Please consider Peggy and Angie going shopping together:
  • Golden-age department stores were huge and lavishly decorated. We’re talking 10 story edifices with towering three-floor lobbies and Beaux-Arts murals. And old-school department stores really did have everything—clothes and furniture and jewelry, as you’d expect, but also full-scale restaurants and multiple salons and much more. Macy’s had a wine cellar and a “meat department”. John Wannamaker’s New York store even had a two-story model home built inside it. They came to get Angie new pillow cases but they wind up spending the whole day bouncing on mattresses and tuning all the store radios to the same channel to hear Angie’s favorite Glenn Miller song and having a contest to see who can find the ugliest china pattern.
  • Up-scale retailers would arrange private fashion shows for customers. (Remember that fashion show scene in How to Marry a Millionaire? Yeah, like that.) Imagine Peggy putting on her most imperious tone and letting the shop assistant think she’s someone wealthy and important, meanwhile Angie is sitting beside her half stunned at the glamor of it all, half in stitches at the sight of Peggy playing this woman (and also maybe a little turned on by how  bossy she’s being). Plus, Angie’s been in chorus lines with half the models, who are all staring at her like, “What are you doing here? Who is your gorgeous rich sugar mama???”
  • Beauty salon times, anyone? Angie sees how stressed Peggy is and insists they have a girls day together, getting makeup consultations and trying on shoes they can’t afford and sharing lunch in the cafe. Peggy finds it all rather frivolous, but she can’t help catching Angie’s enthusiasm and she realizes this is Angie’s way of trying to make her take better care of herself and relax a little bit.
  • Peggy poking her head out of the fitting room to ask Angie for an opinion, but Angie is impatient and just barges in and then once it’s just the two of them alone in that little room, Angie realizes Peggy is just wearing her slip and her mouth goes dry but she can’t look away.
  • Bonus if the shopping is for undercover/espionage purposes!!! Peggy needs a new dress to go undercover at a night club, since she wrecked that gold one. Peggy’s really more of a slacks-and-a-sweater woman when she’s not working, so she wants a second opinion and asks Angie, who of course finds all the options ravishing, though not as ravishing as Peggy herself. Or! Peggy is tailing someone who’s passing secrets via a contact at the lady’s gloves counter at Saks and she invites Angie to go “shopping” with her, only it turns into a stakeout and Angie is like, “Why have we been browsing for gloves for two hours, what is wrong with you, this is the worst shopping trip ever!” And Peggy tries to come up with some lie but Angie isn’t having any of it, and finally Peggy tells her the truth, about the stakeout, about the S.S.R., about all of it and Angie just says, “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?!”
  • Peggy needs housewares now that she’s living in the Griffith, after all. The room may be furnished, but she still needs sheets and a makeup mirror and everything in her old apartment was Colleen’s so she really hardly has anything to her name, but Angie volunteers to help her pick out what she needs and for the first time since the end of the war and since Steve, Peggy is truly excited about making a life for herself here in New York, and Angie, she realizes, is a big part of that.
  • Basically somebody please just write this. Give me all the Cartinelli retro ‘girl world’ fic, please.

 Harry Potter actors who were also in Doctor Who-Part 1

  -David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr and the Tenth Doctor

  -Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore and Kazran

  -Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy and Rosanna Calvierri

  -John Cleese as Nearly Headless Nick (a small cameo in Doctor Who)

  - Zoë Wanamaker as Madam Hooch and Lady Cassandra

Everything's Cool
  • Everything's Cool
  • R.L. Kelly
  • Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes

you don’t have to do it alone
i’m here whenever you want
we can hang out and talk about anything that we wanna
maybe laugh with friends or stuff that is cool
play some tunes and jam and feel something real
that’s how i know everything is cool
whenever i’m feeling down and i need somebody
i’ll know that i can always ask you
cause you always listen
but you know that i know that we’ll be okay
cause it’s in beyond and every day
you don’t have to do it alone
we don’t have to do it alone
that’s how i know everything is cool
that’s how i know everything is cool

As I get ready to see the 2nd Thanksgiving without my Dad, it will be bittersweet. Being with family is what makes the holiday matter most, but without his charming, bellowing voice at the table, it will be a lot quieter. I can recall as a kid, lamenting over having to do holiday gatherings because of how LOUD they all were. Careful what you wish for I suppose. One day, you will wake up and it won’t be as loud, funny or entertaining without those voices in the living room. I miss you Dad. I am looking forward to coming home to Cartersville, celebrating your life, being reminded of you helping me grow up with small town values and reminding the town what an amazing man you were. It said a lot that you were the most loved man in that town, not based on wealth or popularity. Just for being unique and a true gentleman. See you at The Grand Theatre Saturday, Dad.

📷: Priscilla Wannamaker

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New York. Newly Ravaged Colonnade Row, Lafayette Street, between Astor Place and 4th Street, 1911.

These Survivors are New York in a nutshell- built by Astors for the wealthy and fashionable of marble dug at Sing SIng by forced labor, then left to rot as fashions changed and nearly destroyed by a juggernaut of commerce. Originally 9 houses were built in 1832, of 26 rooms each on land bought by John Jacob Astor nearly 30 years before. Astor named his new project Lagrange Terrace after the home of the Marquis de Lafayette, and the the street he added up the block (now Astor Place) he named Lafayette Place in honor of The Revolutionary hero’s American Tour in 1824.  In the photo, 5 of the houses have been torn down for the not yet constructed Wannamaker warehouse. Residents included grandson John Jacob III, Cornelius Vanderbilt, The wife of President Tyler- Julia Gardiner,  and Warren Delano- grandfather of President Franklin Roosevelt. 

Congratulations Swiftie’s  Blank Space owns the record for most watched video.

So now we concentrate on Bad Blood

she-so-swift Made the suggestion that we should issue a challenge to the entire fandom to beat Vevo record for fastest female artist to 1 Billion and beating Taylor’s own record of 8 Months set by Blank Space. Today we made Blank Space the most viewed Vevo video by beating Baby by Justin Bieber.

At 05:20 PM PST 10/23/15 Bad Blood is at 603,345,226 up 781,100


To make the goal we are going to need full participation from the entire fandom Bad Blood is going to be hard but I still think it’s doable.

And thank you very much to Danielle  cutie-patutie2712 for devoting the time to required to put together the information below.


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Hi friends! I bet you are wondering why I called you all here today… Well if you just take the time to read the post above you can see that we as the Swiftie fandom have been called upon to complete an important challenge! We need FULL PARTICIPATION from the fandom in order to achieve this goal!! The number have only recently been going up at a promising rate but we could easily finish this challenge if we get full participation! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE open up two tabs in every web browser you have and bring up BAD BLOOD in VEVO! Make sure to click the LOOP BUTTON towards the bottom right of the video to make sure the video is continuously playing and make sure your computer does not fall asleep!! We need all computers on deck for this challenge to be completed so please participate!!! Also make sure to tag other Taylor Swift blogs! I got a bunch off of a Taylor Swift follow train but their are much larger ones out there! So please tag them in this post and make sure to follow (and encourage friends to follow) my friend@ts1989fanatic! He send out reminders everyday and updates of the numbers!


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Hi friends! Danielle here, you can see my message above this and the original post from @ts1989fanatic ^^^ Please help, we need full participation to reach these goals!!