Daa! Daa! Daa! a.k.a. U.F.O. Baby. A 9-volume shojo manga. 78-episode anime.It took me years to finish watching this animated series.  Well, technically, I haven’t finished watching. Because I could not find English subtitles for the last few episodes, I had to read the manga from where I left off in the anime just to have closure. I find this series cute and funny. There was one time at the height of my watching this anime when  I went to a Japanese restaurant and looked for “mitarashi dango”. I was really curious because it’s the favorite food of the alien cat-like sitter pet Wannya. Mitarashi dango is a kind of rice dumpling, boiled, skewered, then broiled and dipped in sweet soy sauce glaze. Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t have it in their menu. =( I still check whenever I go to Japanese restaurants. No luck yet.

That’s how much I love my shows.  I sometimes oftentimes get sucked into their stories. LOL