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everyone is comparing this fyre festival mess to dashcon but like

1. dashcon cost like, eighty bucks, less if you didn’t get night vale passes

2. dashcon was at a hotel, no one was sleeping on the ground

3. everyone i talked to at dashcon (yes, I was there, I lived it) was super nice instead of a spoiled fuck so instead of mugging each other when management fell apart we made the best of it

4. the people who got scammed this time are rich kylie je/nner wannabes instead of teenagers who like doctor who lmao

The Forgotten One

Klaus Mikaelson!Adoptive Father X Reader X Hayley Marshall! Adoptive! Mother

Word Count: 599

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Request: Hey could you do a imagine were the reader is the adopted child of hayley and Klaus and when hope comes along the family forgets about her so she moves to beacon hills and then the family realized she’s gone after 3 months and when they do find her she’s at a cliff and her friends, the pack, and her family makes it to the cliff and she just smiles and falls over. Time skip 6 months later she’s still alive but no one knows and one day she appears at the compound with a child and smirks at them.

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Your parents had pretty much forgotten who you were since your sister had been born, everything was about her and how to keep her safe, you had scars from the wars that you had fought for her and you never got a thank you. You had been staying with Davina who had opened her doors to you. “Maybe you should leave,” Davina suggested.
“And go where?” You asked.
“Maybe I can help you find somewhere to go,” Davina suggested.
“If you help me do this you can’t tell anyone not even Kol.” You warned.
“What about Josh?” Davina asked.
“You can tell him I’m safe but it’s probably better that we don’t tell him where Klaus likes to make him a target.” You explained and she nodded in agreement.

You and Davina had managed to find a place called Beacon Hills where you could go, you said that you didn’t want anything quiet, you needed something to keep you occupied and a normal school life was not going to cut it. Beacon Hills had everything that you asked for and you still managed to graduate. You and your friends Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia had been through a lot over the 3 months that you had been there and you were happy.

“(Y/N)!” Klaus called through the house. “(Y/N)!”
“I don’t think she’s here brother,” Elijah informed him.
“Did you see her leave?” Klaus asked Elijah, stopped for a second and frowned.
“I haven’t seen her in weeks,” Elijah answered. Klaus frowned now that he thought about it he hadn’t seen you in weeks either, he didn’t even remember the last time that you both had a conversation with you, Klaus walked up to your room which he hadn’t bothered to check yet, when he walked into the room he realised that there was nothing in it, the posters that decorated the walls, there were no clothes on the floor or in your wardrobe.
“Elijah she’s gone!” Klaus called, Davina who was with Kol heard the exchange and made an excuse to get away and called you.
“(Y/N)! Your parents are looking for you.” She said.
“Don’t worry I have it covered thank you for the heads up.” You answered.
“I miss you.” She said softly.
“We’ll meet up soon. I promise!” You smiled before hanging up the phone.

It was few week later that you were stood on the cliff with you friends and family. “(Y/N)?” Scott asked gently.
“Look I love you guys and I thank you for everything that you have done for me but my family is toxic and the only way out is down so… I’ll see you around.” You smiled before falling backwards before anyone else could do anything. There were multiple calls of your name before there was silence.
“Move!” Klaus ordered but Scott glared at him eyes flaring red.
“No, you should all just leave!” Scott ordered.
“No teenage wannabe alp-”
“You’re the reason that she jumped off the cliff do leave before we make you!” Scott growled, Elijah stepped forward pulling his brother back, they left and that was the end of it.

6 months later the family was functioning as normally as you could but one day there was a commotion, Klaus stormed down the stairs and came face to face with the person he thought that he would have never seen. His eyes were drawn to the small child clinging to your leg your hand rested on her head. “Hey, Dad you want to talk?” You asked as you looked up at him smirking.

*Part 2*

Requests and general question!

“Fuck the police.” - Yang Seungbae, probably.

Seungbae is such a shitty cop. Just the fact that Kim’s ex-wife implied Kim was gay could have basically made the Kim kidnapped Jieun theory a little less plausible and his own theory more likely. 

If he actually recorded his evidence and shared it. I understand he has pressure at work and people don’t really like him so they don’t believe him and this makes him start doing police work on his own but sheesh.

The woman told him this, and he made no record of it. It’s literally just in his mind. He talked to a bunch of people, nothing recorded. No voice recording, not jotting it down on a piece of paper with the date on it even. Fucking make a shitty note on your phone, like just put this stuff down dude. Take a picture. Make proof for yourself. 

Seungbae hates procedures because he thinks they are the reason why his father died but come on, man. He is being Sherlock fucking Holmes or some goddamn amateur teenage superhero wannabe trying to find out stuff for his own fulfilment and his twisted sense of justice. Yes, it’s great, he is actually progressing to the truth unlike others but this definitely will cause him problems and this is going to cost him. 

This really further shows us that Seungbae doesn’t respect police work at all, still to this day. He joined the police force to have power to investigate because he believed they were doing things wrong and still he has such a disregard for procedure even though that is a big part of how people get caught because it is the part of the law system. Police provide evidence, the court rules guilty. 

Yes, Seungbae is a policeman. His word will have more power but Seungbae, you were already demoted once for being wrong and you still won’t record your process and evidence to prove to others that you are going on the correct path and your train of thought is logical? He seems to doubt himself but it doesn’t even feel that real because he still relies so much on his mind and doesn’t even try to prove to himself that he is correct, it’s like he already knows. There is a reason why policemen make a whole board for investigations and connect things with strings because shit is complicated and things are hard to figure out and evidence that you thought didn’t matter could come in handy later. You can’t just remember everything. This makes me feel his doubt doesn’t go too deep, he really trusts his intuition and logic. 

