i wish free! had a love live! game ♥ [x]



Trafalgar Law Dating Sim

Finally finished and available to download! (Reposting because I found a host for the universal file that should work on mac, windows and linux)

The game is about 10 minutes to play through, and has a few different endings.

Compatible with all Law ships!

“You’ve been set up on a blind date! Will your day end in romance, or will your fling crash and burn?”

Review: rainripplesdailythoughts

“tried out your game and i really like it. Law made some cute expressions sometimes and i kept laughing at some of the things that were said … I was nice to him the first time round but i played it again and called myself Doflamingo,choosing all the bad choices and that made it even funnier XD Looking forward to more of your games ^u^”

Download: Here!

Until Dawn is a great type of game for Lets Players because it’s so much easier for multiple people to play it and viewers not to get bored watching them because each experience is unique.

I’m glad Mark and Jack are both playing it, there are so many interesting Lets Plays going on right now. :3

Got distracted while working on a lot for Candace and Ellis’ date *__*

the other night i was thinking about the number of shows i’ve been to and plays i’ve been in and i was like… NICE JOB ESSINE because i live in the smallest little town where things do not happen and it’s extremely difficult 2 leave + no money 2 leave and do things but wow! hot dog! i have seen some cool shit B)

Muses I really need in my life right now:

Tsukiyama [because who doesn’t love that angst.]
Tatara [Aogiri fun]
Yoriko [though Momo will be alleviating that need for me very soon c: ]
Yamori [so Touka can kick the ever loving shit out of him, or die trying.]
Renji [because Touka loves her uncle very much, and probably doesn’t listen to anyone else but him.]
Uta [I hoard them, and can’t ever have enough.]

luke laying his head in your lap while the collection of pot holes in the road give under the massive tires of the tour bus, his face still glistening with a thin layer of sweat from the show that ended not hours before, his eyes a bit puffy and swollen with fatigue, making the gentle blue hue all the more dazzling. he gently toyed with your hands that draped over his collarbones, his fingers brushing over the ridges caused by your flexed joints, the cool metal of his rings bringing a flutter of goosebumps across your already chilled skin before he was soothing the coolness by covering his lips over each individual digit, the amount of affection from the simple movements enveloping your heart in adoration until he’s guiding your grip to his sweaty mess of curly hairs, coaxing you to run your fingers through it as his eyes flit closed and he hums tiredly did you know you’re the most beautiful girl in the world? as you just shush him with flushed pink cheeks, tugging the knots from the darkened, damp blonde while massaging his scalp until his heartbeat is slowing under your touch and he’s murmuring i love you, princess