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first off, just wanted to say congrats on the new blog!! I'd like to request a scenario with a female s/o and todoroki and kacchan (seperately) where the s/o is kinda insecure and gets jealous when she notices how much attention the boys receive from other girls. Maybe end it off with them comforting her and it getting a lil steamy? ;) thanks!!

My very first request *_* Yeiiii 🎉

Thank you Anon! I’ll try my best to live up to your expectations!

It took a little longer than expected and I think I went a little over board 🙈 Nevertheless, I hope you’ll like it! 

Todoroki Shouto

The school bell rings, you grab your bag and stand up from your seat, ready to exit1-A’s classroom after a long, tiresome day. 

In your mind you are already enjoying the walk back to the dorms with your love, Shouto. A smile starts to form on your face, but it’s completely lost when the classroom door opens. You stop in your tracks and frown upon the scenery in front of you. A horde of girls has gathered in front of U.A.’s most famous class and like predators they are ready to catch a glimpse of their prey. The walk of pretty boys, that’s how rumor has it called. 

As you growl slightly, you don’t notice that Shouto is already at your side, ready to leave the room. “Can we?”, he asks, his heterochromatic eyes almost starring dispassionately at you. You wonder whether he really doesn’t know what’s going on or he doesn’t care, or he actually enjoys it. No, he’s not like that, is he? Half lost in your thoughts, you notice the white and red haired boy is still staring at you and all you manage to do is a nod. Without a second thought he turns on his heels and walks straight out of the door, you follow him just a step behind. He could have at least taken your hand or something, you murmur to yourself.

 Shouto pays no attention to his surroundings, as he passes the corridors quietly with you at his side, but you do. A lot. Suddenly, your heart starts beating faster and it feels like a hammer pounding in your ribcage. You can hear the other girls whispering as you pass by and you are sure they’re judging you. Of course they do, your boyfriend is literally the pretty boy of class 1-A and you are just an average looking girl, with average strength, average grades and an average quirk. You avert your eyes, looking to the floor. “What does he even want from this nobody?”, you are not sure if it was an actual comment or just one of your too many thoughts. Your footsteps come to a halt, when you almost bump into the back of your lover. Another crowd has formed, this time in front of him. You raise your head, seeing him chatting with some girls and oh my word, was that a smirk? You narrow your eyes as a sudden wave of jealousy is washing over your body. You feel your cheeks heat up and you inhale sharply, which goes not unnoticed by your boyfriend. He cocks his head, his lips ready to form an apology for the sudden interruption, but you are too busy to notice. You cut him off with a cute smile, but your eyes are like poison and your words cut like a knife “It’s okay Todoroki, I understand, see you at the dorms”. 

Not able to take it any longer, you make your way through the horde of girls, falling into a jog to escape as fast as possible. What’s up with you all of a sudden? By the time you reach the dorm door, you are out of breath. To regain your composure, both physically and mentally, you lean onto the pillar beside the door, taking a deep breath. The words you said to him left a bitter aftertaste in your mouth, you even called him by his last name. 

Again, you are too self-absorbed to notice that your boyfriend has caught up to you, currently watching you with a worried expression on his face. “Want to have a talk,___?”, you snap out of your trance, facing him at the end of the stairs. Your name roles like velvet from his tongue and you feel a sudden pang of guilt in your chest. Once more, the only thing you manage to do is a nod. He climbs the stairs and takes your hand into his, leading you inside the building, straight into his room. His hand feels warm and comforting. Do you really deserve this? Now? 

He closes the door behind him, releasing your hand. You raise your head to face him, he is as deadpanned as ever. Now he’s the one sighing, brushing his hair back with one hand at the same time. It’s not like he’s having no feelings at all and deep down you know that. You start to feel like an idiot. Again, he tilts his head, before he says bluntly “You are jealous, why is that?”. You bite your lip and before you can say anything he continues “You trust me, don’t you? I thought it’s a mutual thing”. 

You hurt him, didn’t you? Feeling a lot more self-conscious than before, you grab your left elbow with your right hand, trying to keep the little composure you had left. However, your body betrays you and before you can do anything, tears start streaming down your face. Shouto’s eyes change from questioning to concerned and you know you owe him an answer. Shakily you say “I am sorry, Shouto, I’m so sorry”, you grip your elbow harder “I… I actually don’t know why… no, I know…. it’s…. I feel so ashamed now”. You can’t really comprehend your thoughts and your body starts to shake from the erupting sob, but before it’s happening you feel a pair of strong arms wrapping around your body. Shouto pulls you close to his chest, his scent is calming and soothing. “I’m such an idiot, why do you even like me?”, your fingers clench his shirt and you ramble on “I’m just average, there are so many other girls, so many pretty girls, with cool quirks and they are super smart and –“, he cuts you off with a kiss. 

He might definitely not be the best at conveying his feelings with words, but he is definitely good when it comes to intimate actions. His kiss is deep and passionate “It might be true that there’s someone out there smarter than you, or you consider them more beautiful and their quirk better than yours, but to me”, he smiles “To me you are the best, the smartest, the most talented and most beautiful girl in the world. In my eyes you are utterly amazing”, again you start to tear up, but this time it’s because you are happy. You start to open your mouth, but before you can say something he cuts you off with a kiss again. It’s even more passionate and kind of apologetic. He bites your lower lip softly, asking for permission, which you eagerly grant him. You wrap your arms around his neck, carefully grinding against him, letting your feelings guide your way. A low growl escapes his throat and his grip around your waist tightens, before his hands starting to roam up and down the sides of your body, never breaking the kiss. Before you know it, he lifts you up in his strong arms, taking you to his futon. “I think this is a more adequate place to continue”, he says breathlessly.