Does he think everyone else around him is stupid and they won’t get his logic? He tries to tell others but he gives up so easily. Or…does he not want people to know because he thinks they will interfere?

In any case, Yang Seungbae has 0 respect for the line of work he is in. He is only doing the parts of it that he is interested in. It’s like he is a chef but he doesn’t want to wash the dishes after cooking.  

LGBTQ+ Community and the formation of toxicity in the OK KO fanbase!!

The LGBTQ community on Tumblr is so toxic…. Like the SU Fandom has already been labeled as a toxic fandom on social media, and already OK KO is being labeled the same way, mostly because of both these shows having recurring LGBT vibes/symbolism. When has it ever been officially stated from Ian that Enid and Rad are gay, everyone is so wuick to search for facts, well where are the links and official statements that they’re LGBTQ.

First of all, Rad is definitely nowhere near being gay, he’s literally like every wannabe cool teenager, he’s like a jock with a sensitive side. He also has a crush on the Strawberry Girl, and now we know he used to date Enid. Obviously he’s heterosexual, just because he dance battled a nonbinary robot.. ROBOT, doesn’t mean he’s gay.

Second of all, Enid has bisexual/asexual vibe going on with her. Most asexuals that I know show no interest in eithef relationships or sex, most of them are also very chill and nonchalant, exactly like Enid. I could better see her being bisexual. She did call KO’s mom a babe, and she does get nervous sometimes when Red Action is around, not to forget her past with Elodie and Rad. But with Elodie, they’ve literally been called best friends, they’re relationship was only friends. Who knows Enid could’ve had a tiny crush on Elodie before Elodie became “Mrs Hollywood”. I just really think that before you ship something you should at the very least ask or wait for the crew working on the show to give an official announcement of a certain characters sexuality. Shipping maybe in good fun, but it leads to long shipping wars and turns the fandom toxic. Shipping shouldn’t just be romantic, it should be more open as to shipping people who are friends or something like a bromance.

A Cinderella Story, chapter 1

Maya’s mother had always been her best friend.

Her father left the two of them when Katy Hart was still pregnant with Maya, and from then on it was the two of them against the world. Her mother taught her everything she knew, and her mother bought her her first set of watercolors when she was eight. Everything about her, she got from her mother, with the exception of things she learned from Riley.

Riley was Maya’s best friend since they were five, and she helped her through everything. She was who Maya always had by her side. She was there when Maya’s mother got remarried to a man named Shawn Hunter when Maya was ten. She stood by her side when Maya had two new infuriating step sisters. And she stood by her in the time she needed her the most, when her mother died in a tragic car crash.

Riley was all that got Maya by when this happened, but Shawn was no help. Katy hadn’t left a will, so everything was given to Shawn. The apartment, Katy’s savings, everything. And this changed Shawn. His two daughters stayed the same however, for Chloe and McKenzie were always insufferable, but it changed Shawn. Shawn was never fond of Maya, and it was obvious now. Maya did everything, the cooking, the cleaning, everything. She didn’t have time to care as much as she would like about her school work, which made her chances of going to NYU lesser and lesser every time she got a B- on a test. Not to mention Shawn telling her that she had to earn some of her college tuition money by working at Riley’s mom’s café, Topanga’s, in order for him to contribute at all.

So here Maya finds herself, on her first day of her senior year, pouring coffee at 7:30 am to get a shift in before school. She’s wearing an apron over her ripped jeans and grey tank top, her blonde hair up in a very messy bun. She wipes under her eyes in an attempt to smooth her black eyeliner, which she did sort of sloppily that morning as she rushed out the door.

Maya puts the pot back down and lets out a large yawn, picking up the cup and carrying it to a table.

“Here you are, Mr. Stratford,” Maya says tiredly, tucking a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear. She sets down the coffee for the regular customer, smiling at him faintly.

“Thank you, Maya dear. But shouldn’t you be getting to school?” He says worriedly, looking at his watch.

“Oh, no. I can be a little late.” Maya shrugs, walking back behind the counter before he can say another word.

Maya begins to open the empty biscotti barrel, but she jumps as she hears a jingle of the café’s door followed by the click of heels on the wood floor.

Maya looks up and sees Riley, even more abnormally tall in her wedges, looking like the epitome of sunshine in a yellow summer dress and her short-ish brown hair bobbing with her steps.

“Maya Hart, I should have known you’d be here. You’re coming with me right now if you want to get to school by 8:30!” Riley huffs, stopping at the counter and clicking her white painted nails on the marble.

“Yeah, yeah Riles. It’s only 7:45.” Maya chuckles, turning and taking a tray of biscotti off of it’s rack.

“Yeah, and our school is like in the suburban outskirts of manhattan.” Riley scoffs, following Maya as she walks down to the coffee maker.

“I’d barely call it suburban..” Maya mutters.

“Well it’s suburban enough to have a parking lot and a football field. And we’re currently in Greenwich Village, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to get a move on.” Riley says with raised brows, Maya rolling her eyes.

“Fine. But I’m getting less money for NYU because of you. Have that on your conscience.” Maya points a finger at Riley, taking off her apron and letting her blonde locks tumble down from their updo.

Maya begins to fill a plastic cup with iced coffee, putting the top on and getting a straw.

“I’m heading out Topanga!” Maya calls over the counter as she follows Riley out the café.

