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So I was watching the Buzzfeed video where Shane and Ryan get to sit in on an exorcism, and I just imagined someone doing one on Jack and Anti just popping up saying "U wanna go mate?!" I'm actually curious what what would happen in that scenario, someone needs to write a fic about that. XD

LMAO that’s beautiful

imagine anti smacking the cross out of the dude’s hands

ali / tobes’ apology means jack shit to me and OTHER PEOPLE WHO SHE HAS DONE SHIT TO. she doesn’t address anything she’s done. this 30 year old bitch has used the n word, said that a 14 year old was “fap material.” she’s done so much. like you can read whatever she’s done on @alitobes. her apology means nothing, she’s also RECENTLY tried guilt tripping her friends when they unfollowed her. like, i literally have caps lmfao, if u wanna see them i’ll ask if i can show u them. @maregis there’s no point apologising when you won’t even acknowledge what u did because you’re keeping your followers in the dark by doing that

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Ooohhh, what about Amami as a fabulous succubus. Ya know the ones the lure humans with their charming good looks and then eat their organs out

ok so i may have had a lot of fun on this, but let’s keep the demons to devil angel,,!! i’m not using this design but he still looks gooooooooooood,,,,,,

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how much do u wanna bet that dan used to listen to unintended by muse in 2009 thinking about phil

I don’t need to bet anything because I know it’s true

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okay but assuming karen and joyce are roughly the same ages of their actresses, that would mean they graduated in 1957/8ish so the two of them listening to the sputnik & friendship 1 missions on the radio together and having big plans for the future & being young and idealistic and in love, and when it doesn't quite work out for joyce & the relationship falls apart when karen leaves for college, both of them watching the friendship 7 missions alone and thinking about what might have been.

This is so sad and angsty I LOVE IT

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I want the whole family to tie me down, ass in the air, and fuck me over and over again for hours on rotation until I am full of their cum. I want them to fill me so much that my thighs are coated in it and it's a never ending mess, it'll be leaking out of me for days and it'll make it easier for them to fuck me whenever they want cause they'll use it as lube and tell me what a messy slut I am

Hanzo’s palms hold down your shoulders, thick, callused fingers digging into your shoulder blades. Your binds hold you right where you’re supposed to be. Splayed open on a plush Shimada bed. But Hanzo desires to force you down into the mattress even more. So harshly it’s sure to leave a lasting imprint of your gaping mouth. 

Hanzo slams his hips into your ass, trying to unload himself inside of you for the… fourth time today? His brother off to the side, casually leaning against the wall, feeling up his cock through his jeans, awaiting his turn to use their living sex toy. 

“This is you at your most useful,” he croons, the authority and low baritones of his voice, straight from your spine into your core. A couple more slams of his hips as he settles in and adds to the overflowing pool of mixed seed inside of you. “Made for milking cum,” he says through a groan. 

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