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Kink: Sebastian Stan’s hair and him running his hand through his hair.

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Perv (Harry Hook x Reader)

Request: #50: “I can think of five good uses for that mouth.” With Harry please 😊

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Warnings: Dirty talk ;), Light smut

You woke up with your head on his chest, listening to the same rhythmic heartbeat you fell asleep to. The heartbeat of none other than your boyfriend, Harry. His steady breathing making your head rise and fall.

You looked up at him. He was still asleep, so you decided to wake him yourself. You began kissing just above his collarbone and trailed up to the skin where his jaw and ear met, earning a soft moan from him. That moan was followed be a chuckle.

You continued your work, kissing along his jaw and back up to the corner of his mouth.

He opened his eyes. “I can think of five good uses for that mouth.” he smirked, his voice raspy.

You lifted your eyebrows. “Oh really?” You sat up and slowly straddled his hips. “And what might they be?”

“Let’s just say none of them involve kissing me. Well, up here, at least.” He ran his fingers through your hair and pulled you down so your faces were millimeters apart.

You laughed.

“What?” He laughed back. “A guy’s got needs.”

You started sliding your hand down his arm. “And what do you want me to do about that?” you asked seductively.

“Something. Anything.” he pleaded.

Your hand stopped at his hip, and moved to where he needed it most. His head fell back as his eyes fluttered shut .

He let out a groan of satisfactory and you giggled, landing a single peck on his lips. “Perv.”

You got off of him and stood at the side of the bed. His eyes shot open. “Wh-What?”

You laughed at his expression. “Come on, Harry. You know we have to train with Uma first thing in the morning.”

He groaned again, this time more reluctantly. “But I don’t wanna.”

You tugged him up by the arm, only for him to throw himself back on the bed. “You know,” you whispered in his ear. “Good boys always get rewarded.”

His eyes widened and he sat up. “Well then we better get training!”

He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you out the door excitedly.

All throughout the training session, Harry was giving you ‘the look’ and whispering dirty things to you when no one was looking. Until finally, Uma dismissed everyone.

The both of you walked back to his room, and the second the door shut, he grabbed your shoulders and slammed you to the wall.

“You’re gonna regret leaving me hanging earlier.”

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30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 4

As if Tom & food wasn’t bad enough, today we have messy hair Tom. Gah, the naughty thoughts…

*places thud cushions everywhere*

Bonus: These scenes sure messed his hair up a bit. ;-)

(You’re supposed to look at the HAIR, people! Tsk tsk tsk…)

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Title: Close Call
Character: Peter Parker
Prompt: 61

Peter and you had long since made it a habit to walk home together after school. You lived on different floors in the same apartment complex, and the two of you used it as excuses to be in each other’s company longer.

“Hey, I’m gonna take the train today, you wanna come with?” You tugged off one of your headphones to ask him, but Peter seemed distracted by something else.

“Oh uhm, I’m gonna have to pass today. I have to do a thing,” Peter was already crossing the street away from you before he turned around for a brief moment to give an apologetic smile you had gotten far too used to in the last couple of days. “I’ll call you later though I promise!”

You watched him sprint away before you could even respond. Ever since Peter got his internship with Tony Stark, it became the thing his entire life revolved around.

And at first, you were completely overjoyed and proud of him, he just seemed so happy. But soon after, it felt like Peter wasn’t doing anything if it wasn’t for the internship.

But you’d never tell him how his sudden absence in your life upset you. You couldn’t take something away from him that he cared so deeply for. Instead, you just got the hell on with it.

Fortunately, it was becoming more and more easier to be content with your own company.


Peter quickly ran into an alleyway to pull his spider suit out his bookbag, shedding his school clothes and suiting up in record time. Webbing his bookbag somewhere secure, he then took off to the top of one the buildings to scope out for any trouble.

However, like usual, it was only small things. Peter returned a runaway dog to it’s owner, helped a blind man find his wife whom he lost in a crowd, and stopped another bike theft.

Peter pulled off his mask, sitting on the edge of one of the taller buildings with his legs dangling over. He had gone back to grab his things from the alleyway before resting on the building. He remembered his promise to call you, but just as he was about to grab his phone from his bag, there was a shout from down below.

Peter tossed everything back into the bag and slung it over his shoulders, putting the mask back on he then took off to find the noise.

He was expecting to find something like a theft or some sort disagreement between the city people.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he did find.