“You gonna pay for that coffee?” Topanga calls from behind the counter.

“Put it on my paycheck! Bye!” Maya calls as she heads to the door.

“Bye mom!” Riley adds, the two of them walking out the door and to Riley’s car as it’s parked on the curb.

“I still can’t believe your dad got you a car. It’s not fair. I’m not getting a car in a million years.” Maya huffs, opening the door to Riley’s Volvo and plopping down in the passenger seat.

“It’s just a shitty Volvo that can barely start,” Riley says, turning the ignition and raising her eyebrows when her car makes some weird huffing noises before starting, “and also you can get a car in a few years!”

“But I won’t need a car if I’m going to school in the city! I can take the subway and shit. I only want a car for this long ass commute to school.” Maya says the last part flatly, plugging her phone into the aux cord as Riley starts to drive.

They spend the 25 minute drive listening to a bad throwback playlist that Maya found on Spotify, singing along to old Lady Gaga and Rihanna songs. Some of the time was also spent with Maya listening to Riley unintentionally gushing about Farkle, and denying any feelings when Maya confronts her.

“Jesus Christ Riley, you’re so into him. It’s pathetic. Just admit it!” Maya laughs as they pull into the parking lot of John Adams High.

“I do not Maya. He’s my other best friend, just like he is to you.” Riley denies, a small blush creeping up on her face.

“You know I’m right..” Maya says quietly with a smirk, shaking her head and looking at her phone briefly.

Riley scoffs and blushes more, before starting to turn towards an open spot. But she’s abruptly stopped by a jeep speeding up and parking (quite badly) in the spot, taking it from her.

Maya scoffs as none other than Missy Bradford steps out of the driver’s seat, pushing back her long brunette-blonde ombré hair and walking around the car.

And Maya’s scoff is exchanged with a groan as she sees Lucas Friar come from the passenger side of the car.

Maya watches him as he pushes a hand through his messy, short dirty blonde hair. He meets Missy by the trunk of her car and put an arm around her, looking at Maya briefly through the windshield.

Maya can’t help but sink back in her seat when Lucas’s handsome green eyes meet hers briefly.

Maya scoffs as Lucas’s hand slides down to Missy’s lower back, hovering just above her ass. Missy shouldn’t even be called his girlfriend.. she’s just his disposable plaything. That’s what fuckboy Friar does, sleeps with one girl for weeks at a time, dumping them for the next and moving on like they’re used tissues. Maya despises him.

Missy rolls her eyes and looks over to Riley’s car, squinting into the windshield and looking at Riley and Maya.

“Eavesdrop much?” Missy scoffs, taking Lucas’s arm, “c'mon baby. We’ll be late for class.”

Lucas looks back briefly and gives Maya a slightly apologetic look, Maya’s eyes rolling as she sees Lucas and Missy join their squad of equally insufferable popular kids.

Lucas may be a fuckboy, but he’s actually known to also be an okay guy at times. But Maya doesn’t think this makes his behavior even remotely okay, unlike all of the other girls in school.

“I swear to god, one day I’m gonna get suspended for beating the crap out of Lucas Frair and I’m not even gonna feel bad about it.” Maya groans, resting her elbow on the window as Riley drives on.

“Remember Peaches, violence is never the answer.” Riley says promptly, only briefly glancing over at Maya and keeping her eyes on the road.

“Okay, I think that never is an exaggeration.” Maya rolls her eyes, smirking slightly.

“Geez Peaches, what would you do without me?” Riley sighs, pulling into an open spot.

“Probably be in juvi.” Maya nods with a squint, both of them laughing as they get out of the car.

Riley and Maya begin to walk across the parking lot and into the school, Maya taking a sip of her coffee.

“Why do you wear heels Riley? You’re already so tall. It makes me look like even more of a shrimp.” Maya huffs, noticing how Riley is standing an extra two inches tall, most likely making her around 5'9.

“It’s not my fault that you’re five feet tall. At least you have your heels on.” Riley rolls her eyes, motioning to Maya’s black heeled booties.

“Yeah, bringing me up to a whopping 5'3. I sure am tall now!” Maya grins sarcastically, Riley chuckling and shaking her head.

The two of them walk up the stone steps and into the halls, walking up to their lockers, which are only two away from each other.

Maya starts to put in her combo, until she hears a familiar voice.

“Ladies,” Farkle’s voice comes from behind her, the catch-phrase now said more sarcastically than when he was younger.

“Farkle.” Riley and Maya say in sync, Riley turning to him and smiling as Maya shoves her backpack into her locker.

“So, first day of our senior year, and Maya’s still dressing like a hobo.” Farkle says with a nod, Maya turning and glaring at him briefly.

“And what are you going for, wannabe teenage heartthrob meets the school’s biggest nerd? If so, you’re succeeding.” Maya quips at his outfit, looking over his skinny jeans and t-shirt with a space pun on it, a blue flannel on and unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up.

Maya can see some girls (including Riley) giving Farkle some looks. She doesn’t blame them, he has gotten cute over the years. He’s gotten freakishly tall, but he’s still pretty skinny. He has piercing blue-grey eyes and dirty blonde hair, fair skin and a sharp jawline. He looks like he’s bordering looking like one of those teen heartthrobs that are in magazines. It makes Maya almost want to laugh out loud, for she still remembers him with his bowl haircut and neon turtlenecks from the seventh grade.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, Maya.” Farkle smiles, Maya not turning and simply flipping him off.

