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Hi! So in SC!Obi-Wan's 'verse we haven't really heard much about the diplomatic process for the 10 planets who wanted to leave the Separatists lately. How's that going? (Also Happy Holidays!)

Happy holidays!

The negotiations for ten worlds seceding from the Confederacy and rejoining the Republic has gone on and on. Obi-Wan has watched over the process and stopped any arguments before they could take place—he’s a trained negotiator. This at least, is what he’s trained to do as a Jedi.

However, he’s rather displeased with the Senate and the Senators of the Republic. The current session, discussing demands and limitations to set for the ten, is an excellent example of why.

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For anon…reader is Obi’s padawan as requested. Enjoy!

Y/N’s face was flushed from all the training she had been doing. Her lightsaber was up as she calculated what her Master, Obi Wan, would do next. She twirled her blade as the pair circled each other. Obi Wan was sporting that tiny prideful smile of his as he watched his padawan. Y/N couldn’t help but be momentarily distracted by the idea of feeling his lips.

Quickly, Y/N pulled herself from those thoughts. He was her Master, she was a Jedi in training. There was no way it would happen. Right now, she had to focus on not letting her Master beat her…again.

Finally, Obi Wan made his move. He pushed himself off the wall and started spinning toward her. The woman rolled under him and popped to her feet, quick to swing her blade back in his direction. Unfortunately, he caught the blow. She pulled back, spinning her blade above her head before crouching. She swung at his feet; he hopped it. He brought his blade against hers.

She cursed herself as she thought about how warm and close her Master was to her. With the Force, she flung her Master off of her before following it with several swings. Obi Wan parried each one with practiced ease. His prideful smirk was growing. Finally, Y/N was able to knock him on his back, pointing her blade at his face.

“I see you’ve learned how to focus enough to win,” he commented.
She helped him up while cocking her head to the side. “What do you mean?”
He smiled. “Usually, I worry that your thoughts are distracting. It doesn’t allow you to focus.”
Refusing to acknowledge the slight hint of a blush, she nodded. “Of course, Master. I’ll work on my consistency.”

He smiled fondly at her as the pair took a seat. His brows furrowed as he felt her thoughts grow once again. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder, rubbing his thumb back and forth.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” he queried, “Is there anything going on?”
Blast his perception, she thought to herself before speaking, “No. I’ve always had a wandering mind, I guess.”

Obi Wan nodded. He found himself worrying because he knew her mind hadn’t always been this clouded. It used to be easier to see what was wrong through their connection. As of late, all he saw was confusion. He smiled at Y/N.

“I think we’ve practiced enough today, wouldn’t you say?” he teased with a glint in his eye.
She smiled, her thinking easing. “I finally beat you, and you claim we’re done.”
“One mustn’t forget to rest,” he jested.

The two laughed before Y/N got her things and went to clean up. Obi Wan frowned slightly as his worry returned.

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I am still writing ageswap au, hopefully now with more bonding with Anakin and Obi-Wan, but

this morning I was thinking of the similar-age au, where Dooku trains Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon trains Anakin, and slowly coming to realize that given Dooku’s motivations in training Obi-Wan and how that would effect Qui-Gon’s training of Anakin -

this Obi-Wan is going to an anxious, high-strung mess. It’s kind of like Obi!whump, especially given the current direction for it, which is Anakin recklessly moving to rescue their parallel selves and necessitating Anakin and Obi-Wan fucking off from the Order. Because Anakin is basically the only positive attachment Obi-Wan has in this fic, so naturally if Anakin fucks off then Obi-Wan is fucking off with him. Cue fights between the padawans and Obi-Wan having various panic and anxiety attacks.

(Ever since JA #7, The Captive Temple, I can’t unsee Obi-Wan having panic attacks. It’s one of the few things I approved of tbh, given that Obi-Wan by all rights should be a wreck after Melida/Daan.)

I had thoughts that it would escalate to the point that Dooku comes to hunt them down, unforgiving as always, and Obi-Wan would try to tell the others to escape and that he would face/stop his Master (chanting the Code to stave off yet another panic attack) only for the alternate universe selves to be like “wow no, we’re adults/a master and a knight??? Give us your lightsabers and we’ll fight Dooku” which is … literally almost the first time that anyone has ever stepped forward to protect Obi-Wan. 

