I sent an important email AND went out for coffee with a priest friend today without freaking out bc ~anxiety~ (the last time I saw him I was in a rlly bad headspace and was sullen and brutally blunt and I was p sure he hated me and thought I was a rude nutcase) and i actually had a good time out of the house for once but now I’m exhausted and rlly rlly need to sleep

I abandoned my village after getting this letter from Groucho 😭 IF ONLY HE KNEW HOW DEEP OF AN IMPRESSION HE LEFT ON MY HEART!! lol this is 2 sad. I forgot that since I stopped playing and didn’t even save after reading this, that today as I turn on the game it’s going to only be one day since he left 😭….!!!

One of the kids at the preschool where I work has MRSA. He’s such a sweetheart, and just yesterday I was hugging him & carrying him because he was crying over not getting to play with his baby sister. So I hope I don’t get sick… And I hope he gets better soon. What a poor little angel.

Boy: “Hey, babe. You ready for…….wait what is that?”

-Boy checks phone-

Boy: “Omg”

Girl: “What? What is it?”

Boy: “There’s something in the house.”

Girl: “What? I don’t understand.”

-Boy goes to bedroom door. Looks back at girl-

Boy: “Stay here.”

Girl: “Omg. Please don’t leave.”

Boy: “Shh shhh shhhh shut the fuck up. It’s right down stairs.”

-Girl starts shaking-

Girl: “Omg. You’re scaring me. What is it?”

-Boy leaves room. Foot steps down the stairs-

-long silence-




Girl: “Omg. Babe?”

-Loud fast footsteps up the stairs. Girl cries and pull the sheets over her head as the bedroom door bursts in. She hears heavy breathing-

Boy: -out of breath- “Babe.”

-Girl looks out from under the blanket confused-

-Boy shows her the phone in excitement-

Boy: “I just caught a Haunter!”

My pitch for a Pokemon Go advertisement. I think it would make a good one around Halloween.