“So anyways, did you guys see Missy and Lucas? Somehow they both got more hot over the summer.” Farkle rolls his eyes, Maya chuckling slightly.

“Well Lucas apparently spent his summer in Texas, so that’s why he’s tanner.. and rumor has it, he was helping his grandpa with work on his ranch and that’s why he has the muscle. Honestly, every girl is drooling over him. It’s depressing.” Riley says the last bit with a scowl, Farkle smirking slightly.

Maya notices Farkle start to say something in response, but she starts to tune him out as she sees Lucas across the hall.

He’s at his locker talking with Missy, a stupid, smug look on his irritatingly handsome face. The school’s buzz seems to be all about how Lucas has gotten incredibly hot over the summer, and even Maya has to admit that he’s walking around looking like sex on two legs. The outline of his muscles showing slightly through his black v-neck, his dirty blonde hair as it’s tousled and messy, his sea foam eyes and how they gaze almost serenely under his thick eyelashes..

“Maya? Hello?” Farkle says, Maya looking away from Lucas and clearing her throat.

Was she just checking out Lucas Frair? God, no. He’s an asshole.

Get it together, Maya.

“Sorry, I was just spacing out.” Maya apologizes, directing her attention back at Farkle.

“Well what I asked while you were busy ‘spacing out’,” Farkle says, using air quotes at the last bit, “was what your first class is. Me and Riley are both in Calculus.”

“Oh, nah I have study hall. I decided to do finance instead of calc.” Maya shakes her head, Farkle rolling his eyes.

“Okay. Well we’ll see you in AP human geo, right?” Riley adds, and Maya nods.

“Okay, see you then. We’re gonna go.” Farkle says, starting to walk off with Riley.

“Kay, bye.” Maya says, slamming her locker shut and walking in the opposite direction.

She starts to walk past Lucas’s locker, only glancing up at him as she walks past. She notices that Missy’s gone, and it’s only him.

She walks past, but soon feels her heart beat quicken as his voice comes from behind her.

“Hey, excuse me?” Lucas catches up with her, stopping her from walking and fiddling with the strap of his messenger bag.

“You’re excused.” Maya says flatly, starting to walk again. Lucas chuckles and starts to walk beside her.

“Look, I just wanted to say sorry about Missy. She can be a piece of work.” Lucas sighs, Maya still walking as if he wasn’t there.

“I honestly don’t care. Your girlfriend is a bitch, I get it. You shouldn’t be apologizing, she should. If anyone. But then again, she’s too fucking proud to apologize, and I still don’t care if she does or not.” Maya says nonchalantly, turning a corner abruptly as Lucas follows, both of them getting some weird looks as to why they’re walking together.

“Wow.. Well no offense, but you’re kinda rude.” Lucas adds, Maya smirking slightly, still not looking up at him.

“Yet again, I don’t care Mr. Cliché. Aren’t you gonna be late for your class?” Maya says after a silence, taking another sip of her coffee as he continues to walk with her.

“Well, I’m going to the library for study hall.” He asks.


“Oh, goody.” He says sarcastically, “Hey, are you new here? I feel like I haven’t seen you before.” Lucas says, the two of them walking into the library.

Maya scoffs and rolls her eyes at this. Yeah, she’ll admit that she’s changed her look. She wears more makeup now, and slightly better clothes. She’s exchanged the leather jackets, striped sweaters and plaid skinny jeans for baggy ripped jeans, simple tank tops, tees and chokers. She also decided to start actually brushing her hair. But he doesn’t recognize her now? And now that she looks cuter, he suddenly want to associate with her? The asshole.

“I’ve been going to your same school since seventh grade.” Maya says with narrowed eyes, going and taking a Chromebook from the cart of laptops.

“Oh. Wait, what’s your name?”


“Oh. Sounds familiar.. ish.” Lucas nods, taking a computer as well.

“It’s okay, Ranger Rick. I understand that your social class is too far above mine for you to care about me in the slightest. You can go back to not acknowledging my existence now.” Maya says flatly after a silence, Lucas nodding with a sarcastic smile and taking his computer to a separate table with some other meatheads.

Maya opens her computer and googles the anonymous NYU chat room on their website, signing into her user and joining. It seems like the best way to pass time since she has no homework on the first day.

closetpoet: heyyy

brokenhart: closetpoet? Sounds wonderfully angsty

closetpoet: I could say the same to you, brokenhart. You know you misspelled heart, right?

brokenhart: I mean to do that, dumbass. Hart is my last name.

closetpoet: oh, she’s feisty.

brokenhart: how did you know I’m a girl?

closetpoet: wild guess. I had a 50/50 chance, and I was hoping you’d be a girl.

brokenhart: why, because you’re a pervert?

closetpoet: or because every other guy on this chat room is just looking for nudes.

brokenhart: don’t be sexist, girls like nudes too

closetpoet: wait what

brokenhart: I was joking. You’re hilariously gullible

closetpoet: thank god. Well how old are you?

brokenhart: that sounds stalker-y

closetpoet: how could I stalk you based on your age?

brokenhart: fair enough. I’m 17

closetpoet: cool. I’m 18 and a guy.

brokenhart: so you’re interested in NYU, you tortured poet you?

closetpoet: ha ha ha. And yes, I am. My dad has different ideas though. He wants me at UW studying business.

brokenhart: so you’re a tortured poet who just wants to write? You remind me of Troy Bolton, but with poetry.

closetpoet: wow. High school musical references. I’m impressed.

brokenhart: what can I say, I’m an artist

closetpoet: so what’s your name, strange high school musical fan girl?

brokenhart: I’d rather not say, considering you know my last name and you could stalk me easily if you have the full name.

closetpoet: understandable. You seem to have a thing for stalking. How do I know you’re not the stalker?

brokenhart: I hope you can just have faith in me. I bet nobody would want to stalk your weird ass.

closetpoet: my guess is that sardonic humor is just your way of relating to the world. Hence the stalker jokes. And the high school musical ones, because HSM is some pretty grim shit.

brokenhart: you get me, angsty poet boy.

closetpoet: happy to be of service, ma'am.