There was a few people surrounding a shop that was selling television screens on the front window. Flashing on the screen was a breaking news story about a crash within the metro sysem.

Apparently a train had derailed an hour or so earlier and stations were just getting word of it.

Peter was about take off again but then he remembered that you said you were taking the train home today.

And the train that derailed was the one you always took.

The news station didn’t have word of any casualties yet, but there were more than dozens of injuries among everyone on the train.

Panic finally settling in, Peter sprinted into the closet place he could have privacy and quickly dialed your number. His hands were shaking so much that he kept pressing in the wrong numbers.

He ripped off his mask and started to put his normal things back on while the phone rang.

“Please pick up, please pick up.” Peter quickly murmured as he momentarily took the phone away from his ear to pull on his shirt.

There were a few more rings but then it went to your voicemail and Peter found himself letting out a strangled cry when the same thing happened the other two times he tried to call.

“(Y/n)! I’m heading over to your place now, if you get this before I get there please, please call me!” Peter shoved his phone into his pocket and started running as fast as he could to the apartment complex.

He didn’t even bother with the elevator, your place was on one of the lower floors, so Peter ran straight to the door to the stairs.

By the time Peter got to your door he had worked himself up into a complete nervous wreck as his subconscious thought every worse case scenario for this particular situation.

He probably knocked five times more than he needed to, but his desperation to see your face, to see that you were alive and safe, was blocking most of his common sense.

When the door opened and you looked at him with a puzzled expression, Peter could only stare at while his eyes began to tear up.

“Peter? What’s the matter with you, I tried to-”

You were silenced as Peter tossed his arms
around you and pulled you into what was possibly the most bone crushing hug you’ve ever received.

His arms were wrapped securely around your neck and he had his head tucked into your shoulder while a couple quiet sobs escaped him. “I saw that there…that a train had derailed, and I thought- I thought you might have been on it!”

Now all of his strange behaviors made sense.

Peter used his sleeve to wipe away his tears as he sniffled. “Look, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. But, I promise I’ll try to make you more of a priority and I’ll follow you everywhere because I thought you were dead and that was an awful feeling that I don’t want to go through ever again.”

Your hand came up to brush the hair at the back of his neck as you tried to console him. “I’m fine, I promise! After you left I decided that a walk alone would do me some good so I bailed on the train.”

Peter’s hold on you grew tighter as he let out a bitter laugh. “And you never answer your phone, I hate that about you.”

You smiled. “Why don’t you come inside, I can make you something to eat.”

Peter felt you try to move away and he shook his head. “N-No, I just want to hold you for a little bit longer. It still hasn’t sunken in yet.”

You nodded and simply held him back. “You’re such a worry wart, Peter Parker.”

“I don’t care, please don’t ever do that to me again.”

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ok so i'm sure i'm very late to this party but i've only just realised that magnus had BOTH his hands on alec's waist in the shot where they let go of it each other as jace walks in and tbh it's changed my entire world for the better

Yeah but the more important question in my eyes is: exactly why didn’t we see their hands when they kissed? Like… I needed this. For science?!

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baths [warren worthington iii x reader]

title: baths

pairing: warren worthington iii x reader

warning(s): sexual references (no sexual content)

summary: you and warren decide to take a bath together.

author’s note: i haven’t written in forever lmao but here !! 

tagging: @kurtwxgners, @shayara, @stovehairington & @emmcfrxst bc !!

Warren’s hands ran sweetly and slowly up and down the sides of your legs in a comforting manner, turning your head so he could bury his in the crook of your neck.

He hummed in satisfaction against your skin, placing a small kiss to your shoulder, murmuring an ‘I love you.’

You giggled lightly, playing with his blond curls, twirling them in your fingers. “I love you, Worthington.” 

His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling your body closer to his with a small tug. “Wanna have some ─ fun?”

His eyebrows wiggled lightly as he spoke, looking up at you. You pushed on his shoulder a bit, making him let out a laugh.

His wings rested on the corners of the tub, careful not to get them wet. You let your hands feel them for a moment, the soft feathers brushing against your skin.

“If you keep doing that, baby, we’re gonna have to have some fun.”

Just To Pass The Time

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Just To Pass The Time
Rated: Mature

“This can’t be happening” you groaned into your hands as your boyfriend paced outside the car. When he suggested driving to Busan you agreed. You two never got to go on trips like that, and a long drive sounded romantic. He’d only had his driver’s license for a few weeks and you know he’d been eager to show it off to you. The only thing you asked him to do was get the car checked out since he’d recently bought it off of one of the YG staff.

