wannabe vegan

I’ve successfully been two weeks vegetarian today ^^ I know it seems small, but this is a beautiful step for me to better myself and do what I can to better the world.

It’s been an eventful two weeks of successes (vegan peanut butter bites, peach-mango nicecream) and failures, but a learning experience nonetheless ^^ I’m really excited to have begun this new path, and look forward to what I can do with it.

Vegans of Tumblr

I want to follow more vegans of tumblr, I want to see good vegan food/vegan posts/vegan make up/vegans that like to keep fit.

Pls RT so I can follow some beautiful vegans (beautiful on the inside, so it doesn’t matter if you’re 3/10 on the outside like me)

I’m Leanne. I’m from the UK, I live in South Yorkshire but originally I’m a (wannabe) farmer from Norfolk