So now you’ve read chapter one of my new fanfic “a cinderella story,” you should go on my wattpad ( @ gilbertswife ) to read the next chapter, which is out! 💞💞💞

One change that I really dislike from book to show is that they had Jaime be the one to agree to Tywin’s demand that he marry someone.

In the books, when Cersei comes to Jaime in the WST and tries to talk him into telling Tywin he’ll marry Margaery, that’s a really foundational moment for his coming set of realizations about their relationship. It’s before he’s found out about the infidelity, and you can tell he finds it very confusing and horrifying. He doesn’t know quite what to do with this information. I mean, fifteen years ago she came to ask him to *not* marry someone and to join the Kingsguard instead, so he could be with her, which of course…didn’t happen quite that way.

Now she’s asking him the opposite: quit the Kingsguard, marry Margaery, go to Casterly Rock…then she pleads that Tywin is sending her there too, so they can be together. Which makes no sense, of course, since she’s making it clear she’s trying to stay with Tommen in King’s Landing, through this exercise. Of necessity, this plot, if successful, would again result in one twin at CR, the other at the Red Keep. They’d switch places again. She knows it now. Did she know it the first time, too?

At the end of this scene there’s an attempt at fellatio, of course, and some insults. And the line where she claims she and Tyrion have both lied to him a thousand times. 

He doesn’t begin to put this together until AFFC, of course. He’s learned about the infidelity, and one thing that I always find interesting is when folks don’t realize that his anger isn’t really about the cheating, per se. The scene from ASOS doesn’t begin to make real sense to him until AFFC. She comes to him in the Sept, and this time she’s hauled out the big guns. Costumes - the one that worked on him so well that one time. References to their night at the inn - and he registers two important things. One, of course, is that she doesn’t even remember where the inn was. But the other is that he has that clear thought: “She wants something of me.”

This isn’t a thought he’s put together about himself, before. And without learning about the affairs - which were clearly transactional sex - he couldn’t have put this truth together. Her relationship with him is also transactional, and always has been, since their very first sexual encounter (and it was their first. Age typical play between small children simply does not count). 

So, the problem isn’t that Cersei has had transactional sex with other men. The problem is that Jaime has realized she’s had transactional sex with him, all along.

This is what Jaime means when he tells Hildy that he likes innocence in women.  It isn’t about virginity. Neither Pia nor Hildy are virgins, and he likes them. But he doesn’t like Ami, and he doesn’t like Cersei right now, either. Surely neither of them have been with as many men as Pia and Hildy? But Pia and Hildy are honest. When Pia climbed in his bed, it was out of actual desire. Hildy is also up front about what she’s about. 

But now with all this information he’s gathered? “Cersei wanted me to marry Margaery and leave the KG to help Cersei achieve a goal that she claimed was about being with me but simply logically speaking was not at all. She has come to me several times attempting to manipulate me into sex to help her achieve a goal. Was the night at the inn off Eel - not Weasel - Alley also about Cersei achieving a goal that had nothing to do with being with me at all? Cersei has slept with several others to achieve goals. She slept with my wannabe teenage doppelgänger, in fact, a boy who is pretty much a ruin now, to achieve a goal.”

Is it rather precious of Jaime to be so terribly put out that his incestuous treasonous nightmare of a relationship turned out to be a scam Cersei ran on him from the start? Well yeah. Each of us wants to think of ourselves as special snowflakes and we tend to find offenses that violate our sense of specialness particularly enraging. 

But to simply dismiss his sense of loss and outrage - he gave up his life, his relationship with his father, his ability to have good memories of his mother, his chance to have a family of his own, his birthright *which we know from his memories and from his scene with Lancel he actually did and does want* - as being about simple sexual jealousy and a thwarting of his idealizing of Cersei as somehow sexually innocent is way way off base. When Cersei came to Jaime that night at the inn off Eel Alley - remember, this is an inn that has only been mentioned one other time in the series, as a place where Varys’s operatives have people taken (in AGOT, this is where one of his people take Cat and Rodrik), she was almost surely doing so because of a Varys plot to separate Jaime from Tywin, and thus finally piss Tywin off enough to get him to quit, while simultaneously giving Aerys enough of a sense of delight in having scored the ultimate blow that he’d finally ACCEPT the resignation. 

Guys, the inn is the smoking gun. When a writer mentions a thing twice and each time jumps up and down pointing arrows at it, having characters make mistakes about it and being corrected by other characters about it, that is the author screaming at you to notice. Cat mistakenly believes Petyr has had her led there. Petyr says nope, not me! And in sweeps Varys. The inn off Eel Alley is his place. It is established as such in the very first book. It is a critical fact.