Bakugou Katsuki

You were currently working out with your boyfriend, Bakugou Katsuki, the famous foul mouth of U.A.’s class 1-A. You were actually glad he allowed you to be here with him, that meant he acknowledged you as an equal, didn’t it? He would never work out with a person weaker than him, you knew that for sure. He mentioned it so many times, he wouldn’t make an exception for you, would he? He wouldn’t be around someone weaker than him, would he? You sighed heavily as you approached the next place in the gym. Why were you thinking about stuff like that anyway? 

You settled down in a spot in front of a mirror, ready to do some squats with some heavy weights on your shoulders. You wondered if those weights would be enough to impress your boyfriend. Stop, why were you even thinking about impressing him. You watched your reflection in the mirror. From head to toe and back. You had a nice body, didn’t you? Or maybe, maybe, you should define your arms more? Were they flabby? Taking a closer look into the mirror, you couldn’t only see your reflection, you also saw other girls in the gym working out. Girls with perfect bodies, girls lifting more than their own body weight. Holy shit, look at those beasts. Or were you just being the noob here?

 Right as that thought crossed your mind, you saw Katsuki staring at one of those chicks. You couldn’t really make it out, but you swore you saw a smile crossing his face. You narrowed your eyes, what did she have that you didn’t.

 You two came here regularly and truth to be told, this gym was actually the only place were other girls tried to approach him. The other girls at U.A. knew about Bakugou’s character, about Bakugou’s behavior. Usually, it was enough to keep them at a certain distance. You were one of the few once brave enough to defy him and together with your actions you earned his trust and as time passed, his heart. You were patient enough to discover that he was actually really smart and he cared for people dear to him. Okay, he cared in his own “Katsuki way of caring”, but well, he cared. It was different here in the gym though. Of course he brushed the flirting off, countering it with some curses and a lot of swearing. The hell would he care that he was speaking with girls. In his eyes everyone was equal, equally dumb, to be precise. Nevertheless, all the cursing and swearing didn’t stop those girls from talking to him. It was probably this bad boy vibe, you figured. 

Most of the time you didn’t mind, but you never saw him flashing a smile at any of those wannabe yoga chicks. Well, talking about yoga, this girl here in particular was lifting more weight than you ever did. Was that the reason he was attracted to her? Because she was stronger than you? You felt jealousy rising through your body. You wanted him to look at only you, wanted his smile to only be reserved for you. You clicked your tongue. If he wanted to have a badass chick, you could be that badass chick, couldn’t you? You added a little more weight onto the already heavy bar. Examining it cautiously, you suddenly didn’t feel so confident anymore. Once more you looked into the mirror. Those tiny arms of yours would never be able to lift all that shit, much less could your legs. You looked horrible, at least that’s how you felt at that moment. You looked so weak. He would just dump you, like some old trash. 

“Oi, watcha doin’ there?”, you snapped out of your thoughts and noticed Katsuki standing behind you. “Squats?”, you answered dumbfounded. The spiky haired boy spared your bar a glance, then looked back at you. “Tzk”, he exhaled, it was almost like he was mocking you. “What?”, you send him an annoyed glance, feeling the previous jealousy again “Think I’m being too weak, or what?”, you almost barked at him. “No”, he crossed his arms, cocking an eyebrow “I think you’re being stupid”. You bit your lip, not sure what to respond. “What? If you don’t want a sarcastic answer, then don’t ask a stupid question. It’s obvious you can’t lift that much”, you growled slightly. “Oh, so you’re really telling me I’m too weak?!”, it stung a little in your chest, even though you knew he was right. “Babe, shut it”, he hissed. “You’re telling me to shut it, but you smile at this bitch? Go and love yourself Katsuki”, you hissed back, jealousy had already taken a toll on you. He snarled, but you were already heading towards the exit.

“Woman!”, he caught up to you in the corridor. “God knows how lucky you are that you’re just some minor nuisance to me”, he grabbed your wrist. “Oh, now I’m a minor nuisance”, you countered. He rolled his eyes “Don’t take every of my fucking words with a fucking pinch of salt”, he pulled you closer to him. “Don’t jackshit me here”, he whispered, “I’m just worried about you, I don’t want you to hurt yourself”. He wrapped his arms around you and you felt all your frustration falling off, hot tears suddenly streaming down your face. “You’re playing dirty here, babe”, he whispered into your ear. “But you look kind of fucking sexy with that that sassy look”, you could feel his smirk even though your face was buried in the crook of his neck. “I smiled at that fucking yoga bitch cuz she desperately tried so hard with her ugly chicken legs”, he pulled away just enough to see your face. He wiped away some tears, before he caught your lips in a fiery kiss, pressing his body flush against yours. “Eeegh~”, you moaned “You’re sticky”, you giggled while hastily trying to catch your breath. “Shut it”, he slid his hands under your shirt, traveling all the way up your back, making you arch into his touch “You’re the same”, he smirked “Seems like we need a shower” “Idiot, we’re in the gym” “As if I care”, he pulled you into his arms again.