Daa! Daa! Daa! a.k.a. U.F.O. Baby. A 9-volume shojo manga. 78-episode anime.It took me years to finish watching this animated series.  Well, technically, I haven’t finished watching because I could not find English subtitles for the last few episodes. I had to read the manga from where I left off in the anime just to have closure. I find this series cute and funny. There was one time at the height of my watching this anime when  I went to a Japanese restaurant and I looked for “mitarashi dango”. I was really curious because it’s the favorite food of the alien cat-like sitter pet Wannya. Mitarashi dango is a kind of rice dumpling, boiled, skewered, then broiled and dipped in sweet soy sauce glaze. Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t have it in their menu. =( I still check whenever I go to Japanese restaurants. No luck yet.

That’s how much I love my shows.  I sometimes oftentimes get sucked into their stories. LOL

Are you kin from MahoIku? Well boy howdy do I have some good news for you! A brand new MahoIku kin net on Discord! :3c

Pros of joining:

  • Sourcemates!
  • Rabb.it streams!
  • Friends to yell about MahoIku to!
  • I dunno what else honestly if I was you that’d be enough incentive!

Cons of joining:

  • You’ll have to put up with my cat puns nya :3c

If you wannya join check out the rules, members page and finally the application! I’d appreciate it if nya could reblog to get the word out but that’s not necessary! if you have any questions drop us an ask/im! hope to see you soon :3c

Sailor Moon & Goldfish Warning Appear Side-by-Side Again!

Monthly Japanese shoujo manga anthology Nakayoshi (”Best Friend”) is releasing a small series of plush accessories to celebrate their 60th anniversary, featuring the cute animal mascots of some of their most famous titles. Sailor Moon, which ran in the magazine from 1991-97, is naturally represented by Luna; she appears alongside Mokona (Magic Knight Rayearth), Ruby (Saint Tail), Cerberus (Cardcaptor Sakura), Wannya (UFO Baby/Daa! Daa! Daa!), and Gyoppi (Goldfish Warning!/Kingyo Chuuihou!).

Running in Nakayoshi together is not the only thing connecting Sailor Moon and Goldfish Warning. Many members of the animation team that worked on the ‘92 Goldfish Warning! anime moved on to anime early seasons & episodes of Sailor Moon; not only are the art and music styles incredibly similar as a result, there are actually several Goldfish Warning! easter eggs hidden in season 1 episodes of Sailor Moon: here’s a full list. The characters of both series have also appeared in two different video games together. 20 years later, it’s heart-warmingly nostalgic to see these two old-but-gold shoujo series reunited once more.

The plush accessories are set for release in late May, 2015.