Now, all Cersei knew was that someone - probably someone very like Taena, which is why Varys sent Taena to her, he knows what works, and never let it be said that Varys doesn’t love to run the same scam over and over - had convinced her that if Jaime joined the Kingsguard, Tywin would no doubt pass over Tyrion and make Cersei his heir. We can see how that would appeal to Cersei. She’d been promised over and over she’d marry Rhaegar. Well, Rhaegar’s wife just gave birth. Perhaps Tywin had mentioned to her the idea of marrying Viserys. Wow, great. Is she to sit in KL for another ten+ years waiting for a child eleven years her junior to come of age to marry? Won’t they want to marry him off to someone young? So, sometime during her stay at Aerys’s court, she clearly acquired the idea of being Lady of Casterly Rock, and it seems logical that she acquired it at this point. Everything about the plot - the idea of dressing in costume, the location of the Inn, the line about the sleeping lion (how convenient of Ser Harlan to die in his sleep) being placed by the young lion, and the very fact that Cersei simply was incapable of interacting directly with Aerys to pull this off, playing to Cersei’s iatrogenic sense of superiority…it reeks of Varys. Cersei *today* wouldn’t pull together such a theatrical production. Varys, Varys, Varys.

And since we no doubt have Varys to thank for the whispers of the Tourney at Harrenhal being a plot to overthrow Aerys - without which Aerys would never have exposed his own madness and paranoia to the high lords - we can see that Varys pulled off the two necessary components that TWOIAF posits over and over were required to get the high lords to begin to contemplate overthrowing Aerys. Many think Rhaegar was behind it, but I believe Rhaegar was simply supposed to show up at the Tourney, be handsome and strong and as clueless about plots to overthrow his father (no, I do not believe at all that Southron Ambitions had any such agenda) as the lords themselves were, and find himself pressed into service. I mean, Rhaegar has spent 21 years at that point, not acting against his father. He’s watched his mother be imprisoned, raped, abused. He has yet to act. The simpler answer to, “Why did Rhaegar finally plan to act against his father at the Tourney?” is simple: he didn’t. Would’ve been a fine plan, if not for the one thing Varys never accounts for, of course: penis. 

And here we move out of the theory portion of this post and into the pure fanfic portion. 

Did Varys act alone, or was he someone else’s agent? I don’t know. He must’ve learned of Jaime and Cersei’s childhood play, and their mother’s reaction to it, from someone. But, he didn’t have to be told. The little birds seem to be in the walls of the queen’s chambers as of AFFC, and the one person we know knew of the twins issues - the Unnamed Princess of Dorne - had been at court while both Varys and Cersei were newly arrived, so surely she had conversations with Rhaella about Joanna’s daughter, which would’ve been overheard. I’ve long loved the idea of Rhaella having actual agency. Any plots that extend into Essos  might have a Martell behind them, since they’re the Westerosi House with the closest continuing ties there, and both Doran and Oberyn were operating in Essos during the relevant time frame, including whatever machinations got Varys to the Red Keep in the first place. Nothing would make me happier than a Rhaella who did what she could to protect herself, her children, her grandchild, over the decade of her imprisonment, and men overlook women’s friendships, after all. The natural Rhaella agent would be the UP. We’ve already seen that the UP will answer a friend’s call for help with problems with their children and their husband, since she swiftly set out for Casterly Rock to help Joanna. And in fact,  the UP is so much older than Joanna that the window for their attendance upon Rhaella doesn’t allow much room for overlap, since Doran is only around three years younger than Joanna. Fact is, Joanna and the UP were absolutely positively not “at court together as girls,” as Tyrion believes and Oberyn replies, “Just so.” A mistake from George? Maybe. Or intended to draw our eye. The connection between the UP and Joanna may be only through Rhaella. Perhaps the dismissed maid was sent not to Dorne, but to King’s Landing. Perhaps the UP imposed herself upon Tywin not simply out of loyalty to Joanna, but because her mission was on behalf of Rhaella herself.

And while I’ve seen many people dismiss Rhaella, it’s usually based upon Jaime’s line that her eyes had been closed for years, by the time Aerys was roasting people. And I’m like, really? What did fifteen year old Jaime Lannister know about the strength and resolve it took that woman to survive her husband and maintain for Viserys any sense of normalcy? Who cares what Jaime thought? If anything, Jaime’s opinion of Rhaella reads to me as evidence she was much more than he could possibly imagine. She had the loyalty of her ladies. At least one of her ladies rules in her own right, and while Aerys never allowed Rhaella to be alone with her own son, there is no reason to believe he was smart enough to not allow her to be alone with her friend the UP. And the UP is fifteen years or so older than Rhaella and Joanna. Plenty of years of wisdom and rule to help Rhaella out. If you’re looking for the agents behind the Defiance at Duskendale…I’m just saying, you might look at those two. From this angle, it isn’t difficult to imagine Rhaella noticing how easily manipulated Joanna’s daughter was, thinking about the Martells’ long ago journey to help Joanna with the twins, thinking about Cersei’s abuse of Tyrion which Oberyn and Elia surely reported to their mother, and deciding, do I further damage Joanna’s children, ruin her son’s life, to save my own young son, my own granddaughter? My sorry ass son Rhaegar continues to be the only one with the power to stop my insane husband, yet he continues to be a sorry ass. No hope he’ll man up in time to save any of us. 

I will never stop laughing if the very fact that the Unnamed Princess is unnamed is simply another mask George architected. How important can a unnamed dead woman be? Lol. Bless him if so. But how truly tragic, if Rhaella and the UP were trying to save their children and grandchildren, and the result was the terrible murder of Rhaenys and Aegon. And if Varys was at all acting on their behalf, it explains why he seems particularly troubled by what happened to Rhaenys. And it lends new meaning to his claim to Kevan that what he has done, was “for the realm. For the children.” Poor babies.

