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do you think a person who isn't usually able to answer riddles is 'less of a ravenclaw'? because im academically brilliant (in the way that i read a page and I can't recite it perfectly) but I cannot solve those and it kinda makes me insecure ???

(the eagle doesn’t actually ask you riddles. jkr has always said QUESTION rather than riddle because it’s a philosophical question designed to make you think rather than a riddle based on word play. it’s not about getting the right answer it’s about the thought process behind it)

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uhh, you still doing that facial expressions meme? Can I have a 4A Ink, a 5A ink, a 4C Blueberry and a 5D Freshy? if not, can I at least have a comic where Ink goes "SCREW YOU" Blueberry gets very offended, and Fresh ends up screaming his non-existant ass off?

I…. might have kinda ran with that idea…..

I mean, this was the best situation I could imagine them to have these reactions. Or just a random idea.

Listen, do not, under any circumstances, engage in a gift battle with Bumbles. You will lose. Good god, you will lose.

@denialanderror is a monster and sent me all kinds of candies and COOKIES (biscuits psh!).

AND THEN!!!! All of these adorable, thoughtful things wrapped with ridiculously cute little notes on every. goddamn. one.

There’s a little teeny tiny cactus because mine and all my succulents are probably dead after all the shit going on at my house. (also note hubby in the background waiting for me to open candy so he can steal it XD)

This adorable owl scarf because she saw a post from FEBRUARY where I said I have a lot of scarves and she knows I love owls…

Okay I don’t even remember telling her how much I love Bukowski but apparently… And tacos! Guys, PSA, I think Bumbles has an eidetic memory and I’m terrified. Don’t tell her anything, she’ll use it against you in the nicest way and you will suddenly feel like a slob kabob for sending a fucking coloring book. I lost so hard. She’s a way better gifter.

You guys. You. Guys.!!! She found GOLDEN CHOCOLATE!!! because I said I’d only ever had those gross cream eggs. What. the. hell. She’s so nice.

Look at all of this!!! LOOK AT IT!!! She has lost her mind and sent me every candy/cookie/biscuit we’ve ever talked about and like 10 more. And all these thoughtful things! Like she had to custom order so many of these!

And when I said thanks she just asked if it cheered me up. Take caution! Bumblebee doesn’t fuck around at the cheer-you-up-care-package game. She kicked my ass. 

Happy birthday Miracle Boy Tendou Satori!

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I mostly agree with what you said about Karasuno losing Nationals this year, (though I personally think they would lose against Itachiyama and the final would be Itachiyama vs Fukurodani, but maybe that's just me not wanting to see Bokuto make Hinata cry...) but tbh I don't think Furudate-sensei will do it. I remember reading somewhere that when Karasuno lost to Seijoh, Haikyuu!! sales went down by a lot, and it was even at risk of being cancelled. So I'm not sure they would risk it...

I didn’t know about that my bean…but I don’t think this is a scenario we could easily see in the future. The first Seijoh loss was an event that shook everybody, but it’s still the first, the one and the only major loss Karasuno ever experienced. In the course of these 5 years, Haikyuu fans grew along with the manga and the characters, we all know that losing a great match like a semifinal/final at the Nationals is not much of a trouble and it’s probably a plot device to make characters undergo a new development arch. 

Also, at the time of Seijoh loss, we didn’t know about Fukurodani, about Itachiyama, about Inarizaki…we knew very little about Nekoma too. Now most of us can see that there are teams which deserve to win more than Karasuno, or that could more realistically do so. We want to see the other teams as much as we want to see Karasuno, we love the cats, the owls and all the others as much as the crows. 

After five years, for us Haikyuu is not just about Karasuno winning everything. Is about seeing the characters we love grow even if it hurts, it’s about victories that sting and loss that teach everything, is about developing friendships despite which side of the net you’re in, is about improvement, is about trust, is about family, is about love. 

