want all the fats

:^)) tfw when Memories™ pop up :^)) and you gotta wonder why no one noticed you were an abused kid :^))) the symptoms were all there :^)) I wasn’t just a ‘weird kid’ like y'all said I was :^))) adults always say they know more about kids than they let on but if that’s really the case they must really not give a shit about us when the ignore very obvious signs of abuse :^^))) I spoke about some fucked up shit right in front of teachers and parents and none of them said anything, none of them reacted :^)) if they’re actually listening they don’t give a damn

Some much needed relaxation cat time.


context: each twice member were given hand-written messages from the other 8 members anonymously

Momo was reading anonymous Mina’s message but got exposed by Nayeon!

+ Momo’s simple reply to Mina’s message

I been meaning to redesign my headcanon for Taako (and the other boys too)  but, since @happy-moon-love thinks it’s okay to leave ugly comments on other people’s beautiful art, tag it as sad,ugly and fake taako, I decided to do a messy doodle! Here’s a fat happy lumpy Taako! 

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The Mind of a Feeder

-The more you eat, the hornier I get
- Let me jiggle all of your fat
- I want to feel your chubb
- Don’t stop eating
- There is no such thing as “too full”
- I want to grab that roll of fat hanging over your jeans
- That fat roll on your back…
- You gaining weight 😍😍👌
- Bury my face in your chubb
- *Poke poke* This is fun
- That shirt is not too small. It looks fine. Come on, let’s go.
- Of course you can have a salad. And pasta. And fries. And pizza. And ice cream.
- The way your belly sits in your lap… *drool*😍😍
- Squash me with all your weight
- I love feeling your belly against me when we hug
- When you talk about how much you ate
- When you say “You’re gonna make me fat"
- Just because your shorts don’t fit doesn’t mean you look bad in them ;)
- Omg i can see your belly poking out 😍
- Please let me touch your chub

Dear thin people,

Please stop this! You repurposing fat clothes is really unacceptable. Actual fat people could be wearing these. It’s also pretty shitty to take something fat people are forced to wear that’s ugly and make a cute dress with it. Designers fail to see that fat people want to wear cute cloths. Yet all we get is Mumus, denim dresses for 80 year Olds and tents. This is the epitome of thin privilege.

-Mod Mariah

the difference between josh being annoying and banging pots and pans to get a rise out of people, and jody/paul the rest of these people who have said/done TERRIBLE problematic things is that josh is more than likely not like that in his real life, whereas the rest of them ARE pieces of shit in their real lives.