I’d forgotten how FUCKING GODAWFUL it is to read a mediocre book because you’re required to

Every time I hear some smarmy teenage Hermione wannabe questioning how anyone could POSSIBLY hate READING because it’s the most fun thing there is, I’m inclined to grab them by the cheeks and say, “LISTEN HERE, I used to be you, and let me fucking assure you, it is because you have been privileged enough to be allowed to select the books you read so that you learned to enjoy them and associate reading with leisure. Your ‘stupid’ peers are not dumb at all and simply haven’t been afforded the same luxury, or if they have, likely have a learning or sight disability that has made reading difficult and associated with shame in their mind. Either way, the only context they have experienced reading in is the trite bullshit that the secondary school system considers 'literature’, and being forced to consume any book for the sole reason of dissecting it, let alone a book that is objectively boring, will make even the most neurotypical, educationally inclined child associate reading with torture. So hold on to your enthusiasm while you have it, young one, because one day you too will stare at a book’s cover and feel only dread. And in the mean time, stop being an elitist brat, that’s why you have no friends, not that they’re jealous of how smart you are or think you’re weird for enjoying reading,” right into their bewildered little face.

But hey, that’s why we don’t have time travel.

jove was probably still a teenage wannabe music pro in 2004 when apollo was born so that means the theory that apollo learned to scream bc his mopey teenage parents could not stop listening to niki fm is entirely plausible

Reignited Sparks - JJK

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Jeongguk x Reader

Angst/Slight smut

Words: 3.2k

You weren’t surprised by any of it, the heavy party filled with rowdy alcohol-poisoned students; Jeongguk and his friends were renowned for all of this, so of course, your ex- boyfriend’s birthday party wasn’t going to revolve around finger food and lemonade. The frat house was the place to be on the weekends if you were looking for a good time as people called it, and if by “good time” they meant getting completely smashed and not remembering what happened the next morning, only being left with a killer headache and  their dehydrated corpses turning up to morning lectures then, yes good times they were.

Much convincing was needed over pre-lecture coffee that morning from your best friend, Hyomin, who in fact was more of a wild child, party-goer than you ever would be. She had assured you that Jimin (a guy who she claimed was just a friend, but their countless midnight rendezvous suggested otherwise) had invited the both of you to Jeongguk’s 21st birthday party: A cocky know-it-all senior that you could now call your ex.

Despite this, you had rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest at the mention of his name but begrudgingly agreed to her pleas of ‘you haven’t had fun since you broke up with that bastard’

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Arboreal Dreams - Part 14

Title: Arboreal Dreams - [Part 14]

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

In this part you and the Winchesters go werewolf hunting when you get a little reckless. Castiel isn’t pleased.

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 6800+

Warnings/tropes: Un-betaed, explicit smut, dom!Cas, grace play, canon-level gore, monster of the week

A/N: I’m sort of cheating for Day 4 of my February Fuckfest Week but this chapter is STILL smut so I say it counts. *nods* Anyways, thank you for sticking with me this far on! There’s still quite a lot more to come (we haven’t even gotten to Sam or Dean yet, shocker!) so I hope you enjoy this long chapter! :D

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Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6|Part 7| Part 8| Part 9| Part 10| Part 11| Part 12| Part 13| Next Part

“Werewolf, huh? My first one.” you remarked in the backseat of the Impala, your fingers gritty and blackened with newspaper ink. You’d just finished up the rather annoying case involving a teenage warlock wannabe when Sam caught wind of a potential case while browsing the news.

“Were-something. Could be our first one too,” Sam said with a sigh. “Remember how to kill one?”

You suppressed a smile. “Give it flowers? And if that doesn’t work, silver blade to the heart.”

Dean snorted. “Dagger first. Flowers on its grave later. It could be your murder signature.”

“My what?”

Sam laughed. “On all the cop shows and stuff, sometimes serial killers leave behind mementoes so people know it was the same dude or, in your case, dryad.”

You blinked and pushed yourself between their seats. “Are you guys comparing me to a serial killer? You’re the ones who do all the actual killing. I’m just your medic.”

“You mean you’re our dirty little nurse,” Dean drawled, wiggling his eyebrows and you laughed, tugging on a lock of his hair as you climbed into the front seat and deposited yourself in Sam’s lap. He easily made room for you, letting you sit in the circle of his arms.

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REQUEST:Could you write a one shot about the reader being the winchesters little sister and they drop her off at school while they handle a hunt but she skips and hangs out with crowley/castiel? Maybe gets caught? Please ;3; I love the fics

A/N: Thanks for the request! I feel like if I was a little sister of the Winchesters, that it would take a whole lotta planning to get out of the boys sight. But I literally wouldn’t even think of what they would do if I got caught! The waking up scene is what I go through in the morning. Like, every single morning. I am not a morning person to say the least XD Keep sending in requests guys! I love writing these one shots.


WARNINGS: Swearing


School sucks. I mean, whose idea was it for someone to get up at an ungodly hour and then be stuck in a social hell hole for 7 hours a day, for 5 days a week. Not even mentioning the fact that all the people in school were teenage wannabe college students, but you know for a fact that only half of them will make it to college. You didn’t even see the point in school because of your current employment. You were a hunter… No, not just any hunter, a Winchester. Sam and Dean want you to get the best experience that you could, they wanted you to be well educated and well rounded, because they never got that chance. You knew that today was no different than any other day this week.

