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Today, Even is making Isak watch Love Actually.

Isak is sitting against Even’s chest, clutching an empty bowl of homemade popcorn in his arms, and at first Even’s arms wrapped around him were to keep him trapped there because he was grumbling so much about watching a Christmas film, in June, not only that but a fucking romcom. He tried wriggling away more than once, but when Even pulled him back and pressed thousands of kisses all over his face, he decided, maybe I could sit through this, just for Even.

They’re getting to the end of the film, and Isak doesn’t really need those arms there to keep him watching now, he just likes having them around him, because he feels slightly sappy, and he’s leaning his head back into Evens chest and thinking ok, maybe this film wasn’t the worst idea.

And they’ve reached the final scene of the film, and Isak feels warm inside, and Even is singing along softly in his ear “God only knows what I’d be without you” and tightening his arms round Isak’s chest as he sings, and Isak is grinning ear to ear as he watches the end credits and listens to the guy say “love actually is all around” and he turns to see the huge grin on Evens face, and he wants to tease and say “that was the mushiest, sappiest film I’ve ever seen,” but he can’t bring himself to.

Even looks so happy, and Isak feels warm and so in love, and all he can do is smile fondly at Even, and remind him exactly how much he loves him, even when Even makes him watch sappy films.

Especially when Even makes him watch sappy films.

Day6: comforting you after watching a scary movie

Jae: this nugget will tease the life outta you at first. Won’t even do it to be mean, he just loves your teasing relationship and loves to see you blush. If he sees that you’re actually shook tho, he’ll just smile and hug you really tight. “Aw, babe…you know it’s not real. Besides, you’ve got your big, strong boyfriend to protect you if anything happened.” He’d nuzzle his face into your neck and kiss you. “Sorry that I made fun of you…but you gotta admit, it was kinda funny-“ 

 Sungjin: aw he will be so sweet about the whole situation. He’d take your face in his hands and ask you if you were ok, and why you agreed to watch the movie with him in the first place. He will just sigh when you don’t give an answer, and give you a warm bear hug. He’ll pull away only to kiss you sweetly before asking if you wanted to take your mind off of it. Soft music will be playing while you two dance, him lightly stroking your back and whispering sweet little compliments in your ear. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you, right?“ 

 YoungK: Brian will just smile and ruffle your hair. "Babe, you know you didn’t have to watch it if you knew it was this scary.” He’ll then proceed to cuddle you, leaving little kisses all over your face and neck. When you ask to put a different movie on, he might still try and scare you by poking your sides and whispering in your ear whenever it gets quiet. He’d apologize while laughing, claiming that you were just too funny when you’re scared. Also will try to get your mind off the movie, but with different ‘methods’. 

 Wonpil: this cutie will probably be shook by the movie too, he just won’t admit it. With his trembling fingers he’ll hold your hand and tell you there’s nothing to worry about, it’s just a movie. If you were really scared tho, he won’t hesitate to man up and tell you he was scared too and that you two should’ve just done something else to pass the time. He’ll play with your hair and tell you funny jokes or cheesy pickup lines to lighten up the mood and get you to smile. When you two go to bed or fall asleep on the couch, he’s sure to hold you extra tight. 

Dowoon: probably won’t even sit to watch a scary movie anyway, but if you somehow convinced him to or you were watching it by chance, I think he’d get bored. When he sees that you’re scared after watching it, he just pulls you close and kisses your forehead. “Jagi, why did you wanna watch this crap movie anyway?” Will try to cuddle you and make you feel better, but if he notices that it’s not working, he’ll suggest doing something else. “Alright, why don’t we go out and do something fun? I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream, let’s go.”

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I just checked the product info for Beauty and the Beast blu-ray bc I wanted to check when it’s released in Finland (in August) and there was a “we speak Finnish” tag in the cover, so I had to check

yes, they’re gonna dub it in Finnish for the blu-ray/dvd release

KNK - Stay 🔊
Choreography by Jihun of KNK

It only takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to stan legends

Lmao. So I saw a post from an IR where they were saying that they just loved Bleach Brave Souls, but that it was just “soooo biased” cause they cut out all the “good Ichiruki scenes” and catered to IchiHime more or something stupid like that, and I was just like,


Like, my dude. You wanna talk about biased? How ‘bout you watch the anime cause that shit was biased af.