That was naturally the proper protocol when buying a car. Get it checked out by a mechanic. Especially before a road trip.

Now here you were in the middle of the night, stranded on the side of the road somewhere between Seoul and Busan.

Jaewon sighed crawling back into the car and tossing his phone on the center console. “Man it’s cold out there” he rubbed his hands together, blowing a warm breath into his palms.

“Well?” You looked to him.

“They said they’ll have a tow-truck out in no time” he grinned. “See, Oppa took care of everything. You can relax.”

“Oh, that’s good” you smiled, relaxing in your seat. “At least it’s not a long wait.”

“Yeah, a two-hour wait isn’t bad right?”

“Yah! Jaewon!” You hit his shoulder. “I told you to bring this car to the shop!”

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That Girl

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2.7K

Summary: Steve sees the reader while she’s training and she suggests them to have a playful match, causing the atmosphere to heat a lot.

Warnings: Smut; unprotected sex (once again –use protection), oral sex (both receiving)

A/N: I loved writing this one, it was so much fun! I hope you like it x

Inspiration and lyrics are from Caro Emerald’s song That man, but at the beginning I changed the lyrics a little bit (from ‘man’ to ‘girl’).

 I’m in a little bit of trouble
and I’m in real deep

“Ouch-“, Steve let out a laugh, leaning to the wall of the Avengers’ training hall. “What has that punching bag ever done to you?”

Y/N turned around, sweeping sweat off of her forehead with arching hand, before flashing a smile to Steve. “Sorry”, she grinned. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Working little hard there, don’t you think?” he laughed, nodding towards the bag, which was still swinging back and forth after Y/N’s punches.

She let out a laughter, rolling her Y/E/C eyes before taking a draught from her water bottle. “Oh right, I forgot you are such a princess when it comes to training, Captain”, she mocked playfully, ripping the Velcro tapes of her boxing gloves open, tossing them to her gym bag. “I’m actually pretty sure I would kick your ass in a blink of an eye.”

From the beginning to the end
she was no more than a friend to me

“Oh, you think so?” Steve laughed, rolling his eyes while laying his hands on his hips.

“Mm-hmm”, Y/N hummed before walking right in front of him, crossing her arms on her chest, smirk on her lips. “I think we should find out.”

“Oh no”, he laughed, shooking his head. “I wouldn’t want to hurt you, doll.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re right”, she sighed, frowning. “Or then you are just scared that I’m right. You’ve seen me training, I’m not easy to be hurt and you know that better than well.” Squinting her eyes, Y/N stepped a little closer to him. “But I do understand, it would be pretty big knock for your ego to lose for a doll like me after all.”

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Ernest wakes up during a nightmare and slowly walks the short distance to Doris bed. “Can we go to Achoos?”. She doesn’t ask, just hold his hands and they make their way down the hall to Louis room. They try Harry first, as he’s facing the door. Unsuccessfully trying to poke Harry, they make their way to the other side of the bed, trying to wake Louis. “Hey bubbas, wanna squeeze in?”. Tugged under the throws, Ernie asks, “Why didnt he wake up?”. Louis laughs, “he’s a heavy sleeper”, closing his eyes again, sleep catching up on him. “No I’m not”, Harry says, “I just like seeing you with them”, turning around and opening his eyes to two very happy toddlers in between he and Louis. Its only a matter of hours before the other twins come in, searching for the little ones, trying to get them ready for the day, but end up diving in between the four of them - which will lead to the dogs coming in searching for the source of the noise - laughs really, with Lottie in toe, trying to seat at the bottom of the bed, petting one of the dogs while the other lays above their head. Fizz is always switching night for day and it comes to no surprise when she stops at the door, “Can’t get any sleep in this house, can I?” and they know she’s not bothered at all, joining Lottie on whatever space is left at the bottom, tickling their feet. Yeah, they probably need a bigger bed and a nap during the school hours. 

Chris’ lips appreciation post

I kinda adore his upper lip. Omg Is there even such thing to be attracted to someone’s upper lip??? Like I wanna tug at it and place a small kiss on it and then he’d giggle, sucking softly on my lower lip and then ooh everything turns too hot and we’d be making out on the couch, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, hips grinding causing friction, moans and groans resonating within the room. One of his hands sneaking under my skirt, ever so softly teasing the inside of my thigh, squeezing it, calloused hands burning against my blazing skin as I’d purr into his mouth, allowing his tongue to slide in and he’d lick and suck, lewd sounds turning us on even more than we both already are. FUCK and he won’t stop kissing until I’m breathless, chest heaving, blood buzzing in my veins, both of us hot and bothered, fucking aroused. Damn, this ain’t fair.

