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Could you make some Claude husband headcanons? I love reading your kuroshitsuji imagines!

  • Spiders are everwhere. If you’re scared of one in immediate sight, he’ll simply move it out of the room. He will not murder them or put them outside unless they’re poisonous or you’re genuinely terrified - he can smell the difference.
  • He’s still Alois’ butler so you’d live in the Trancy manor with them.
  • It’s hard to get Claude away from Alois because the child is so clingy and demanding and isn’t above ordering Claude away from you.
  • Luckily, Alois really likes you so he never does that.
  • You become like parents to Alois.
  • Claude spoils you with roses, other flowers you love, chocolates he made himself and big fancy dinners and social events if you’re a social butterfly. 
  • If not, he keeps the library stocked up!
  • You travel to a new country each month because he wants to show you the world and lowkey he wants to show off his knowledge of the world, too.
  • He tap dances on the balcony outside your room to wake you up.
  • If you’re lucky he’ll deign to come into the room to wake you gently - it depends on how irritated with Alois he is.
  • Moonlit walks and private conversations - sometimes he uses the wind to carry declarations of love to your ears.
  • He lacks the honour that other demons have so he has to learn how to be the husband you need.
  • Will hold his tongue around you because he knows humans are quite easily offended. 
  • Will have your best interests at heart.
  • Tails you when you go out in public without him, just to make sure you’re safe.
  • He doesn’t love you the way you think he does - demons love in their own way and his is one of the rarest!

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i just wanna be around people who always wanna experience life n get drunk on beaches n drive around until 4am with the windows down blasting music n sit in forests drinking tea & coffee out of travel mugs n lay under the stars in a fuck tonne of blankets no matter how cold it is bc the earth is BEAUTIFUL

For all people in college, university and school

Today I talked with my professor, a truly wise woman with decades of experience in theatre.

She’s told me that she noticed that when I perform I try to please her and other professors. She told me it’s bullshit and I must stop doing that if I want to make progress.

Time of education - she said- whether you pay for it or not, is your laboratory. This is the time and space for you to find out things - what you can and can’t do, what you want, who you are.You may and you WILL fuck up, but that’s ok. You’re still learning, you’re growing, and you have to communicate with the world to do so.

She’s said she’s 70, and she’s still learning. Sometimes she stays at home all day eating chocolate, falling asleep, eating more chocolate, calling her friends who don’t pick up bc they’re too busy. Sometimes she fucks up too. And that’s fine. You have to get bad things, to learn what is good

You must eat junk food to know it’s better to get veggies. You must stay at home to go out. You must be alone to feel a difference when you’re with people.

I for example, did an utterly shit project last week and the cringe is real. But she said - girl, it was shit. But now you know what to correct. And if you don’t want to - screw it. Start a new project. With new rules, new world, new mind. Every day you can reinvent yourself.

anyway, I’m only repeating what she said. she knows her stuff tho. real inspo. will throw in some more later.



In total darkness I reach, I reach out and touch (x)


the most beautiful smile ♡

with all these articles coming out and upcoming interviews in the us its really hitting home for me that bts have made it. like they really made it. they have achieved what they set out to achieve and so much more. i am so freaking proud and I cant wait to see how far they will go

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i miss the secret messages so i made my own:

  1. …ready for it?: let the games begin
  2. end game: I’m in it for the long haul so don’t play games with me
  3. I did something bad: I don’t owe him a single fucking thing
  4. don’t blame me: you’re my drug and I’m never quitting 
  5. delicate: I want this to last so I’m being careful
  6. look what you made me do: hiss
  7. so it goes… : when it’s just the two of us everything makes sense
  8. gorgeous: you’re hot as hell
  9. getaway car: we met while I was running away so you can’t be surprised that I left you too
  10. king of my heart: I can see us lasting forever
  11. dancing with our hands tied: the world tried to tear us apart but we kept dancing together 
  12. dress: sex.
  13. this is why we can’t have nice things: first of all, fuck you
  14. call it what you want: you don’t know about our little world
  15. new year’s day: what’s important is what’s left after the magic fades

Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian & Commander Shepard

meetings & reunions


it was the way jeremy’s hands always found jean’s just as they began to shake

it was the notes jeremy left on the fridge, the pillow, the mirror… just to remind jean that he would never be alone

it was the trips they took together, the stars overhead as they camped in the forest, the salty air as jeremy taught him how to surf, the misty mornings when they ran side by side

it was jeremy stringing their apartment with fairy lights, candles when the power went out, and finding any reason to be outside so jean would never be trapped in the dark again

it was the way jeremy stroked his hair, silencing his nightmares until jean remembered where he was, and that he was safe

it was the smell of baked cookies to coax jean out of bed on the days that he couldn’t

it was the sound of jeremy’s laughter, the feel of the sun, the stars above them, the gentle kisses, the late night talks 

it was jeremy, who held jean’s hand every step of the way, whose encouraging smile never faltered, who helped jean heal no matter how badly he wanted to give up

it was happiness jean had never known possible 
it was in these things that jean found love