wanna walk on them

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names


everyone: …wait for it…

me: do you ever like do you just ever notice how pure bts is? like this is a wholesome group full of beautiful boys, pure boys full of love and gentle feelings ready to laugh at each other’s jokes even if they suck, here to share laughs and support each other fully, they are here to support us, we never walk alone, every time i think of bts my heart fills with joy and i wanna be a better person, bts? best boys, pure boys, sweet boys, the absolute purest gentle boys-


An old one but hey i wanted to share it

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Theo and i had been dating for about 3 months now but it has been a secret because my older brother Stiles hates Theo and i just don’t wanna go through all that with them. I was walking home in the rain. I could find Theo and Stiles already left so i didn’t really have a choice. When i came i saw a note from Stiles saying “i’m out i’ll be back at like 5”.

I ran up the stairs and headed straight to the bathroom i always kept my pajamas in there so i changed into those after a nice hot shower. I put on my short black shorts and a grey tight shirt and headed for my room. I didn’t even notice Theo sitting on my bed until i heard him cough. I spun around thinking it was a stranger but to my liking i saw Theo standing up.

“Hey beautiful” he said and kissed my lip.

I kissed him back and mumbled a “hey” between kisses. His hand started going to my ass before he broke the kiss

“i like these” he said referring to my shorts and i smiled. I had totally forgotten the time when me and Theo started undressing. We had never done it but we both really wanted although something was always in the way either it was Stiles being home or my dad. Once we were just about to but neither of us had a condom. Theo and i were in just our underwear and i was straddling him on the bed when we heard a knock on the door.

Before i could open my mouth to tell them to wait the door open revealing Stiles and my dad who looked horrified

“THEO” Stiles yelled making his way to the bed and pulling Theo out of my bed.

“STILES STOP” i yelled at him trying to cover myself.

“Who the hell is this” my dad said stepping and taking Theo from Stiles. I looked at them with so much anger. I knew what this looked like but they still couldn’t act like this. “

It’s my boyfriend Theo” i said sternly

“YOU CAN NOT DATE HIM” Stiles yelled from the other side of me bed “why not i” i was gonna continue but Theo cut me off

“sheriff please let me go and let me explain” Theo said pulling his arm away from my dad and putting on his pants and throwing me his shirt that i gladly put on.

“How long have you guys… Have you had… Omg what if you got pregnant… I’m losing my mind” Stiles said in bits and i got out of my bed and grabbed Theo’s hand.

“We have been dating for 3 months now.” I said not wanting to look at my dad

“have you guys…” Stiles started but couldn’t finish

“why does it matter” i asked getting angrier

“because it would be him taking my baby sister’s  innocence” he said looking right at Theo with a deadly look.

“I’M STILL A FUCKING VIRGIN” i said not waiting to have this conversation

“How old are you” my dad finally spoke up “17 sir” Theo answer him and i could see the disappointment in my father’s eyes “YOU’RE 17… THAT MY DAUGHTER SHE’S 15 THEO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING” now he was the one yelling.

“Maybe you should go” i said while putting on my pants and giving Theo his shirt back. As Theo left i could feel my heart breaking. “Why the hell do you have to that” i asked when i knew Theo was gone

“HE’S 17 AND SUPERNATURAL” Stiles screamed he was gonna continue but my dad put a hand up signaling for him to stop

“do you love him” he asked calmly and that was the question i dreaded answering

“i… Dad i think i do”

Well, This Is Awkward *Requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Like 99% smut

Words: 1,200

Could you write a fic where you are Ricks daughter, and when you get to alexandia you finally confess to Daryl, Him and the reader get together and Rick walks in on them having sex?? I wanna see how you would write Rick reacting to it. ❤❤❤

You promised yourself that you would tell Daryl how you really felt about him. However, it’s been months since you made that promise. It scared you to death that if you told him, it would ruin the amazing friendship that had formed. Daryl told you everything and you told him everything. You didn’t know if you could risk losing him like that.

Settling in a place like Alexandria, you thought nonstop about telling him the truth. For once in a very long time there was nothing terribly serious to worry about and you had another shot at a real life (considering the circumstances). “Here goes nothing.” You told yourself, walking over to Daryl.

“Uh, I was.. uh wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight?” You asked Daryl. “Why? Yer Dad need to talk about somethin’?” He asked, noticing your strange behavior. “No.. no it’ll just be us. Kinda like old times.” You said smiling a bit, referring to when you were alone with him after the prison fell. “We haven’t talked in a while so I thought it would be nice.” You added. He just shrugged and nodded.


You sat across from Daryl at the kitchen table, neither of you have said a word in the past twenty minutes. You pushed a piece of broccoli around your plate with a fork, uninterested in eating, which was completely unlike you. You were a nervous wreck. “Where’s Rick and Carl?” Daryl asked and your eyes snapped up to him. “Oh, um, Dad’s with Michonne doing some sort of meeting, preparing for their new ‘jobs’. And Carl is at Ron’s, playing video games.” You told him, he chewed on his bottom lip and nodded.

