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So this might become a thing, because I really want to draw more of Bakugou taking care of flowers. I have *some* of the story planned out I just need to figure out all the rest. 

Unexpected: Part 3

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!  It’s much longer than the previous part because I had a lot to cover.  I want to say the next part will be out quicker but it’s doubtful as I have almost just as much to cover.

I have a lot of headcanons about human/monster pregnancy and monster pregnancy in general.  I hope you guys enjoy!  As always I love all the fans of this, you people keep me going!

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You know, part of me likes the idea of Ren and Hux being cladestine about their relationship and acting antagonistic with each other in public to maintain the status quo. But then the other part of me likes the idea of them just being over the top with the PDA on the bridge, just straight faced arguing while holding hands or angrily saying things like “You’re luck you’re so cute or else I wouldn’t tolerate your incompetence”. Everyone is just disturbed and uncomfortable and don’t have the authority to tell General Hux that openly embracing his hell spawn wanna be Sith boyfriend is not entirely protocol.