Never disrespect my queen : James March X Reader


Heres yet another fanfiction of James March haha hope you enjoy. if your reading this, request something for me to write next, dont mind who. 

WARNING : nothing but fluff and violence, and alcohol use but yeah vv fluff.

description: Having been stuck in the hotel cortez for 90 years, you were feeling a bit bored, unable to find your husband, James March. So you went to the bar……..

requested by @saracons87

You were sat at the bar of the Hotel Cortez, trying to pass the time, as you were condemned to spend an eternity in the Hotel, why not have a little fun? Besides, your husband James was nowhere to be found, he was probably creatively murdering someone again. You and James met when you checked into the hotel in the 20′s, and had been together ever since, so you were no stranger to his little hobby, in fact, he had persuaded you to murder many times in the past, and you totally understood the thrill of it.
Now, however, you were knocking back shots with Liz at the bar,

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