(could hilariously be a situation where knight!Anakin becomes Super Over Protective over P!Obi [much to his former master’s amusement but overall approval given what a fucking wreck this kid is] and starts coaching P!Anakin on the Care and Feeding of Obi-Wans [P!Ani gives him a look like “u think im a fukken amateur or wot m8″])

At this point, basically Obi-Wan and Anakin would have to Leave The Order Forever, even after getting their alternate selves back home. Qui-Gon might (successfully) hunt them down and grudgingly in his own way make sure they’re taken care of, given that this is his Chosen One who is loudly refusing to go anywhere without Obi-Wan. Possibly he directs them toward someone he knows that will help get them on their feet.

Anakin is a bit taken aback because his master is being weirdly supportive??? but Qui-Gon fucking remembers what it’s like training under Dooku. He can’t approve of what Obi-Wan and Anakin have done, but he understands it.

Besides, the two of them might some day turn out to be gr8 contacts or something, no point in completely burning bridges.

this au was actually supposed to have a well-adjusted Obi-Wan, who was perhaps even less emotionally available than canon Obi, but was pretty good at lawyering himself into doing the Right Thing and Loopholing it so that the Right Thing was the Rational/Jedi Thing to do. Then I gave Dooku’s motivations for taking him on too much thought and made myself sad :(

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so i've been thinking: obirex au where obi wan is deaged to around 8-10 and doesn't remember anyone except rex. and even then it's not definite memories, just the knowledge this person is safe and right. rex abruptly switches roles from "secret boyfriend" to "space dad" and doesn't know what the hell's happening.

Oh gods, come on brain, let’s be coherent for a bit. *Drinks more wine because yes that will help I make smart choices*

It happens so fast that Rex is barely even sure what happened. One minute there is an ear-piercing screech filling the air that has everyone doubling over in pain. Then Obi-Wan was stumbling forwards, into the blasted artifact that started the whole mess. There was a flash of light, and then the screeching stopped, as suddenly as it had begun.

Rex staggers to his feet. He can hear cursing from more than one brother (Fives and Boil are particularly vocal in their displeasure), but it’s faint as his ears are still ringing. His thoughts feel oddly scattered, until he sees the piles of robes in from of the artifact, and everything comes hurtling into painful clarity. Rex grabs Cody’s arm, yanking his brother to his feet, before he is dashing forwards and kneeling down, sudden panic struggling for control.

There is a movement, and then the pile shifts to reveal that the robes are still, in fact, being warn. By a child. A youngling, with short cut hair, red as fire, and wide, scared, green-blue eyes that Rex would know anywhere, who couldn’t be must older than eight standard, by normal human standards.

Rex can’t even begin to understand, to believe, how this could be happening. He tries to keep his voice soft, his posture nonthreatening, all the same.


“Sir?” Cody kneels down a half step behind Rex.

The boy’s eyes go wider, and Rex feels a sudden swell of panic that is not his own, before it…not quite vanishes, but something close.

Footsteps ring out in the tiny anti-chamber, and General Skywalker comes thundering in, Commander Tano, Echo, Waxer, and a few others at his heels.

“What happened?! Where’s Obi-Wan?!” Skywalker demands, voice echoing off the stone walls louder than the sound of his feet.

The boy squeaks, and suddenly, somehow, he has tucked himself neatly in to Rex’s arms, hiding his face against the Captain’s breast-plate. On instinct, Rex wraps his arm around the child, resting one hand in his hair.

“Shh, shh,” He murmurs, “It’s okay. You’re safe, Little One.”

Obi-Wan curls tighter against him, and Force preserve him, Rex can feel the tiny body trembling against him.

He doesn’t mean to glare at Skywalker. Honestly, he doesn’t. It just…happens.

Skywalker stops short, and his eyes widen. “Is that-?”

Rex nods.

“What happened?” Tano asks, but her voice is quieter than that of her Master.

“We set off some kind of defensive mechanism,” Fives explains. “It seemed to disorient General Kenobi, and he stumbled, falling against that.” He points to the odd, intricately carved hunk of purple-blue rock they had discovered.

Both Jedi frown, and Skywalker moves towards Rex and Obi-Wan. “Master?”

The boy in Rex’s arms makes no reply, only peeks out from under his arm, before hiding himself once again.

“Master, it’s me. Anakin. Do you know who I am?” Skywalker asks.

