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A small new pink friend!

I’m almost done with this site…

Can we get back to not being offended by every-flipping-thing people do!?!? You don’t like it? Unfollow. Complaining on social media is doing nothing to improve the world you hate so much…

Don’t get me wrong, if you believe in something, and you’ve done the research and found your opinion, by all means, stand up for it. But, for the love of all things, don’t get mad about something bc everyone else is. It makes you look like an idiot.

Inquisitor: Do you have authorization for this mission?

Jace: Ah yes, I have the correct documents from the Clave authorizing this. *hands over piece of paper*

Inquisitor: *reads paper* Um, this is just a piece of paper that says “I can do what I want - Jace Herondale.”

Jace: Exactly.

… i keep thinking on and off about oras aftermath. Not impacts on the region, but on the respective teams & leaders.

Even though we’ve seen them turn over a new leaf, i feel that they would still face the repercussions :grunts who might feel disillusioned/used/lied to, civilians who cannot forgive the teams for crimes they’ve committed/ who sees them as bad despite their changed attitude, as well as the team leaders’ own conscience reminding them that they almost destroyed the world…

I’m curious how they would react to these.

I hate to do this...headcanons are now closed

I really really don’t wanna do this. Seriously I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a whole day because I didn’t want to write it.

Look, I have roughly 200 something headcanon requests right now. Yes some of them are probably repeats, but I really don’t have the time to sit down and sort through it all. I have probably done about ten or more of them, and they’re just sitting in my drafts, but it’s not much. 

But because I have so many, I’m going to be closing headcanon requests until I’ve either done all of the requests (unlikely) or I’ve made a dent. More than likely the latter of the two.

I’m going to try this weekend to write at least five or more headcanons, I’m hoping to write more than five headcanons. Mainly because during the week, it’s not often that I get to sit and write headcanon requests. 

For those of you who may be wondering if there’s a reason besides the just sheer volume of requests I have, there is a reason. I’m trying to keep my grade in math up because I have a really good gpa (I rate at number three in my entire year). I don’t want to go to much in depth, but yeah, it’s school. I forgot about homework this weekend because I wanted to sit a write, which sucked. So yeah.

I really really really am sorry. A lot of you know from a week or two back when I got hate, that I already feel terrible for being so behind on requests. I feel even worse about actually closing requests, but I really just can’t let headcanon requests continue to build up. I love getting requests, and I’m hoping to open them back up as soon as possible. But I can’t keep them open and have them pile up, I do hope you guys understand.

That being said, I will continue to do ship requests (which right now are closed but I’m hoping to open in the next few days) as well as answer and do things for my OCs and my AUs. So don’t worry that you won’t be able to ask for things or get input, etc. I’ll keep doing gifs and gif requests as well, so don’t worry. 

Once again I’m sorry, I really don’t think I can say I’m sorry enough. I do really feel bad, and I’m sure plenty of you are going to be upset, and again I’m sorry. But the higher the request number gets for headcanons, the more stressed I get. I probably shouldn’t have let it get so high, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. And if I were to keep them open, I worry that I may just have a meltdown because there are so many. Again, I am so so so sorry, I really don’t want to do this, but I need to.

So yeah…I’m gonna go run and write, I’m hoping to get a few more requests finished. I got a few more done this weekend, but it’s also late so I may fall asleep. Again, I’m sorry for closing requests. I feel terrible about it, you guys, I’m so sorry.

I love you all, my Army and my Guard.

Miss Queen 💔💙💜💙💜

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Fusion Ninja gif for y'all!

I remember reading a manga where the main character wrote a web series online, and was asked by her readers to make her characters in a more heated relationship, and that’s how she based her story on her personal experiences and encounters with the most popular guy at school. She’d ask him to do this or that
, and this got me thinking …. I wish I could have encounters with Jeon Jungkook, to write my fics ….I MEAN WHAT. *side note : I need to meet more guys, all this time it’s been between me , fictional jungkook, my computer and Sony Vegas, how sexier can this campus life get lol *