@minervaem thought I’d add fuel to your fire.

I just happened to be sliding through my gallery when this gif came up and I couldn’t help myself and now it’s 11.47pm and I’m hoeing around.

Drabble Request - Lance

Author: mermaidinplaid
For: @plumfondler
Because my wife probably is, and always will be, my biggest fan lol.

#58 “Wait, did you just say you want me?”

No matter how many hangovers, walks of shame, never-to-be-spoken-of-again one night stands, and despite how frequently you said you would never drink again…you always did.

Tonight you were drinking in the comfort of your own home. No need to dress up, no assholes to turn down-repeatedly. Just you, some comfy pajamas, Netflix, and booze.

You had just started another season of Sons of Anarchy, and another bottle of wine, when someone knocked on your door.

“For fuck’s sake.”

No one had been given permission to come over, no food had been ordered; whoever was knocking better have a damn good reason…or food.


A gorgeous mouth smiled at you, a mouth that was attached to someone you hadn’t seen in quite a while.

“Lance! What are you doing here?”

Your mock happiness had you giggling to yourself as you walked back to the couch.

“Jeeze, don’t act so happy to see me.”

The front door slammed and a heavy body sat beside you, a little too close for comfort. To be honest, you were happy to see Lance, but it was a happiness that started in your belly and was already traveling downwards. You shifted uncomfortably and moved away from the heat radiating off the man beside you.

You and Lance had been friends for years. You grew up in the same neighborhood, had several classes together in school, you were even there through his rise to fame. Then he turned into Lance ‘The Fucker’ Tucker and you’d hightailed it outta there before things got bad.

For you, things had always been bad. Your feelings for Lance never breaking the surface for fear of ruining a great friendship. Still, you couldn’t stay to watch him hump his way through town and not feel that sting of jealousy.

Now he was back; it had been at least a year since you’d seen him last and here he was. On your couch. Stirring up feelings he had no business stirring up.


You shook your head and look in his direction.

“I’ve literally been talking to you since I sat down. Did you hear a single word I said?”

“No, I wasn’t even listening.”

Picking up the bottle of wine beside you, you took a sip not even bothering with your glass anymore.

“Wow. What’s got you all riled up?”

“Fuck…you do.”

You hadn’t looked at him when you spoke, knowing you would have choked. For some reason-probably the wine-you were feeling feisty. The man beside you was beautiful, to say the least, and it would be a lie to say you’d never wanted a chance at that.

“Me? What does that mean?”

“Jesus Christ. How long have we been friends, Lance?”

He thought for a second before answering, “I dunno, like…our whole lives? A long ass time.”

You laughed and blushed slightly, not entirely sure about what you were about to say.

“And has this,” you motioned back and forth between your bodies “ever even occurred to you?”

Lance looked at you, clearly not understanding “I think you’ve had too much to drink. You aren’t making sense.”

You scoffed and turned back to the television, mumbling to yourself “-try to tell a man you want him and it just goes right over his head.”

As you were taking another sip of wine, you felt a hand grasp the bottle and slowly pull it away.

“Wait, did you just say you want me?”

You slowly turned your head you were staring at Lance, heat rising in your face.


It was barely a whisper but Lance must have heard because his lips were on yours. You heard the bottle of wine fall to the floor and roll away, probably spilling everywhere, but you didn’t care. Lance had moved one of his hands to your neck, holding your lips to his, as he touched the tip of his tongue to your lips.

It took only a second for everything to register for you and then your arms were around his neck, hands tugging gently on his hair. You immediately granted his access and when your tongues met you felt like the room around you was exploding.

Fire was dancing in your belly, the flames flicking towards your core, and fuck if he didn’t taste even more amazing that you thought he would. You arched your back, pushing your pelvis into his and he suddenly pulled back.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

Lance chuckled nervously and looked down at you “You’ve been drinking, are you sure you wanna do this?”

You tugged on his hair and he moaned quietly, just like you knew he would “Lance Tucker, I have wanted you since we were kids and if you don’t plan on doing something about it…then just leave right now.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His lips were back on you and he was lifting you so you could straddle his lap. He pushed you arms up and removed your shirt, sucking in a breath when he noticed you weren’t wearing a bra.

