Ears - Chanyeol Imagine

“Can I play with your ears?” I asked chanyeol, looking up from my phone as my head rested on his chest. Chanyeol giggled, making his chest vibrate. I smiled and sat up to look at him properly.

“Pleaseeeee?” I whined laughing, disregarding my phone and straddling him. Chanyeol looked up into my eyes.

“Depends.” He stated, looking back to his phone. I huffed and crawled closer to his face, slowly pushing his phone down.

“On what?” I asked suspiciously. He smiled showing his perfect rice teeth and leaned closer, closing the small gap between us with a soft kiss.

“You give me one wish.” I looked at him suspiciously. Already having second thoughts.

“ I just wanna touch em.” I reached out to touch his big ears but he stopped me by grabbing my wrists gently. He laughed and shook his head.

“Deal?” He asked, I nodded and laughed, falling down on his chest, practically laying on top of him as I began to play with his ears. Chanyeol laughed quietly and watched me with close concentration, seems as we were practically breathing each others used air. I smiled as I pulled his ears gently causing him to whine. I laughed and kissed his nose.

“Your too cute.” I said now holding his face in my hands. I squished his cheeks gently and laughed as his mouth turned like a fish’s. Chanyeol grabbed my hands and pulled them away. I looked in his chocolate brown eyes and felt myself drawn in. I looked down to his plump lips, then back to his eyes. Chanyeol’s arms weaved their way round my waist, his hands resting on my bum. I bit my lip and chanyeol’s breath became heavy. Not being able to handle it anymore I pushed myself up to his face, our lips crashing together. Hands roamed everywhere mine ending up on his chest. The kiss quickly subsided into a makeout session and just before things could get anything more chanyeol pulled away breathless. He caressed my cheek and smiled.

“My wish.” He stated teasingly. I sighed and chuckled.

“Ah yes, your wish.” My hands traveled to his cheek to and my thumb ran across his red, even plumper lips.

“What can I do for you?” I whispered in his ear. He gulped then pulled me up to look into his eyes. A nervous chuckle left his lips as he smiled sheepishly.

- I’m sorry for the small hiatus that apparently happened, so here I present a ball of fluff. Please send in stuff, I have no life so I have a ton of time hehehe