wanna take photos like this


I read a shit ton of heroaca and now I’m in todoizu hell lol I’m embarrassing. . Anyways this is todays inktoberr forgive me 

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

Tulip twist

Netherlands: “I’m not too worried about Brexit, England’s still going to trade with me.”
England: “Well, actually… I started growing my own tulips now.”

Netherlands: “…this means war.

The Differences Between Real Couples and Kaist*l(ft.Dispatch)

Hello everyone i was looking at Netizenbuzz today then i saw the dating news of Uee and Gangnam( Congratulations to the couple ^^ ) and again who did reveal the couple? : Yes Dispatch ^^

Let’s look at the photos:

(cr. to Dispatch)

They are hugging and they don’t realize Dispatch is taking photos of them.

Now let’s look at another couple( i think they broke up now, i dunno); Seolhyun and Zico :

(cr. to Dispatch)

Can you see how Seolhyun is wearing a mask to hide herself and running( like in a panic or rush idk)? ( Btw a Kaisoo suppporter friend made an analysis of SeolCo and Kaist*l and talk about the differences but i couldn’t find it, if you find it pls add it or message at me ^^) . It seems like Seolhyun doesn’t wanna be caught while in a date with Zico, mmmm…..

Now SongSong couple ( they are going to marry this October,congratz ^^ ) :

(cr. to Dispacth)

B*ekyeon :

(I’m sorry but i’ve always believed that they dated or they are still dating i don’t know.)

(cr. to Dispatch)

Lee Min Ho and Suzy :

(cr. to Dispatch)

Hani and Junsu:

(cr. to Dispatch)

They are trying to hide themselves,it’s so obvious.

Taeyang and Min Hyorin :

They are wearing masks and enjoying their date like a REAL couple.

(cr. to Dispatch)

There are so many couples revealed by Dispatch but i will end it here.

Now look at our FAKE couple( they are not anymore. Btw they weren’t in the beginning what am i saying lol. Don’t mind me :D ) :

Did you see the differences? They don’t hide themselves like other couples does. They don’t wear masks like other couples does. Dispatch did not catch them. Look at Kryst*l in the last photo. She is like “Oh are you there? that’s good.(smiling) Okay let’s do this!” and look at our poor baby Nini ‘cause he was put in a fake realationship because of his bitch company SM( you know they must hide the gay….) He is like “ okay take some photos, i wanna go home and sleep..” He doesn’t even look at her Come On???!!! Can’t you see there is sth wrong in these photos? Doesn’t this remind you a photoshoot? They don’t in a panic or rush. They are like they wanted to caught deliberately.. As a Kaisoo supporter myself nearly 3 years, when i first saw these pics last year, i realized they didn’t look geniune and this was all fake. Even the accounts about them seemed so fake.And now, after i saw a new couple this year revealed by Dispatch and after i looked at their photos(how they are hugging) i again remembered how SM tried to make us believe this all over fake relationship :D . Now i’m glad they also confirmed their fake break up 1 month ago ( because u know they were never a couple hihi :D ) You tried SM but we are not kids u know? :D.

In conclusion, i just wanted to show how their photos seems fake and different from other couples. :) 

Take Care of Yourselves and Love And Support Real Couple aka Kaisoo :* 

practice!! >///< (*cough* so umm my first digital drawing here… please be gentle with me~~)

Help me find my doppelganger!

So this photo set started circulating through ifunny a few weeks ago, and everyone thought it was me.  So I decided to do a little side by side.





I also decided to have a little fun with it too…





u know it’s been a slow day at work when u can do practice sketches and get out basically a full drawing in one sitting

You see that you’re their lockscreen (GOT7)

JB: -he instantly got embarrassed when you saw that you were his background was one of your goofy selcas you sent him mainly because he said he deleted them all- “I’m sorry it’s my favorite photo of you out there baby and I like seeing it when I unlock my phone”

Mark: -you’d always be his background and lockscreen on technology it was cheesy mainly because he’d always be your lockscreen- “do you wanna take new photos babe? The ones we have are like a month old”

Jackson: -you sent him a selca of you wearing one of his t-shirts a few weeks back and apparently it’s been his lockscreen since then. When you went to check the time on his phone you saw it and gave him a look- “I really like the picture it’s one of my favorites”

Jr: -it was a picture he took when you weren’t looking and he fell inlove with it. Apparently it’s been his lockscreen for a few months and you just now noticed it- “it’s been there for so long like you’ve unlocked my phone before why haven’t you noticed?”

Youngjae: -it was the first picture you guys took together and it’s been his lockscreen since he got a new phone last week. And you just now got to still it from him and play on it today- “what is it too cheesy?” 

BamBam: -it was something he saw in your house and took a picture of it was one of your goofy childhood photos that was hidden on a shelf and hasn’t been thought about til now when you went to unlock his phone- “oh babe I forgot to tell you I found that when I was over”

Yugyeom: -he’s always wanted to do it have his girlfriend as his lockscreen and now he could he did. He had a photo of you on your first date and he’s always wanted it to be something so he choose to make it his lockscreen. When you went to check his messages for him - “you look cute I like the picture it means a lot and well I get to show off what’s mine”

iKON Reacting To You Braiding Your Child’s Thick Hair

(This is for my poc ikonics out there with that good thick hair I know ya’ll exist and I love you very much) ~Admin Gray

Bobby (Jiwon): He’d watch and smile at how cute you both looked, you focusing on their hair and your child sitting still in your lap with their legs crossed, he’d probably have a significant amount of photos of it.

