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I had this idea the other day about a scenario where chuuya falls in love with a girl that turns out to be a prostitute and he's like so in love with her he wants to protect her and get her out of her situation and its so dramatic and romantic , if the prostitute thing doesnt make you uncomfortable can you please write some headcanons about that ??? Thank you so much!!

I’m going off the assumption that the prostitution was not something she wanted to do and was more of her only option.

• Chuuya would be really hurt initially once he found out you had been keeping a huge secret from him, and he would externally panic about the medical issues that can arise with a sex worker. He doesn’t mean to be he ends up being pretty harsh when bringing it up and he has a hard time controlling his anger. As much as he doesn’t want to hurt you he says things he ends up regretting especially if he makes you cry.

• He’d apologize and pace around with his face buried in his hat because he doesn’t want to leave and he doesn’t want to say anything worse. After he takes a break from the conversation he approaches it with a level head but asks the hard questions. Does he need to get tested or have you been safe? How often? Since you’d been dating him?

• As much as he doesn’t want to feel betrayed he feels like he’s been cheated on and it takes a very long conversation and a lot of reassurance from you that Chuuya is the only man you love. Even if you’re not open about the reasons why you happened to stumble into the situation you’re in Chuuya needs to know.  The night is long and filled with a lot of ups and downs because Chuuya is having such a range of emotions that he needs breaks between.

• Despite his own feelings Chuuya is very receptive to your feelings and if he sees you crying or hurt he breaks the conversation for a few kisses. His hands roam through your hair and he tugs you onto his lap to feel close to you. The moment between kissing and silence he realizes that even though he is hurt by the secrets you kept from him he just wants you to be his and away from the entire life.

• If you’re in a position where it’s dangerous for you to leave Chuuya will deadass buy your time every day all day. You’ll be booked on these dates and Chuuya will pay whatever cut the brothel receives and spend the rest of what he ‘owes you’ on whatever you want. Clothes, jewelry, food, movies, literally anything your heart desires. He makes it crystal clear that he is not buying your body, but is spoiling his girlfriend because he damn well wants to.

• Even if there’s some strings to pull and people to mow down Chuuya has you out of there in less than a week. He’ll take out the owner’s entire family line if he has to and will give no fucks. As long as there isn’t an entanglement with the Port Mafia and if there happens to be he winds his way around it using favors from Mori and Kouyou. He’ll indebt his life even further if need be.

• He trips over his words when he asks you if you’ll get checked up by one of the Port Mafia’s doctors. Even though he used protection with you and feels like the biggest piece of shit in the world he wants to make sure for your safety and his that you’re okay health wise.

• Chuuya is clear that your past means nothing to him, and that you’re the love of his life. You accept his past and who he is as a person without judgement and he promises he does the same for you. If he ever happens upon one of your old ‘clients’ it takes all of his will not to lose his shit and beat the fuck out of them. Unless you want him to, then he cracks his knuckles and happily pounds them into the pavement.


Welcome to another exciting episode of FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re going to be talking about a fairly obscure piece of fashion history- hair jewelry. That’s right, in times gone by, people would wear human hair around their wrists, hanging from their ears, and wrapped around their fingers. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It was a very common practice, though, and many of the pieces created were extremely elaborate and quite beautiful.

It is a common belief that hair jewelry was created for mourning. This is not completely inaccurate, but it is far from the whole truth. Hair held strong significance and symbolism in many cultures across the world. Since hair takes centuries upon centuries to decompose, it was a common symbol of the eternal. This is where the tradition of giving a lock of hair to a loved one stems from. Since hair comes from the head, it also held myth that the one who held the hair had a sort of influence over the giver. Though it has become a romance genre trope to see lovers give each other a lock of hair, in reality, locks were also given to friends, family members- anyone with a deep, personal connection.

Scandinavian folklore commonly spoke of the power of hair, and thus people in that region would carry the locks of their loved ones around with them. In the Early Renaissance Age, the curls of hair would be placed into lockets, often worn on necklaces or pinned over the heart. Shortly after, instead of putting the hair inside of jewelery, it became part of the jewelry itself. Sometimes the hair would be twisted and knotted, then set into a pendant, or it would be woven like a rope, becoming the band. These pieces that were woven into bands required much longer locks of hair, and so they were more commonly made once a love one passed away, and were worn as mourning jewelry.

While hair jewelery was not uncommon from the Renaissance through the 18th Century, the style exploded in the Victorian Age. There are a few reasons for this. At the beginning of the 19th Century, elaborate hair styles, including men’s wigs, had fallen out of style, as did ostentatious jewelry. To save their livelihoods, wig-makers and jewelry-makers paired up to create sentimental pieces. This was the start of hair jewelry’s rise in popularity. Later in the century, Prince Albert famously gave Queen Victoria a charm bracelet, with each heart charm containing a lock of each of their childrens’ hair. When Albert died at a young age, the entire country went into mourning, bringing mourning fashion into style. It was at this point that hair jewelry worn as a mourning piece became extremely popular.

The style faded out around World War I, when all mourning fashion faded from popularity. Today, most people see hair jewelry as “creepy,” but it’s important to remember the amount of emotion that was once attached to these cherished pieces.

Want to learn more about hair jewelry? Check out these books:

Sentimental Jewellery, by Anne Louise Luthi

Collector’s Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry, by C. Jeanenne Bell

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