A long silence rings out, and then;

“Where am I?”

Obi-Wan’s voice is high and frightened, the words shaking in a way that makes Rex’s chest ache.

“Where’s Bant and Garen?” Obi-Wan looks up Rex, and his eyes fill with tears. “Want to go home.”

Fuck. Rex hugs the child version of his…lover? Boyfriend? They had never discussed the specifics - closer, and presses a gentle kiss to the top of his head. Obi-Wan cuddled closer, and for a moment Rex could feel waves of WarmSafeGood washing over him.

“Don’t worry, Little One. We’ll get you home.”

He has no idea what to do, but Rex’ll be dammed if he isn’t going to protect this child to his last breath, for as long as he needs it.


Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan have some time away from the war. This means shenanigans.

Status: complete | Word count: 10 463

They sat in silence a moment, eating and watching Obi-Wan. Then Ahsoka said, “Watch this.”

Anakin looked at her, and she held out her hand, palm facing downwards. Closing her eyes, she made her hand into a fist, as though she was gripping the hilt of a ‘saber. Down below, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber switched off.

Anakin stifled a laugh as Obi-Wan looked around, then hit the ‘saber with the heel of his palm. He switched the blade on again, and they watched him move back into position to continue his practice. Ahsoka gave him a few minutes before pulling her trick again, and this time Obi-Wan looked so confused that Anakin couldn’t contain his laughter. He was laughing so hard that he nearly fell off the wall. Obi-Wan looked up, noticing Ahsoka and Anakin for the first time, and put his hands on his hips.

“Anakin,” he said, using his lecturing voice.

“Are you having problems with your lightsaber, Obi-Wan?” Anakin tried to sound innocent and concerned, but couldn’t stop laughing. Ahsoka was laughing too, as Obi-Wan’s expression grew increasingly annoyed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Obi-Wan asked. He had to shout, but still managed to sound composed. “That’s no way to use the Force, Anakin. And in front of your Padawan! What sort of example are you setting?”

Anakin had to clutch the wall to stop himself from falling. There were tears in his eyes, he was laughing so hard. “I didn’t do it!” he called down. “It was Ahsoka!”

Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows. “Blaming your Padawan? Anakin, I never thought you could sink so low.”

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Imagine: Pretending to be in a relationship with Obi Wan Kenobi on an undercover mission

For anon… Enjoy!

The cathedral was massive. It seemed to glow with purity, making it’s massive interior all the more beautiful. Obi Wan and you strode across it’s glassy marble floors, your arms interlocked. Both of you were wearing your finest robes, his were green and yours were plum. The Jedi council had sent the two of you to Naboo, where the power-hungry dictator of Ryloth, the beautiful nature planet, was attending an extremely fancy ball in Naboo’s oldest cathedral. All the information you were provided was that he was a stout Twi’lek with skin as white as the snow on Hoth. 

Before you two got swept up into the dancing crowd that began to form in the middle of the enormous room, Obi Wan pulled you to the side, looking around warily. 

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” He asked quietly, his eyes quickly meeting yours and then flitting to an unsuspecting passerby. 

You smirked. 

“You’ve asked me that at least four times today. We’ll be fine.” You reassured him, straightening out his robes. 

The Jedi huffed. 

“It’s not us that I’m worried about. It’s… us.” His comment ended uncertainly, as if he hadn’t chosen the right words.

You raised an eyebrow at him.

 “What are you talking about?” You picked a fuzzball out of his hair, making a face at it before throwing it into the air. Obi Wan was never good at maintaining his appearance.

“I-I mean, what if we can’t pull off this whole ‘couple’ thing we’re attempting? W-What if we stir up even more suspicion?” He stuttered, his eyes following a person that you assumed was walking behind you. 

You rolled your eyes.

“You’re being paranoid, Obi Wan. It’ll be okay.” You said, pulling him in to by the arm before he could respond.

You led him into the throng of waltzing people, taking his hands in yours and smiling. The Jedi looked apprehensive at first but quickly gave in, giving you a smile back and steering you around the massive room, his feet lightly touching the marble floors. You tried to match his footwork, the upbeat music echoing off the walls and ringing in your ears. Obi Wan laughed as you struggled to keep up, slowing down only slightly to let you follow his movements. 

“I thought you would be more graceful.” The Jedi chuckled as the music began to slow down into a quiet and calm melody. 