Going through your crush’s instagram like:


oh my gosh this is probably old news but if you play acnl you should watch this video

Bye, Bobby

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Bye, Bobby

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you do a Dean x Reader where they’ve been together but she’s also basically Bobby’s adopted daughter. After he dies she drinks a ton more than normal and unbeknownst to the boys uses sleeping pills to sleep without nightmares. One night she accidentally mixes them and Dean finds her totally out of it, not making sense, and then he can’t wake her up when she falls asleep. Happy ending please?



Dean watched as Y/N downed yet another glass of whiskey. That was her 4th in less than an hour. He had tried talking to her so many times but she shut him out. His once loving doting girlfriend now sat in the dark of the cabin and just drank.

He felt horrible, nothing he said or did helped. He knew it wouldn’t and to be honest he never expected it too. Seeing what she seen was the worse thing that could have happened.

He still heard her scream in the back of the van as they drove off. The yelling for her Dad as he fell to the floor, the cold steel bullet entering his head as she looked on.

It was a moment that shocked them and everyone else around them. Bobby Singer, adopted Father and Uncle, hunter’s best friend and go to man. It was no wonder she was drinking.

Y/N closed her eyes and watched as Bobby’s head jerked and he fell backwards, as she sat there shocked for a moment, wiping something off her face only to find it was blood. Her screams as she realised. She didn’t want to see it again. She just wanted him home. Struggling to stop another onslaught of hot tears from burning their way down her cheeks she downed another shot.

‘Baby?’ Dean said gently.

Y/N slowly raised her eyes and looked at him.

‘You want to come for a walk? Or watch a movie? I can make you a coffee or tea? Or something. Food even.’

Y/N shook her head and poured another glass.

Dean watched as she downed another glass, her face no longer showing the burn as it slid down her throat. Dean looked at his phone and found a text from Sam, same text he sent every day.

‘How is she?’

‘Same as yesterday.’

‘Be there soon.’

Dean hated this, he hated feeling so useless, he hated not being able to take away her pain.

He watched as she stood up on shaky legs and grabbed her tablet and phone. He was relieved to see the whiskey bottle stay put.

‘You change your mind Sweetheart?’

‘Going bed.’

‘Want some company?’

Y/N gave him a look that told him the same thing it had every night. She just wanted to be alone.

He watched as she trudged up the stairs to the bedrooms. Once he heard the door close he let out his own flood of tears. He’d lost his Uncle and best man he ever knew and now, he had lost Y/N. It was a fate worse than death. Dick Roman was going to pay.

Y/N collapsed onto the bed and cried herself to sleep. Not that she could call it that. The night was plagued by nightmares, reliving it over and over, trying to stop it but failing, the screams coming as she realised what happened. Then there was his funeral. They gave him a hunter’s funeral and she stood there and watched as his body burned. She stirred and wiped her face in her half sleep state, she flew up in bed and slammed her hand onto the touch lamp by her bed. It was tears not blood covering her hands and face.

Dean ran up the stairs two at a time at the sound of her screams, by the time he got there they had given way to sobs and he knew she was dreaming again. It killed him. He needed to be there, to hold her, to do something that will help her in some way. He hated being shut out. He hated seeing her slip further and further away.

Y/N came out of the room around 8am the next morning, she made a coffee and sat outside and just watched the woods. Something she used to do with her Dad. She started to drift off to sleep sitting up, she jerked herself awake, spilling coffee all over her hands, burning them mildly. She knew she couldn’t keep doing this, she couldn’t go on with little to no sleep.

‘Hey,’ Dean said quietly, sitting down next to her.

She watched as he frowned at the red marks on her hands.

‘Hey,’ she said quietly.

‘Wanna do something? Go for a walk, look for a hunt? Anything you want.’

Y/N shook her head. She felt Dean run his hand over her head and kiss her temple.

‘I wish there was something I could do. I know you don’t want to talk, or do anything. But seeing you like this it’s killing me,’ he croaked, barely keeping it together. ‘I can’t lose you too, Y/N.’

Y/N didn’t answer, she just sat there staring at her cup.

‘Baby, I get you’re hurting. I do. But just let me in, let me help. Even if it’s just to hold you while you cry or listen as you scream about it.’

Y/N stood and went to walk inside, when Dean stopped her.

‘Please, yell, scream, kick, punch, abuse me, cry, do something, but don’t just drink your life away.’

‘I have to go into town,’ she said quietly.

‘Want me to come with you? Drive you?’

