wanna snow

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💞"Woah woah wash. I'm away for a day and I come back to you being sad, sweetheart? Now, I know you must have missed me terribly but that's no reason to give up hope!" He's teasing of course. "Seriously though, Dre, dear. I'm here for you. What's wrong?"💞

       “I… I did somethin’. Really bad.
       I don’ wanna lie to ya’, Snow. I don’ wanna hide it… but…
       Get tha’ feelin’ ya’ not gonna’ like what I’m gonna’ say…”

arguably the most amusing thing I’ve written today:

“It turned out that human young had a ritual that involved creating effigies out of frozen condensation and then granting them names. Whether this was purely symbolic or whether some diabolical human power would later bring these effigies to life to do their organic masters’ bidding remained to be seen.”

Me: *has two college midterms due in the next four days*

Me: What would Link do?

Other me: Link would ask “what is college?” and proceed to break pots.

Me: Yeah, I should quit college.

Other me: What would Zelda do?

Me: ………

Me: Study rigorously and pass any and all scholarly tests?

Other me: Now you got it. 

A seriously long overdue tribute to one of my favourite books, Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On! I was meaning to draw something with Simon and Baz immediately after putting the book down but it took a while to finish this. This was sort of meant to be for the scene where the dragon attacks Watford, but I didn’t have the book nearby for reference so it’s just whipped it from my head.

I’m super late to the fandom, but I hope you guys like this. I’ll definitely be drawing more of these two soon~