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B.I. (Hanbin): Would be curious if the braids looked tight and wonder why you’re hurting your child’s head, but then he realized you knew more about maintaining thick hair than he did 

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Junhoe: Seems nonchalant about it but he’s actually paying attention to your technique so he knows how to do it as well, especially for those days that you wanna relax or you aren’t here

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Donghyuk: Like Jiwon he would take photos of you and your child, would probably have way more photos of the both of you then you have of him and your kid.

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Jinhwan: Would watch and try to braid your child’s hair once then end up just pulling and tangling their hair, would also possibly be lowkey salty because of how easy you made it look.

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Yunhyeong: I don’t think it would be his favorite hairstyle on your kid but he wouldn’t hate it

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Chanwoo: Wouldn’t really care but he’d be interested when you braid different patterns or add good scented products into your child’s hair.

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                 “since he wanna take my ipad and have mini photoshoots then ima post this.. ”

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Dear Liverpool pride,
I appreciate what you’re trying to do here in having people take photos with a SO for an LGBT+ Pride display.
But I think you missed out a detail here.
You wrote that people who are: lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans + non binary can send in their photos.
You see that cross?
The little plus symbol after LGBT+?
That one.
Why did you forget it??????,,,,
I mean, I dk about you but I wanna see some asexuals taking photos with like their cat or their microwave or something hilarious.
I wanna see my pansexuals making jokes about no, I am not attracted to pans.
I wanna see those genderfluid kids rocking their pronouns.
I wanna see demi bois and girls, grey aces and any other of the wonderful and sadly forgotten sexualities that don’t make mainstream media.
Yet they include the allies?
Inclusive my ass.

Meeting Misha Collins

Alright so I saw some things about supporting Misha’s directorial debut and some anti-hate things about him (even though I personally haven’t seen any hate yet, I know it’s out there) and I just wanted to throw my two cents in by putting out my obligatory “this is what happened when I met Misha” story.

Now Vegascon was my first ever Con and it was wild, the schedule was a little delayed throughout the weekend so I didn’t get more than a couple minutes both times I met Misha and I know for a fact that I didn’t leave any kind of impact on him, but he managed to leave an impact on me.

The first time I met him was during the Fallen Angels shoot— that’s a photo op with Misha, Mark Pellegrino, and Mark Sheppard. Now I could only afford one photo op so I didn’t wanna mess it up like I mess up every photo I take, and I had this idea in my head where Mark P could wear some devils horns, Mark S could wear a crown, and Mish could wear a halo but I didn’t have time to go to Party City before I left Miami so I ended up having a pair of devils horns that were part of my Halloween costume (sequined head band, velvet horns, and one of the horns was kinda falling off) and a BK crown that I turned inside out and painted with a couple bronze sharpies. The halo I ended up making the night before at 4am out of q-tips, scotch tape, and some white feathers from the mask I wore to Karaoke. I didn’t really expect any of them to wear them, but Mish took the halo right out of my hands and put it on immediately, handed the horns to Pellegrino, and had the crown in his other hand but Mark Sheppard just shook his head repeatedly and said “No, I’m sorry, I love you and all, but no.” Which I completely understood. Then Mish just put his arm around me, the photo was snapped, and I was on my way again with my makeshift props. When I got the photo back I almost cried because I hadn’t noticed it at the time, but Misha was holding the crown above Mark Sheppards head so I could get my stupid photo the way I’d imagined it, and it was such a small gesture that he didn’t have to do, but he did it anyways.

The second time I met him was during autographs later that night. The girl in front of me had said something about thanking him for being a beautiful person, and he’d shaken his head and very seriously said he really wasn’t. When it was my turn, he’d been signing my Pop Funko Cas doll which I’d noticed was in a box that was a bit destroyed from being lugged around in my carry on bag from Miami to Vegas. It just wasn’t neat compared to all of the others who had pristine versions for Mish to sign, and I pointed out as much to him. He picked up the box, inspected it for a second and said: “You know what? I like it better like this. It looks well loved.” Before handing it back to me with this small smile.

People always put out these big grand gestures about Misha and everything he’s done, and I really admire all those things about him, but it’s these small gestures, the ones that rarely get told, that really hit me the hardest. Because although it doesn’t seem like much, those little kind things he says and does, they mean the world to me and other fans like me.

Okay but the reason I love LevYaku so much is actually kind of mean

Because Yaku is fucking short and Lev is Lev

Just imagine them getting married okay and the entire Yaku families and Haiba families are on different side of the wedding party

It looks like a measuring scale
All the Yakus are under six feet tall, and the majority of Haibas are nearing seven

It’s both the best and worst thing ever

Uh oh, what time is it? WEDDING PHOTO TIME

Lev is taller that both of Yaku’s parents but that doesn’t stop him from standing right in the middle of this clan of bouncy short people

He looks like Dorothy in Munchkinland tbh

And then for Haiba family photos with Yaku you can’t fucking see Yaku because he has entered freaking giant country

So everyone is trying to figure out ‘whoa okay how do we make this tiny man an entity in his own wedding photo’ and eventually Best Big Sister In The World Alisa is like ‘heeeeey Lyovchka wanna take a photo to tell your kids about???’

So in the photo there are like a dozen tall Haibas and Lev

And then Yaku

Yaku sitting on his husband’s shoulders with the most dead-ass look on his face

'The Lion Has Been Conquered’