wanna smooch u

      i’m sorry for lack of activity !! today’s my last day of summer class
      so i have some time to chill out thankfully.
      i’ll do my best to get to replies today/tomorrow. hope everyone is doing okay. 💕

i drew the anxious zombie boy


another art trade with @iin-desuyo !!!!

top: line by me, color by @iin-desuyo
bottom: line by @iin-desuyo, color by me

look at this shit pal i so love her colors it’s!!! so soft and comfy and her lighting is so A++ it gives me the warm fuzzies and her lines!!! Everything is so neat and soft i just (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) i will stare at this for the rest of the night

ty so much for doing this with me Marte <33 

no seriously go play Voltage USA Entertainment games-

Currently the games that have a female love interest route are

  • Astoria: Fates Kiss-Medusa (Also a non binary character named Alex Cyprin)
  • Gangster’s in Love: Aurora James (hasn’t been released yet but I think she comes out in May) 
  • Kisses and Curses- Anastasia and Melanie
  • Queen’s Gambit- Emily Verma 

If I missed anyone feel free to add them but yea they all make my heart go doki doki and I can’t wait for Aurora and Melanie to be released because of what I’ve seen in the other routes they are just gonna be a lot of fun I can’t wait 

anonymous asked:

Ghirahim is the kind of fuckboy you want to punch in his smug mouth, pin him down, and just sit on his ugly-pretty face. It's all the better because he'll always refuse to admit he's into that, but he totally is.

ya like hes a fuckboi n u hate him but hes fucking ?? cute ??? so u kinda wanna smooch him too but u hate him sm u wont let urself