!!
  • literally all the sexualities are represented in the cabin and everyone is cool with it bc its all the same love for gods sake
  • ones that represent love for famliy
  • love for friends
  • love for country
  • love for tv
  • love for apple pie
  • love for shoelaces

Okay but….I really can’t believe that Luke still kinda keeps April’s life somewhat separate from his and Lorelai’s life and Lorelai is just…fine with it?

And am I really supposed to believe that not once in 9 years did the topic of kids come up? Really. There was not one time in 3,285 days that the subject was broached? How is that possible? After the hints and discussion in the original series - forgiveness & stuff, the dance marathon, the Twickum house, “what about the kids,” “kids would be good,” “I want another kid,” etc. - neither one of them ever brought it up?

Furthermore, they’re still keeping big secrets from each other? After everything? Really?


Possession au is about to reach a whole nother level.

I freaking love this pot.

i’m ngl i want a verse where this adorable parent/child relationship thing is applicable.

what girls actually look for in guys

tan skin
dark hair
is great at cooking
likes to talk to inanimate objects
has a hella mustache
is Bob Belcher



seven year old Carmadda in a spaceport kid-playing area: MY DROID ISN’T STUPID

Other kid: YES HE IS!


other kid: no you can’t! you’re too skinny

Hylbi, across the walkway and watching this debacle: Karras go stop her before she gets another black eye

Karras: nah, she’s fine

And then three minutes later Carmadda running back to her parents exclaiming that she got her loose tooth knocked out. Hylbi just stares at her husband like “uh-huh. fine. she’s just fine” and Karras just winks back and asks Carmadda how the fight went.

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I headcanon that Natsu holds tea parties with Kageyama, where she does his hair and paints his nails or something and poor lil Kags is sooo weak to her sunshine smile and the way her voice goes 'pleaaaase?' that he just goes along with everything (also Hinata makes pictures and it's amazing). I hope you'll break through your artblock soon!

Ahhh this headcanon is so cute!

First they did each others hair and now it’s tea time!