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Incorrect Wanna One Quotes (!?)
  • Daniel: Is Ong okay? I think he's crying
  • Jisung: of course he's crying, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!
  • Daniel: WHAT DID I DO
  • Jisung: he saw the picture of u shirtless
  • Daniel: wait why is it making him sad?!
  • Jisung: you jerk, he's not sad. He's crying tears of hapenis

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Bucky has his first surgery on his arm to be able to connect a new one (so he hasn't got a new arm yet) but they basically just give him a shit ton of morphine, and afterwards you'll be siting on the couch with Sam and Steve while Bucky's high as a kite next to you, when he tugs you by your arm then muttering 'youre so cute for looking after me.. sit on my face.. I wanna thank you.. sit on my mouth' while fading in and out of sleep. Sam and Steve are screaming with laughter

Omfg I love this and then you remind him later expecting him not remember but he’s like, “no I know what I said”

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(1/?) of Husband!Yoongi drabble 
I literally just typed this up out of nowhere? 
Gonna tag @an-exotic-writer as proof of my fluffball ways
Okay yeah here you go come yell at me about this:  

“Hold still darling,” you huff as the silky ebony strands begin to slip out of the french braid you painstakingly carded into your daughter’s hair, “your pretty braids are going to fall apart and mommy is going to have to start over.”

“But it’s so boring to sit here momma.” Min Ah whines, but her little hands clasp together on her lap, her little energetic vibrations settling into occasional huffs of impatience. You hum in acknowledgement of her efforts and continue on with your task, nimble fingers quickly reconstructing the braid around her crown.

About five minutes later her braids are flawless, tied together at the back of her head and flowing down to her peachy pink dress.

“Twirl for momma!” you exclaim and giggle along with your daughter when the tiny layers on her tulle gown is ruffled by the vigorous motion.

Two hands tug your daughter from her play and you beam up at Yoongi from the floor when he picks her up easily, dressed in his crisp suit, gold rimmed specs sitting delicately on his nose.

“You look gorgeous honey bear.” he murmurs, pressing a kiss onto her rosy cheeks.

“Are you two ready to head to the ball?” you prompt, and is answered when Yoongi pulls you from the floor, pulling your body close, close enough to smell his lingering aftershave.

“I can’t go to the dance without giving the first one to my favorite girl can I?” he hums while placing your daughter on love seat. He pulls you ever closer and begins to rock your bodies back and forth, the steady beat of his heart serving as the tune that the two of you sway to.

“Min ah wants to dance too!” your daughter exclaims and your little moment of peace is filled with a sweeter one when Yoongi once again picks her up from her perch. The two of you simultaneously place a kiss on each side of her puffy cheeks and before you can even process it, Yoongi already stole a kiss from your unknowing lips.