Y/N shook her head, ‘I have to renew my script.’

Dean looked at her and nodded, the last thing she needed was PMS as well as this.

Y/N went to the doctor grabbed her script, before heading to the pharmacy and liquor store. She picked up the boys some pizza and headed home.

She placed the box on the table and watched as Dean’s face lit up slightly.

‘Wanna eat that and watch crap TV or Netflix? Catch up on TV? Or we can just sit here quietly?’

‘I’m not hungry. It’s more for you and Sam.’

‘Y/N, you need to eat.’

Y/N grabbed a piece took a bite, picked up the bottle and turned to walk out.

For Dean it was the last straw. He was done.

‘Stop! Enough, Y/N,’ he snatched the bottle away and spun her so she was looking at him. ‘Please just stop,’ he begged. ‘No more drinking, no more shutting me out. I know he was your Dad, but he was like one to us too. Please.’

He watched as her lip quivered, and she bit it to try and hide her sadness. But Dean saw, he always did. He saw it coming before she did, the slight drop in her lip, the way her eyes moistened, how her chin raised slightly as she looked to the ceiling. He knew what was coming and she was on the brink of running off to be alone again.

‘I love you Y/N. Please let me help.’

He gently pulled her into a hug, cautiously as not to upset her more than she already was. He held her tight and kissed her head once she was resting against his chest. He felt her whole body start to shake as the tears came. It was the first time since Bobby’s death she had cried in front of him. He held her for hours as she let it all out. He felt her body getting heavy as the onslaught of emotions drained her. He shifted her to the sofa and sat with her as she cried herself to sleep.

She woke up a coupe of hours later crying from her latest nightmare. She went off and showered, cleaning up before coming back down stairs. She forced down half a piece of toast, she didn’t want to eat but Dean was watching her like a hawk. She downed her coffee and by mid morning she went back to the bottle.

Dean sighed, but didn’t say anything. At least she ate and she didn’t drink straight up, so it was progress.

By night time Dean convinced her to have dinner with them before she went to her room. He managed to once again take the bottle away after dinner. She didn’t fight it She knew shouldn’t drink while taking the tablets. Y/N excused herself early and headed upstairs. She found script she was after and took the sleeping pill. Her fingers crossed that it did the trick.

Six hours later, Y/N woke and realised she had slept through the night. She was grateful to finally have slept, to have gone so long without the horrible nightmares and reliving the moment.

Dean came in with a coffee and placed it next to the bed. He gave her a soft smile. Progress, he was so happy she was getting there. A night without screaming and crying. It had been too long. He leant down and kissed her head.

‘Morning, baby.’


‘You had a good night,’ he observed.

She nodded slightly.

‘That’s good, that’s great. You want some breakfast? I can do whatever you want, French toast, pancakes. I can even do bacon, I’m sure Sammy can handle the supply run to get it,’ he grinned.

Y/N gave him a sad smile and shook her head, ‘Tempting but it’s ok.’

Dean leant down and kissed her gently on the lips.

‘If you change your mind, even if it’s 10 tonight, I can do it.’

She poured her first drink later than morning, and continued through the day, slower this time. Having a coffee in between.

She went to bed early and Dean decided to follow not long after. Grateful to see her sleeping peacefully.

The pattern continued for the next few weeks. She’d drink during the day, stop by dinner, take her tablet a few hours later and sleep through. She hadn’t told the boys about them yet. It would only worry Dean and he didn’t need it.

Then the call came, someone looking for Bobby. Y/N had to tell them he had died, she had to relive it again. Worst of all she had to listen to the offer of sympathy. That in itself was enough. The boys were out on a supply run, Y/N downed more alcohol that she thought, more than she should have. She decided to go to bed, not hearing the impala pull up in the driveway.

She downed her sleeping tablet, stumbling as she tried to put the container on the cabinet. Dean came in to the room, smiling.

‘Hey baby,’ he grinned, his smile fading when he saw her swaying. ‘You ok?’

‘Tal, so, cr…’

‘Y/N?’ he commented.


He frowned at her and watched as she zoned out, her eyes glassed over.


She tried to sit down but missed the bed, Dean catching her before she hit the ground. He watched she heaved and her stomach lurched but she thankfully didn’t vomit.

‘Ok Sweetheart, in to bed. I think,’ he said gently.

He laid her in the bed and pulled off her jacket and jeans, to try and get her more comfortable.

‘Sleep it off, princess. I’ll bring up a bucket.’

