Recently I “made” an Undertale AU. It is not a real AU yet, because I haven’t created a story for it. Basically, this “AU” is only a Sans I made when I was bored xD I drew him and I really liked it so I thought “Why don’t make it an AU?” and here is it! As I said, I don’t have a story for him yet, but I gave him the power to see the future and also, he adsorbed a human soul. 

Yeah, I know. It’s a bad AU, but I liked it. If you liked him too, please like or reblog this picture or whaterever you want to do! It means a lot for me >w

Stepbrother- Michael Clifford Smut

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No Smut . Part one 

You woke up by the sound of your mother yelling at her boyfriend like usual causing you to groan; you smelt the pleasant smell of pancakes exploding in the air making you grin to yourself. You lay in your bed hoping you wouldn’t have to confront Michael about what occurred last night, you cringed at the thought. You heard a thump at your door hearing a slight squeal from the other side, knowing it was your sister (Alana) so you got up changed into your grey Nike shorts and flannel and unlocked the door. There she was sitting at your door watching you while holding Mr. Teddy in her hands you looked at her and she was in her lovable giraffe wansi  ‘Mum want to eat’ she whispered pulling her hands up in the air. You Alana picked her up and went downstairs blushing lightly when yours and Michael’s eyes locked together. You sat next to your mum placing Alana in front of you; you took 3 pancakes and poured chocolate syrup on top with a side of strawberries. Your mother was talking about work to Maxwell while Michael was texting and munching furiously at his pancakes lightly blushing when you caught him and you were playing with your food listening to your mum.

‘We will both be late today guys’ Maxwell said feeding as spoonful of pancakes to your sister ‘We have extra shifts then were going to watch a movie’ she replied smiling at you; standing up to clean the dishes ‘Buy pizza for lunch and please no friends’ she asked picking up our plates. Michael smirked widely texting his friends breaking the first rule.'ok and what about Alana?’ you asked getting up to help Michael with the dishes 'She has immunisations today so were going to take her’ your mum said going to go get changed, Maxwell’s phone rang and he walked into his room as well; you can hear him talking about invoice meaning it was about work. “Can we talk about yesterday” Michael whispered grabbing a cup you shook your head furiously 'There’s nothing to talk about’ you whisper walking to your room. You laid on your bed smacking you hand on your face feeling a bit guilty that you yelled at him but you needed to convince yourself that you weren’t attracted to him. 

You were laying on your bed doing your maths homework that you forgot to do they day it was handed out. Well you were trying to study but the loud music and laughs from the door across from you was distracting you. You groaned in annoyance dropping your weight on your books; you heard your stomach grumble you needed pizza. 

Ding Ding. Fuck yeah the pizzas here you thought to yourself you ran downstairs and opened the door to Kale the pizza boy that usually delivers pizza to your house you paid him and also gave him a hug cause lol wtfn. Knowing Michael and the boys would be hungry you ran upstairs and knocked on the very loud room; none opened up so you walked in and there was a sight to see there was four mf hot boys laying on Michael’s bed measuring their dicks. They made eye contact with you and furiously tried to hide themselves you quickly closed the door telling them there was pizza. You walked back in your room taking a deep breath because Michael’s dick was the biggest and he winked at you.

I love you all. Sorry this was a bit late x

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Planning to get an Angel of Dream Wansi as a mini-me, so I used a company blank-face pic and a pic of myself to mock-up a photo realistic face up.

Turned out cute!

The actual faceup will probably be a bit lighter. I want to do my own faceups, but it’s been too rainy to practice.

Edit to add:

We don’t have a garage. I could spray on the back porch and bring it in maybe? We live in Michigan so it’s been cold & rainy, an all the December snow fell in November then melted.

Second Pic is AoD Hui Xiang photoshop-faceupped also. Seems a better match, but now I want both! The 60cm is cute but the MSD will be easier to shop for.