ok but the thing that got me “here comes a thought” was those last few notes of ukulele bc ive listened to rebecca sugar singing it as SDCC so many times it made me wanna cry it was just

perfect little touch

Why can’t I stop drawing them? sOMEONE SEND help plEASE.

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Drabble game? 16 & 7 with Jin please

Thigh riding & Dirty talk for the drabble game

“You’re such a filthy little girl aren’t you,” he hissed in my ear, tightening his grip on my hair, “Acting so innocent and cute around others but look at you now, my little slut.”

His muscular thigh flexed underneath me and shot bolts of lightning straight up into my core as I ground down on it even more. His eyes dropped down to my breasts bouncing and swaying as I desperately tried to get as much friction as I could from his clothed thigh through my soaked panties. His broad shoulders were all I held on to as he gripped my hair in one hand and tugged my head back, showcasing my neck with his marks on it.

“I bet you love this don’t you, getting off on this alone while my bandmates are in the other room.” My mouth opened and all I could do was gasp his name as I felt my high getting closer. “Shut up,” Jin whispered harshly as he tugged on my hair again, “Do you want them to hear you huh? You want them to hear what a desperate whore you are?” My tongue was tied and all I could do was bury my face in his shoulder as my pace picked up. To help me, he flexed again and again and the hand that wasn’t gripping my hair reached down into my panties and found my clit with ease. “Jin, I-I’m-” I cut myself off by biting him as my high washed over me, leaving me clenching uncontrollably around nothing as the spasms rocked my body.

“Good girl,” he slipped his hand out and brought it up to his mouth, pink lips parting to suck on his fingers sinfully. “Now,” he kissed me harshly, making me taste myself on his tongue just barely, “Since I helped you so kindly, why don’t you go down on your knees and show some gratitude.”


rp doodle dump pt. 1 because i had a sudden burst of motivation in the midst of my wallowing (well… some of them are rp based anyway) (also captions explain stuff if u’re confused)