You woke up with your alarm clock blaring some new pop song that you never found interest in. That always woke you up because you just wanted the so called music to stop.

“GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!!” Dean burst through your door yelling. You groaned in response. You were not a morning person, like at all.

“Y/N, you need to get up,” He shook you and ripped the blankets off of you. “You have school today.” You shivered at the loss of the warm fabric. “Y/N if you do not get out of the bed this instant,” He scolded. “I will tell sam to get a bucket of ice and for sure get you up.” With that threat, you shot up from your bed and grumbled as Dean walked out of the room, with a accomplished grin of his face. You pulled on some sweatpants and a shirt, then pulled your hair into a messy bun. After that, you went into the kitchen to get some coffee. As it brewed you sat against the counter, almost falling asleep again.

“Is today another one of those days where you just gave up?” Sam asked walking in to the kitchen, you could tell he just got up too. Without lifting your head, you flipped him off, grabbed your coffee, and left to go into your room, leaving Sam chuckling.

You did not want to go to school today. You thought that school was a waste of time, and if you ever really needed anything, you could just ask Sam, I mean, he went through school and part of college. As you did your makeup and sipped your coffee, you made a plan so you wouldn’t have to go through school.

“COME ON SLOW POKE!” You heard Dean say by the door, “IF YOU’RE LATE THATS ON YOUR ASS!” You got your bag and smirked. You went out and into Baby.

“Do you know what you are doing in school Y/N?” Dean asked. You shook your head honestly. “Okay. Sam and I found a case so we won’t be picking you up after school,” He informed you. “Just take the bus or walk or something.” You looked out the window and smiled, that just made your plan a little easier.

The car came to a halt as you pulled into the school. “If you need anything, call Cas. He will be there before we could.”

“Okay.” You said.

“So she does speak.” He joked. You laughed and shut the door, heading toward the school. You turned around to see if the car was gone. After that you ran to the back of the school. You dialed the schools number.

“This is the attendance office number for (NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL). Please leave the students name, your relation, and a call back number.”

“Hi,” You started, “This is for Y/N Winchester, I am her mother, the call back number is 576-857-8697.” Then you hung up. You decided that if you were going to play hookie, you may as well do it right. You knew that if you called Cas that he would just lecture you about how wrong it is that you’re doing this and tell your brothers, so you thought of other options. The first name that came to mind was Crowley. He was fun, and if you threatened him right, he wouldn’t tell your brothers.

You began the spell, by now, you knew it by heart. After the flames died down, you looked around. No sign of him. You sighed and started back to the school.

“Hello, love.” You heard behind you. “Shouldn’t you be in school?” You turned to Crowley.

“Yeah, but school is just another form of hell, right?” You replied quickly.

“Touche. What do you need me for darling?” Crowley said smiling.

“I don’t want to be bored when I play hookie,” You stated, “If I’m doing it, I may as well do it right.”

“What makes you think I won’t tell Squirrel or Moose?” He said with a questioning look.

“Because you wouldn’t want to be in the line of fire if they found out about this.” You said.

“You’re right,” He said with a devilish smile, “Where do we start?”

You spent the whole day anywhere but America. You went to Europe, Asia, and China. Crowley helped you make trouble, but not too much. You actually had fun when you were suppose to be in school. If the boys could see you now, they would probably kill you on sight. But, you were having so much fun that you didn’t even care if they found you. When you finally got a look at the time, you turned pale.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Crowley asked.

“It’s 6 pm. I needed to be home at 3.” You muttered. “I’m fucked.” You said simply. Before you could get anything else out, you were outside of the bunker.

“Good luck in their kiddo.” Crowley said, leaving you with a snap of his fingers. You looked around to the garage door to see in the boy’s car was there. Sure enough, it was. You immediately began to panic. What was your story going to be? Who were you with? Why?

You opened the door with a shaky arm. You carefully walked down the steps and looked over to the library. Your brothers were there with Cas, looking at you with the most serious look you think you have ever seen. You looked to the floor as you walked up to them, like a scolded puppy. You were surprised to find 3 pairs of arms wrapped around you.

“Y/N, don’t ever do that to us again.” Dean whispered. “Do you know what we thought? We thought you were dead or kidnapped. Where were you?” He said as he pulled away.

“I-I uh,” You stuttered, trying to get an excuse out. “I played hookie,” You finally got out. “I played hookie and went to the library to look up about more lore and stuff.” Okay, maybe that part was a lie, but if they found out about you hanging out with Crowley, you were for sure dead. “I hate school. Why can’t Sam just teach me stuff? The teachers teach for the other kids, not me!” I started to tear up. “It’s so frustrating, because they teach either too slow or too fast, and when I ask questions, they look at me like I’m some idiot.” You were sobbing now. “I never want to go back! They just don’t get what I need to know for the real world.”

Sam picked you chin up so you could look at him. “Y/N, I can teach you.” He said, you knew that he understood what the pressure of school could do to someone. “Isn’t that right Dean?” He said looking at him.

“Sure, why not?” Dean said smiling. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell us this before?”

“Because, I didn’t think that you guys would understand. you dropped out, and Sam was naturally a good student. I just can’t take it.”

“Y/N, if you told us, we would have taken you out ASAP. Just let’s end the chick flick moment with if you ever feel any way uncomfortable with anything, just tell us, it would be a hell of a lot easier.” Dean said. “Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving.”

You laughed and grabbed your coat, heading to the diner. School may have been hell, but you could finally sleep at night knowing that you never had to go again.