You were too busy trying to come up with something to say to notice that Daryl hadn’t taken his eyes off of your lips. “I should get goin’.” He said, blinking his eyes a few times. He slid his chair back and stood up, heading for the door. “Wait!” You exclaimed and cringed at how loud that came out. Daryl turned around and gave you a questioning look. “There’s something I need to tell you.” You said, now standing in front of him. You took in a sharp shaky breath. “I love you.. So much.. Probably more than anyone could ever love another person.” you said, spilling your heart out to him.

“Daryl, please say something.” you begged him. Every second that he didn’t speak was like a dagger to your heart.

“If you want me to stop, just tell me.” You said, taking another leap of faith. You slowly brought your lips to his, giving him a soft kiss, the contact alone sent chills throughout your body. You didn’t feel him resist at all so you took it as an opportunity to keep going. Daryl started to kiss back and you smiled against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. His tongue slowly slid into your mouth and you moaned tightening your grip on him. “I need you.” you whispered into his ear and that seemed to flip a switch. You felt your feet leave the floor as Daryl lifted you up and carried you towards your bedroom. You were laughing the whole time, kissing and sucking on Daryls neck.

He carelessly tossed you on the bed and climbed on top of you, trailing kisses from your chest all the way up to your lips. Daryl took off your shirt and he was about to take off his own, but you stopped him. “I wanna do this part.” you told him as you slowly started to unbutton his shirt. You slid the fabric across his shoulders and ran your hands over his chest. He unclasped your bra and leaned himself against you, capturing your lips once more in a heated kiss. His hands slid down to unbutton your jeans with a skilled hand and he cupped you between the your legs, feeling how wet you were for him. Daryl got up and pulled your jeans down along with your panties. A feeling of possessiveness surged through him, seeing you lying in front of him completely naked. He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans.

You bit your lip when he slid his boxers of and kicked them to the side. You grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of you. He took the blanket and covered the both of you with it, noticing you were a little cold. “Please.. Daryl..” you sighed, wrapping your legs around his waist. He grabbed ahold of himself and slid his cock up and down your folds. “Fuck..” He groaned as he entered you and your hands tugged at his hair. Daryl moved in and out of you slowly, making sure you felt all of him and you began to thrust your hips up to match his rhythm.

“(Y/N), I need your help with something.” Rick said as he swung your bedroom door open, not bothering to knock. “Ahh!” You screamed and wrenched the blankets higher to cover yourself. Ricks eyes widened and stormed out of your room with a furious look on his face. You looked at Daryl with your mouth hanging open and quickly untangled yourself from him. You hurriedly pulled your pants and shirt back on and Daryl did the same.


“Get out. Now.” Rick told Daryl sternly, as soon as the both of you entered the kitchen. “Liste-.” Daryl began. “I said now!” Rick shouted and you flinched. Daryl gave you a worried look as if to ask “are you gonna be ok?” and you nodded. You watched as Daryl left and shut the door behind him. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Rick yelled at you. “Dad stop it! I’m not a child anymore!” You yelled back at him. “When are you going to start treating me like an adult?” You asked. “Maybe when you start acting like one.” he answered sharply.

“It’s Daryl.. You know him. His character. He’s one of the very few people you actually trust.” You told him. You knew you had him there, Daryl was your Fathers right hand man. “I love him..” you said and Ricks expression softened.

“How long has this been going on?” he asked after a few moments. “I felt this way about him since forever, but it sorta just happened today.” you said awkwardly looking at the floor. This was the most uncomfortable situation you’ve ever been in. Rick let out a defeated sigh and ran his hand across his face. “Ok. You win.” he told you shaking his head and you looked up at him surprised. “Really? That’s a first.” you said smirking at him. “Thanks Dad.” You said giving him a hug. “Go and get him, before I change my mind.” he said and you let out a laugh.

“You really do need a lesson on boundaries 101.” You told your Father before you walked out the front door.

HI GUYS! Hope you liked this! It was a lot of fun writing Ricks part lol.

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I’ve got job experience a plenty, I’ve got skills and responsibilities galore. You want high interest? I put plenty. But who cares? No big deal DCP wants moreeeee. I want to be where the cp’s are. I want to see, wanna see them working. Walking around down, what’s that called again? Main streeeeeet. Down where they work, down where they play, down where they stay all day in the sun. Wondering free, wish I could be a fall 2017 cp.
—  Jaycie Dunbar
Friend Zoned