You scoffed.

“I am! I just wasn’t ready for your adept dancing skills.” 

Obi Wan raised his eyebrows.

“Adept? I’ve never heard you say I was adept at anything until now.” He joked, his feet moving in a sedate rhythm with yours. 

You rolled your eyes dramatically.

“Don’t get used to it.” You grumbled. 

Suddenly, Obi Wan’s eyes widened as he stared past you, his grip on your hands tightening. 

“Obi Wan?” You whispered urgently, trying to look behind you but he quickly pulled you closer to him.

“It’s him. With the skin as white as snow. He’s coming this way.” The Jedi breathed, his eyes transfixed on the dictator. 

“What do we do?” You asked frantically, trying to fight the panic that was fighting it’s way up your chest. 

Obi Wan’s eyes met yours, unreadable. 

“Kiss me. Public displays of affection make others feel uncomfortable.” He whispered, his iron grip gradually ebbing away. 

Your voice got caught in your throat from the shock of his abruptness.

“What? I-” You started before you were interrupted by Obi Wan’s hands cupping your face and pulling you into him, your lips meeting softly. 

You put your hands on his chest, wanting to push him away. But you didn’t.

You melted against the Jedi, your eyes fluttering shut. You knew shouldn’t be doing this. You both were Jedi, it was against the code. Against everything you both had trained for for the majority of your lives. It felt wrong even if it just was an act. 

But it felt like the two of your were frozen in time. Frozen in a moment of pure bliss. It felt right.

You shoved those thoughts from your mind as Obi wan pulled away from you, his eyes opening slowly. You watched as his mouth pulled upwards in to a half smile, his cheeks suddenly reddening. 

“S-Sorry. I panicked.” He stuttered, his hand flying up to scratch the back of his head. 

You grinned. 

“That’s okay. It was actually kind of nice.” You said, instantly regretting those words. 

Thankfully, Obi Wan didn’t seem to hear you. 

“It worked. The dictator changed his course. Now, we have to get him alone.” The Jedi whispered, as if he had completely forgotten about the kiss you two had shared. 

Trying not to sound hurt and as if your mind was still whirling, you said, “Alright, I know a good place.”

Brushing past Obi Wan, you motioned for him to follow you. When you turned your back, the Jedi stared at you, his expression soft and still red-faced. 

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oh my god feel free to not do this one but “fight me, you attractive stranger.” XD that's probably the first time they meet in the uni au one of them walks away from an argument before they even know each others' names thinking that I can't sorry I'm all manic giggles tonight

Okay I’m tired and a little loopy, but fuck dammit Saner, you keep sending me the best ideas

Obi-Wan is drunk. Obi-Wan is /very/ drunk, because today was the last day of classes, so he doesn’t have to be up at too-fucking-early-o-clock in the morning to teach.

And so, he is drunk. And so is Bail, and Satine, and Satine is giggling on his shoulder, while Bail regales them with some story that Obi-Wan has long since lost the plot of, sweeping one hand grandly in the air. It’s probably more stupid things that happened on campus.

“I need to pee,” Obi-Wan announces, pushing himself up off his bar stool, Satine shifting easily to lean against Bail. He’s gone only three steps when he hits a wall, which is odd, because Obi-Wan can see the wall, and it’s still a fair distance off, and really, he’s pretty sure his depth perception is not quite that bad just yet. Also, the wall is remarkable soft and warm for a wall, and also breathing. Obi-Wan may be a Literature professor, but he’s pretty sure walls don’t breath.

Confused, he looks up. And up. And the up a little more.

The wall is, in fact, a man. A very gorgeous man, with a crooked nose and long chestnut hair pulled up in a bun which, ugh, and stormy eyes, and okay, Obi-Wan is too drunk and too gay to be dealing with someone so beautiful. What the fuck.

They stare at one another for a few long moments. Obi-Wan might be gaping. He’s not sure. Confusion fades to suppressed mirth in the man’s eyes.

“Hello,” the man says, and oh, his voice. It’s like liquid warmth sliding straight into Obi-Wan, and he wants to close his eyes and reveal in it.

“Uh,” he says.

The man laughs, rich and full. Obi-Wan narrows his eyes, suddenly irritated.

“Fight me, you attractive stranger!” he snaps, and then spins on his heel, stalking off to the bathroom.