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hey my dudes! I made another speedpaint! 

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I hope you like it! 

Guys @zayn has a new channel!!!!!! He just uploaded his acoustic version of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” go like and subscribe❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I made another Supernatural edit! This one focuses on Sam and Dean and is my first attempt at a more angst/sad video, so I hope I did well. Feel free to leave any comments or criticisms. 

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Daniel, Max and Charlie on their secret talents.

Werewolf Con II in Brussels, October 29th, 2016.

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me??? obsessed with riverdale?? what?????

dressing up like characters is one of my favorite things to do, to be honest. it’s like a taste of playing pretend again in an adult body. i’ve never worked this hard on a video before and i’m literally so proud of it. it’s my baby. my video child. if you like it, please do share it with your friends!! and if ya wanna subscribe that’d be like…. super cool. you know. *tries to be cool and unaffected but very much wants people to like this* *sweats nervously* okay coOL BYE


And here it is! The very first episode of Birbapedia! This one is all about cockatiels. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in photos and videos to make this happen. And thank you to @birdcheese for art and @pom-seedss for script advising!

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To my Followers/About Requests

Ok. So, recently i have had an interaction with a follower, and viewer on my YouTube that demanded a voice i do to do something out of character for that voice to do. At first, because i like to fulfill every request i get i planed to do it. 

Then last time i streamed i said i would not be doing that voice in stream because in previous streams people had expressed discomfort. Being one to have my streams be a safe space i said i would not be doing the voice for those reasons. This one particular person got very up set, down right depressive and then just mean. I wake up today and find they have said alot of upsetting things on comments, and whined at me about not doing it anymore. Then threats were tossed around and at that point i had had enough. I blocked them. Both on Youtube and here on tumblr. I wont be giving there name cause i dont wish to cause them any grief.

But, i would like to ask, that for any future requests please be reasonable about what you want me to do. I dont like to say no. But im realizing for some, i will have to.

I really hate to air stuff like this out, but i guess being “A Big Name” on youtube and tumblr means i need to say stuff that seems to me like common sense to me to the people who watch me. I dont try to be a bad person and i try to set a good example for my viewers. Im all about lifting people up, not bring them down, as im guessing you know if you follow me.


I know alot of you are probably very young and are still learning what it means to be you, but dont lash out at people because they dislike something you like. Just like you shouldn’t take it personally when people like something you dislike.

Anyways. tl;dr with Requests please think about what you ask for, and please remember i have the right to say no. Please dont be upset if i do.



Kim Seokjin || Me Too

by LittleRedHatter247

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why do I have so many unpopular opinions. Scroll ahead of this, you’re not going to relate to any of these:

- I don’t think Ethan is that funny, nor do I like the videos he posts. They just…kinda feel forced. And even if they’re not, they’re still sadly not funny or enjoyable for me. That doesn’t mean I dislike him, I just don’t wanna subscribe or watch his videos :/

- I don’t think Jack has a good singing voice.

- I LOVE Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

- I like Chris Redfield’s new design in Resident Evil 7 (spoilers…I guess?)
shit I can’t think of any more.
Trust me, there’s tons

Mari is on Archive of Our Own!

So yeah, I got an account here. It’s under a similar name of my writing blog, Quilly Glitterpillar 

So far htere’s nothing new posted yet, I only posted that Ososan fic I already posted in @quilly-glitterpillar and I mostly posted it to see how posting stuff in this site works. The site is fairly simple to use (minus the category stuff which confuses me a bit, but I’ll get used to it eventually) so I’ll surely post more stuff here. If you wanna subscribe me, go ahead!


because you guys have been so good to me I decided to make a vlog about the one stop K-pop shop of Tokyo, SHIN-OKUBO~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

gotta warn you though, ¾ of this is like BTS merch LOL . *runs OTL