 Palette and Goth were walking side by side to Grillby’s in Reapertale, Palette has no AU so he doesn’t have a Grillby’s. “S-So what do you wanna eat?” Goth said nervously, as both of them walked into the diner, “I dunno, do you have any suggestions?” Palette looked around the diner to see what the other customers were eating.
 "Um you can have Burgers or Fries, their both good and it’s easy to order…..“  Goth sits at a table, next to Palette “Sure, I’ll have Fries” Palette said, adjusting his scarf. “O-ok, hey Grillbz, 2 Fries please!” Goth said, waving at Grillby and asked Palette"With ketchup?“ Palette winks "I’ll leave that option to you”
 Goth blushed slightly and covers it with his scarf, “With ketchup Grillby!”
 Grillby nods and walked into the kitchen. “I’m so excited, I never ate anything much before since when your in a void, you won’t have the need to eat” Palette said, his eyes going all starry.
 Goth looked into Palette’s eyes and he looked back, at that moment, it felt like the whole diner went quiet as both their eyes meet, neither of them said a word until Grillby came with their order, which caused Goth to snap out of it, “Huh? Oh right our food.”
 Palette looks at the fries and pokes at it “Is this what you call fries?” Goth laughs, it kinda sound funny to hear someone not know a common food “Yes, and that red bottle there is ketchup, I don’t know about you but I think the fries would taste better with i- what are you doing?”
 Palette was pouring paint on the fries “Giving it flavor.”
 Goth stared at Palette’s fries, which were now covered with paint “Really now?”
 "But won’t it taste ba-?”
 But Palette already started eating and he seemed to enjoy it, “Never mind” Goth sighed and started eating his fries.
 It wasn’t long before they finished and both of them went to Waterfall to listen to the Echo Flowers and the soothing sound of the waterfalls while the tiny mushroom things gives a dim glow lighting up the place, making it more beautiful. “Palette I wanna tell you something……” Goth said, taking deep breathes
 Palette looked at Goth with starry eyes and a bright smile “What is it?”
 Goth looked back at him and said “I-I love y-you??”
 Palette’s smile faded and looked at Goth’s eyes, and at that moment, Goth thought he might faint, he was so scared that Palette might judge him.
 But all Palette gave Goth a tight hug and said “I love you too! I knew we’re gonna be the friend forever!”
 Goth was disappointed, he just got friend zoned
 But that didn’t mean he would give up on trying

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palatte belongs to @angexci


You were at the mall, flying solo since none of your friends had today off, but no sweat.

You were headed to the food court when some mountain bumped into you and knocked you down.

‘Oh shit.’ you groaned as you processed the fact that you were indeed on the ground now.

‘Oh damn, my bad, let me help you up.’

You look up at the mountain of dude in front of you.

‘You good, I wasn’t looking, I obviously would have seen you if I was.’ you said as you took his hand and got up.

You looked up at the guy and really took him in, he was hot. Like covered in tattoos, blonde, lanky and sharp featured.

‘So…where are your parents?’ he asked.

‘What?’ you asked before you realized the situation.

This guy is like six something, you are below five foot, wearing a panda hoodie.

‘Right my parents…I left them upstairs, wanna walk me back to them?’ you said innocently.

‘Uh, yeah sure.’ he said.

You both walked toward the escalator.

You looked closer and something bugged you.

‘You look so damn familiar, its driving me nuts. Maybe high school, friend of a friend, Facebook or something?’ you said as you squinted at him.

‘Who knows.’ he smiled.

You walked and lead him into a certain shop.

‘This is a sex shop, tell me your parents aren’t in here.’ he said with wide eyes.

‘You are either really high or really slow.’ you said as you removed the hoodie and revealed a fully developed chest and tight black crop top.

‘I’m twenty one you genius.’ you laughed.

He seemed to get it and began laughing.

‘Shit, my bad, in my defense you don’t look it.’ he laughed.

‘I know, anyway my point is proven, go on about your business guy with the familiar face.’ you said.

You turned and headed deeper into the store looking around.

‘Well since we’re both here, together we might as well walk around. Talk a little bit, maybe try out some of this store’s product.’ he grinned.

‘Tell me your name first.’ you said.

‘Call me Kells.’

‘Kells? I guess I could say that in bed.’ you said as you took his arm.

‘What’s your name?’ Kells asked.

‘(Y/N).’ you answer as you and he headed toward the condom aisle.

‘I guess I could say that in bed, now what should we use? Ribbed for your pleasure, ultra thin, or extra sensitive?’

‘Just the usual, that way we can get the ultra sensitive lube, trust me its better for everyone involved.’ you said.

‘Alright, I’ll go pay.’ he said as he grabbed the things and headed to the counter.

‘That was Machine Gun Kelly.’ you said.


Asriel: “I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see them dancin’… Walking around on those - what do you call ‘em? Oh - feet!”

(( It’s been ages since I’ve done Ariel, and I’ve had a lot of requests for this cutie. <3 

If anyone has any requests for genderbent disney, feel free to send them in (There’s no guarentee that I’ll do all of the requests I receive, but if some of them tickle my fancy, I’ll definitely go for it. Sometimes I need a little inspiration. ;) ) ))

Friends are cool but friends all in black are cooler

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A dark cat figure sneaks in the shadows before surprise tackle hugging eclipse* hey!!!

She screeches and immediately grabs the cat and practically throws them off her, but then stumbles back and falls over, cursing. She sits up, stunned, and yells, “OH MY GOD?? I ALMOST KILLED YOU???”

She gets up and walks over to them. “I don’t wanna say you deserved that ‘cause maybe you didn’t know, but I’m a bit jumpy-! Don’t ever do that again, kid-!” She holds out a hand to help them up, “Sorry ‘bout that…”