He shoved his face between your breasts and inhaled deeply before planting soft kisses up and down your chest. Your hands once again went to his hair, pushing and pulling him gently to where you wanted attention.

Unable to hold back any longer, you rubbed your clothed center against him, feeling his rock hard length twitch beneath you.

Lance leaned back and looked at you again.

You groaned loudly “Why do you keep stopping?”

He took hold of your face, rubbing your jaw with his thumbs “I just want you to know, before we do this, that I want you, too. I mean, I have…I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

This stopped you.

“Really? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Lance shrugged his shoulders “You’re too good for me. Especially since the whole…you know my nickname.”

You leaned down and kissed him “Oh shut up. That doesn’t matter now. You’re here and I’m half naked.”

He cocked one eyebrow “Yes, you are, and you’re fucking stunning.”

“Well, then,” you rubbed yourself against him slowly “shut up and fuck me.”

Sex With Seventeen (Hip Hop Unit)

Request: do you think you can do an svt’s favorite position thing like what you did with bts and got7

For @altctrldel


I did what type of sex/where they would do it because why not?

BTS Version

 GOT7 Version

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Coming Home | Bruce Wayne

IMAGINE going after bruce, your brother
badly written
im high off of sadness rn
probably grammar/spelling errors

The snow fell gently against the streets of Gotham. You watched it in silence, sighing deeply at the sight. Despite popular belief, Gotham was quite beautiful. It could be dark, menacing, gloomy but it was still beautiful.  You weren’t here to be captivated by the city. You were here for family. It sounded so simple, yet it was so complicated.

“I don’t wanna go!” You whined, tugging at your mother’s hand.

She frowned and kneeled before you. “Sweetie, you have to go.”

“The doctors will help you,” Your father concluded, “We’ll visit as much as possible, Y/N.”

You stared at your parents. This entire thing happened too soon; you were playing in your room when it began to shake. You weren’t sure what was happening until your small, fragile hands caught on fire. When Alfred rushed in, you were sure the poor man was going to have a heart attack. When the fire extinguisher didn’t put out the fire, the both of you knew something was severely wrong. Your parents called all their connections to get you here. “
It’s for your protection,” they explained. Even at your young age, you knew that was a lie.

“What about Bruce?” You inquired, peering up at the bundle in your father’s arms.

He chuckled. “He’ll come and see you, too.”

“Okay…” You dragged, unconvinced but defeated. “You’ll come for Christmas, right?”

“Always,” Your mom smiled, giving you a soft kiss on your forehead before standing up.

They visited for the few first years until they didn’t.

You casually made your way through the streets of Gotham, setting everything you passed on fire. You whistled a broken tune. You heard about the thing that protected Gotham, but you were sure you could take them if you had to. It wasn’t like you were here for him anyway–no–you were here for your dear little brother, Bruce. Poor boy didn’t ever meet his only sibling. What a shame. Better late than never, eh?

“I gotta admit,” A voice cut through the soft snarl of the flames, “I wasn’t expecting someone to ruin the Christmas spirit so early.”

He landed in front of you with a soft thud. His green and red suit reflected the flames behind you nicely. You sized him up, noticing that he was younger than you expected. Just a kid. “What can I say? I love to make an entrance.”

He chuckled. “Did someone break your heart?”

“Not quite,” I shrugged, urging along the conversation as the flames simmered, “More like…family problems.”

From our spot, you could almost see Wayne Manor. Almost. You flicked your wrists causing the flames to rise higher than before. Robin raised an eyebrow, raising his hands in a defense. “I can get a hint; can’t say the same for the old man, though.”

“Robin,” He gruffly warned, his gloved hand grabbing the back of my forearm.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you~” You sang, feeling as your skin heated up beyond boiling point.

Batman hissed, retracting his hand. You laughed, snapping your fingers. Your body was encased in flames and before either could react, you were at least ten feet away from them. You grinned as flames blocked their path. After a moment of taking pride in your creation, you turned on your heel and continued skipping towards home. Only for your path to be blocked by Batman.

“Seriously?” You scoffed. “I’m sorta on a schedule; I really need to get to Wayne Manor before midnight, if you don’t mind.”

“What’s your business with Bruce Wayne?” He questioned, taking a step towards you.

