want a girlfriend just like jenny



After getting to know them she wouldn’t be so worried and scared of them. She would talk to them like she talks to everyone hoping that they will end up liking her.


As soon as her girlfriend tell her that she was going to meet her parents she was scared, she didn’t know what to do. She would throw clothes everywhere trying to pick something good, she would fix her hair every 3 seconds, she was a mess. She just wanted to look perfect in front of the parents.


She would be so nervous that she would say anything and everything. She wouldn’t be able to stop talking. She would grab her girlfriend’s hand every few seconds.


Her heart would be racing the whole time. She would look at her girlfriend every few seconds to make sure she wasn’t saying anything crazy or doing anything crazy. She just want her girlfriend’s parents to like her.

mayor dewey inviting the pizzas and the onions over for dinner after finding out buck is dating sc and jenny:

mayor dewey calls both families asking them to come and they both say yes

mayor dewey hangs up with kofi, goes online to find he fish stu pizza website to find the phone number for the restaurant (which is literally the same number), and calls it, to which kofi is like “why do you want pizza didn’t you literally just invite us over for dinner”

mayor dewey hangs up the phone immediately, realizing his mistake, and runs to buck like “SON I FORGOT THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S DAD OWNS THE PIZZA RESTAURANT WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO FOR DINNER!!!!” and buck is just like “holy shit dad” so buck has to cook everyone dinner because his dad can’t

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im convinced youre an angel. like legit, youre just so pure and like? how are you even real??? onto my request (girl groups are my life i s2g). could you do a reaction of the bp members and amber if their so decided to get rlly affectionate all of a sudden when theyre usually shy? thanks a bunch for this blog!

um,,,,,im not an angel but thank you sm!!!!!

Jisoo would be kind of surprised, but wouldn’t even let it show because she’d cuddled right back into you or kiss you back with twice as much affection than usually because she gives off the sense that she loves skinship and having you initiate it suddenly will make her feel really good about your relationship.

Jennie might flat out ask if there’s occasion for you to be all cute and needy like this, but don’t get her wrong, she’s just genuinely curious. You’d shrug and maybe embarrassingly confess that you just really want to kiss your girlfriend, the cutest in the world, right now and she’d laugh to hide her own flusterdness but naturally fall into the affection.

Rose might stop you or sort of confusingly ask you whats going on. She’s shy herself so all this affectionate attention might throw her off and she’ll probably be like “you should warn me beforehand!!!” about how many kisses you want to give her, but honestly speaking Rose seems like someone who likes consistency so she’d just be sort of shocked at such a big change. 

Lisa is probably the instigator in your relationship, I mean this in the best way possible of course. She’ll give surprise back hugs, lots of touchy tickling and kissing, she’s an active and affectionate person. If you suddenly make the first move, she’ll be giggling and teasing about how she’s never seen you like this before but she loves this side of you so much (show it more often ^^).


Amber has her own degree of affection, but I definitely don’t think she’s pda shy. She’d like that you’re a little reserved usually though, she’d find it adorable but she’d also like it if you had these times where you showed her your own affection because it’ll remind her that you actually do enjoy being with her and she’ll feel cared for. She’d probably welcome the affection, but would tell you to never feel like you had to force yourself to do anything. She’s so sweet and caring.