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family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you have the time will you write a list of your favorite sports anime (and/or OTP from said anime if you'd like, your choice)? I'm on a sports anime kick right now and your blog is so fuckin' cute so I figured you'd be a super credible source of reccomendations. I've finished watched Oofuri, Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, and Kuroko no Basket and my heart hurts because those were the only good ones I could find 😭

the ones you’ve watched are my all-time faves <3 kudos to you! i’ll only list the ones i’ve watched, yeah?

1. prince of tennis [tennis] (the first sports anime that i’ve watched.. i think? well, aside from the theory that tezuka’s the reason why dinosaurs are extinct rn, and weird MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS (YES THEY’RE ALL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AKA 12-15 YEARS OLD KIDS) playing extreme tennis, i think you’ll enjoy it lmfao. everyone is a bae i mean a son. and i mean it. and dude there’s so many otps from here u can’t just.. i mean they even have a page of their pairings and the pairings names in wiki i just..) – momoryo, silver pair and sweet pair are my faves tho :”>

2. eyeshield 21 [american football] aishirudo nijuuichi (gods i love saying that haha) (i love sena and hiruma a lot okay, too bad the anime didn’t make it through the ending :( the ending is sosoososooo good sigh, so PLEASE READ THE MANGA IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!!) – HIRUMAMO IS MY FAVE (hiruma x mamori)

3. yowamushi pedal [cycling/road racing] watch the cycling dorks and sing the love hime themesong with them <3 oh my, please watch them bc s3 is coming soon!!! – shinara and toumaki 5ever 

4. free!! [swimming] i didn’t see it on the list above but i think everyone knows this gay swimming sports anime, right? haha – makoharu is <3

5-6. slam dunk and dear boys [basketball] if you loved knb, these are classic basketball ones that you’ll surely love too :”> (slamdunk’s osts are my all time fave okay. like really good music/ost right there man, also, in dear boys, you’ll find the rival teams just <333 too. gah) 

7. chihayafuru [karuta] karuta is a japanese trad card game, i just watched it recently and i really really love it, most ppl would say it’s more shoujo-theme like, (bc of the love-triangle that’s going pah,) BUT NO. once they’re in a game and all, you’d feel the freaking thrill and shivers while a tournament is going on. i really love it! i really love taichi sobs read the manga too! – #TEAMCHIHAYAXTAICHI 5EVER *huffs* gods i want taichi for myself for real though. ughhh

8. prince of stride [stride/parkour] i love the whole relation and all and just, yeah. last season’s hype and all, i want season 2 though, the ending’s not ‘nuff. 

9-10. hungry heart and giant killing [soccer/football]  i watched hungry heart a few years back with tenipuri, it was good, but it didn’t strike me hard like giant killing did, (i’ve only read the manga for now, but i’ll be watching the anime soon.) 

11. Baby steps [tennis] it’s a refreshing one compared to the geniuses that tenipuri has, so give it a try :) i haven’t watched s2 kill me


13. Hajime no Ippo [boxing] okay, ippo is really hard working and is cute, and who could predict that kid would be a boxing champ jfc, i love him and miyata a lot lmfao. if you want to binge a long series and is cool, ippo is one for you.

14. Air gear [advanced motor-powered skates/air treks] okay, i really dunno if this falls in the sports kind of genre, it’s more of a shounen (a little ecchi too, but i think it’s okay, sort of.) type. but, it’s street skating, plus i love the history on those skates so why not. – i am the only one in this world who ships kazu x ringo okay bye

15. speaking of skates, there’s Ginban Kaleidoscope [figure skating] the story’s a bit eccentric and shoujou-themed and all so.. jfc pete ;_;. give it a try though, it’s nice :) 


16. days [football/soccer] MY GODS DO I HAVE TO SAY WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS IT’S JUST THE SPORTS ANIME OF THE SEASON OKAY, and the main reason why you should watch days: MIZUKI HISAHITO. and ofc that cinnamon bun tsukushi and kazama and ooshiba and kimishita and yeah. PLEASE WATCH DAYS. NO, PLEASE READ THE MANGA OF DAYS PLEASE – ooshiba x kimishita and mizuki x indou :”>

17. cheer danshi [cheerleading] tumblings and all and precious boys who are just doing flips and being all cute and nice while cheering will make you gooey and fluffy inside, trust me. 

18. battery [baseball] it’s baseball anime, ofc it’s a must watch, plus the battery itself is just, golden. you’ll love it. 


19. yuri!! on ice [figure skating] BOYS DOING FIGURE SKATING. JUST. IMAGINE. we’ll have it soon!!!

20. all out! [rugby] if you’re into muscles and all, well, you’ll have to look out for this one soon. idk all i see is muscles muscles muscles sooo.. let’s wait for it.


21. area no kishi [football] was recommended by elena 

22. major [baseball]

23. over drive [cycling]

i think that’s it, idk anymore lmfao. i want a judo anime though :(

*at ace tumblr headquarters*

ceo: okay gang we need new ideas. people are getting tired of us blaming lgbt people for the same couple things that they don’t do, or do for a perfectly good reason. unless you want to be coined as an allo, you better name off some things for us to claim non-aces do

person one: we could say that cishet is a slur!

person two: or better yet! invent a new slur for only us to use! there’ll be no weight to it because no one will ever really use it to dehumanize us, but at least we’ll be more legit with a slur on our side! 

ceo: brilliant! any ideas for this new slur?

person two: i was thinking we call ourselves… robots!! 

ceo: keep coming up with ideas like that, and you’ll be able to use queer willy-nilly in no time!!

person two: *gives the camera a shit eating smile* oh i do that already

*cue sitcom laugh track*