You raised an eyebrow. “I heard you were the greatest detective, but you can’t even answer such a simple question. Pathetic.”

“I won’t ask again.” He took another step forward as he grabbed something from his utility belt.

“We’re family. Ya know, siblings. Our parents boned. Ya know, that sorta thing,” You shrugged, rolling your eyes impatiently.

Batman sized you up. His once menacing stance faltered, unsure. His heart pounded against his chest as he thought back to his parents. There was a lot he didn’t know about them, but them keeping another child a secret? That was too big of a secret. The amount of coverage they’d have to do. It didn’t make sense. Dad being friends with Falcone doesn’t make sense either, he pointed out. He swallowed thickly, lowering his hand as he waited for you to give away the lie.

“Bruce Wayne is an only child.” He says, voice lower and tired.

“Want proof?” You chuckled, “Go ask the docs at CADMUS. Well, the ones I didn’t kill or severally burn. If you can find any.”

“What game are you playing?” He urged.

“I want to see my brother,” You said slowly, “So I can make him feel the way our parents made me feel. You know, they tossed me aside like trash. Gave me to CADMUS. Let them run experiments, stuff me in a cage, abandoned me. The least I could do is share my pain with my only brother!”

“He’s done nothing wrong,” He continued.

“Yeah, but our parents did; basically the same thing.” You grinned.

“You can still do the right thing,” He took a reluctant step forward, this time his hands far away from his utility belt, “Come with me; I can help you.”

“That’s what they all say!” You glared, scoffing. “’We’ll take care of them! We’ll fix them! We’ll protect them!’ And then they don’t. Instead, they open you up. Turn you into some kind of science experiment.”

He needed to think fast.

“You parents loved you,” He said, words rushed and almost hopeful. “And I’m sure if Bruce knew about you, he’d love you too.”

“Really?” You asked. “That’s the best you got? My parents locked me away. That isn’t love; that’s fear.”

Bruce,” Alfred spoke, echoing through the ear-piece, “You need to convince them to not go through with this. They’re your family.”

He clenched his eyes behind the mask. With a reluctant sigh, he slipped off his cowl. He felt vulnerable without it. He had to push aside the fact that Alfred knew and, instead, open his eyes and face his sibling. He dropped his cowl on the snow covered street. You were stunned. You wanted to laugh at the irony; it was like a metaphor for good and evil. The bat and the pyromaniac. It was something straight out of a movie. This was what you wanted, but as you stood there and stared at him, you didn’t know what to do.

“Oh,” You muttered. “This is unexpected.”

“I know you’re hurt,” Bruce said softly, “and I know I can’t take away what you went through, but I can be here for you now.”

“I came here to, probably, kill you, and you’re offering me a chance to bond?” You were completely lost. “I thought I was the crazy one.”

“It runs in the family,” He cracked a smile.

“Hmm…” With your eyes-narrowed, you flicked your hand causing all the flames to disappear. “I mean, I came here with a whole different idea, but yolo, ya know?”

march 13 2017


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OH MY DOG!!! You watch Merlin!!!?

YEAH I LOVE MERLIN!! I love the BBC version soooo much - I miss it intensely D: Colin Morgan is the cutest aaaaah I wanna tug on his ears :P 

Unwrapped (Soutori) NSFW

it seemed like people liked my last fic and wanted a sequel so i thought i’d go for it? c: hope you like it!

“I’m going for a run.”

Rin shifts in his bunk, blinking at Sousuke as he lays his phone on his chest, a temporary reprieve from the harsh glow. “After how busy today was?” has asks, and Sousuke nods.

“I don’t wanna get lazy.” He tugs his sneaker over his heel, slinging his headphones around his neck and Rin seems to believe his shitty excuse, shaking his head and grinning, returning to texting God knows who (probably Nanase, Sousuke thinks as he grabs at the door).

He’s never hooked up with someone. Not like this anyways–it had happened, a few times, back in Tokyo, where it was easier to be anonymous for a night. But those were always quick, impersonal. He hardly remembers the names or faces of the guys and girls he found himself pressed against–all that’s really left is the feeling of sweat running down his neck, tongues and teeth and lips in the right places, and the thick, pounding of not-far-off music rattling his skull.

He doesn’t know how this is done–planning, knowing the person, sneaking. Any of it. He thinks his outfit is convincing, even if it does feel weird showing up in a sweatshirt and basketball shorts. Hopefully, Nitori won’t mind.

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