He leant down and kissed her. He went to turn off her lamp and noticed the orange pill tube next to the bed. That wasn’t her contraceptive pill. He picked it up and walked down stairs with it.

‘How’s Y/N?’ Sam asked. ‘Cos if she’s like the lounge, she drank the liquor store.’

‘Well and truly wasted. I need to get her a bucket. Hey any idea what Ambien is?’


Dean turned the tube over in his hands as Sam cleaned up the bottles of whiskey and beer.

‘It was on her cabinet. I’ve never seen it before.’

‘She took that?’

‘Looks that way it’s almost empty. It’s like a pain killer right?’

Dean looked up at Sam who had paled.

‘Dean, that’s a sleeping tablet, you can’t mix them with alcohol.’

It took a few moments for both boys to register, the two of them ran up the stairs and into the bedroom.

‘Y/N!’ Dean screamed, shaking her, trying to wake her up. ‘Come on baby, open your eyes.’

Sam grabbed her arm and checked her pulse only to struggle to find it. Dean kept screaming at her shaking her body, but it was limp and unresponsive.

‘Y/N!’ he cried.

‘Dean get her on the floor she’s not breathing,’ Sam yelled.

Dean lay her on the hard wooden floor and started administrating CPR while Sam called for an ambulance. Dean continued to pump air into her lungs forcing it through her lungs making her blood pump for her until the paramedics arrived. It was a scene from his worst nightmare, tubes being shoved into her, defibrillator going, oxygen being placed on her face. He watched in horror as they rushed her down stairs, they refused to let him in the ambulance as they needed to the room to work on her if she crashed again. Dean stood in the room they shared shaking, tears rolling down his face, anger and pain breaking through the wall he had put up long enough to get her the help she needed.

He screamed and spun, knocking the lamp and items from the cabinet behind him. He slammed his fist into the wall and dropped to the ground in a hysterical mess.

‘Dean, we should go. I’ll drive,’ Sam said quietly.

Sam wasn’t much better than Dean. He felt horrible, he couldn’t believe that they didn’t see this. He knew how much Dean cared for her, how much he loved her. To lose her was one thing, to lose her like this. To know it could have been prevented. It was going to destroy him.

Dean got up and walked out to the car in silence. Anger didn’t even cut it. He couldn’t believe she did this. He couldn’t believe that she let it get that bad that she didn’t come to him. He sat staring at the markers on the side of the road as they drove to the hospital.

Once they got there, they were informed she was in ICU, they had pumped her stomach, IV’s to flush her system, a respirator to keep her alive.

Dean gently picked up her hand and held it gingerly.

‘Why? I know you were hurting, but he wouldn’t want this, Baby,’ he said softly.

He watched as the oxygen pushed into her lungs and out. He realised then just how fragile her life was right now, how he could lose her any minute. He broke down again, unable to cope with the pain. Unable to cope with having to say goodbye.

It took two days before she regained consciousness and it took every effort and every bit of strength Dean had not to yell at her for being so stupid.

‘Where am I?’

‘Hospital,’ Dean said quietly.

‘What happened?’

‘You tell me? I thought things were getting better? I thought…’ Dean fought back tears. ‘I thought you were coping ok? You were finally sleeping, drinking less? And then this? ODing? What the hell Y/N?’

Y/N looked at him wide eyed, her face paled.

‘What? I didn’t.’

‘You did. We found the whiskey, the pills.’

‘I didn’t…oh shit.’

Dean watched as recognition crossed her face.

‘I got a call asking for Dad. I got drunk. Oh God.’

Dean watched as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘I didn’t mean to. I just took the tablet before I lay down out of habit. Normally I don’t drink before bed.’

Dean watched as the panic settled in and she realised what had happened.

‘I am so sorry Dean. I didn’t mean to. I…’

‘How many?’

‘One I think. It was all I ever had. It was the only way to stop the nightmares,’ she sobbed.

Dean anger faded and he felt her pain. He wrapped her in his arms while she cried.

It took another week before they let her go home. She refused to take any form of sleeping tablet, or anything with alcohol. What had happened scared the hell out of her, out of Sam but most of all out of Dean. He almost lost her and it was too much. He was too scared to leave her alone. He knew she didn’t do it on purpose but it didn’t change things, one stupid mistake, one moment of grief and not thinking almost cost her life. She was someone he couldn’t live without and he was going to fight to keep her here.