After five years, Karasuno not winning the nationals won’t make sales drop. After five years, seeing Karasuno winning the nationals, maybe will. 

okay but seriously can we please just take a moment to discuss what a brilliant father james potter would have been like okay so:

  • lbr we all know the potters were a bit on the wealthy side of the wizarding world, and im willing to bet all my money that james would have spoiled the crap out of harry. i mean, harry wouldn’t have been one of those snobby obnoxious rich kids who can stomp their foot and get whatever they want, but james would have bought harry pretty much anything he wanted. you want a new broomstick? sure thing kiddo. you want an owl??? all yours
  • he would’ve loved teaching harry about quidditch and taking him outside during the afternoons to play a quick little scrimage with him (which would most likely end up turning into a three hour match when they argued over whether or not one of them made a foul)
  • and then after neither of them could decide whether or not the foul was made, they’d call out lily to be the judge and when she’d roll her eyes and go back inside so they’d call sirius and tell him what happened. sirius usually took harry’s side over james’s.
  • when he met harry’s friends’ parents they were usually surprised that james and lily were so young, but lets face it, james and lily were the cool parents
  • harry and james pull pranks on each other and on lily like 75 times a day and james would always buy him stuff from zonko’s and teach him new pranks
  • james would be very very supportive of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and he’d go there and spend loads of money while the boys were all at school and when harry would bring the weasleys over for christmas he’d have all of fred and george’s gag items scattered around the house for any unfortunate soul to come across
  • he’d give harry the marauders map when harry went off to hogwarts
  • he’d also give harry loads of relationship advice as he got older, telling him how determined he was to date lily and look where they are now
  • he would have given harry flowers and told him to go give them to lily every day
  • he and harry would have engaged in epic, manly baking contests on mothers day to see who could make lily a better treat (they were both awful bakers, but at least lily pretended to like what harry made her)
  • basically he would have been really really supportive of harry and more like a friend than a dad and invited ron and hermione come to stay during all the vacation breaks and he’d get sirius and remus to come over too and they’d tell the kids stories about their days at hogwarts
  • he’d always be so proud of harry no matter what because thats his and lily’s son and he’s just a really happy young dad ‘cause he’s got his dream girl and his awesome son

Season 1 Jim: hopeful rookie, Rigidly follows the rules to help Gotham

Season 3 Jim: literal murderer and member of the court of owls

Season 1 Harvey: Stereotypical jaded cop, comic relief

Season 3 Harvey: captain of the GCPD because all of his superior officers are either dead or in Arkham

Season 1 Barbara: naive love interest, wants to be a part of Jim’s life even when it puts them both in danger

Season 3 Barbara: power crazed leader of the criminal underworld

Season 1 Oswald: Fish Mooney’s umbrella holder and criminal genius. Rises to power in criminal underworld by working with rival mob bosses and turning them against each other

Season 3 Oswald: mayor of Gotham city. Briefly dead

Season 1 Ed: awkward but brilliant forensic scientist for the GCPD

Season 3 Ed: cartoony criminal mastermind. Wears flamboyant suit and terrorizes Gotham city with elaborate riddles

Season 1 Bruce: traumatized child looking for closure on parents’ death

Season 3 Bruce: wants to save all of Gotham City from the Court of Owls. Three time (at least) kidnapping victim.

Season 1 Selina: young thief, just trying to survive on the streets of Gotham

Season 3 Selina: dead.

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I love your vex and vax artwork - your style and colours are lovely! Okay question: What do you think of Gilmore, glorious glorious Gilmore?

He’s honestly the heart and soul of the show, and I want nothing more than a 15 minute “Here’s what’s going on with Gilmore” update every episode.

mothers day psa: there is a difference between ignoring, controlling and supporting your children’s decisions. for those whose mothers were apathetic or over-controlling: i’m so sorry. i am your mother now. i love what you’re wearing today and will be making popcorn for dinner

A duo of playlists. The dialogue between Kaworu and Shinji following their journey together. 

Disc One: Shinji (Shinji’s side of the dialogue)

An Act of Kindness Bastille // A Sky Full of Stars Coldplay // Demons Imagine Dragons // Breathing Underwater Metric // Star Ring Child Aimer // Is Youko Kanno ft. POP ETC // All I Want Kodaline // Vanilla Twilight Owl City 

Disc Two: Kaworu (Kaworu’s side of the dialogue)

Beautiful World Utada Hikaru // From Finner Of Monster And Men // Donut Hole Gumi // No Light, No Light Florence + The Machine // Broken Bones Chvrches // Begin Again Purity Ring //  Buy The Stars Marina And The Diamonds // When Can I See You Again? Owl City

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Sassy horned owl and floating lettuces.