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Honestly I don't know why people keep defending suicide squad's winning?? It seems pretty obvious that Beyond had better makeup...

Purely because they love it. 

Their argument also is Croc. Who is good. NO ONE is saying that Croc isn’t good. Anyone can see that was wonderful and skilled make up.

But Star Trek, with it’s VAST numbers of aliens, again, 56. How can you say that this one, out did the many. Lol almost a Star Trek quote.  (here is an article about the aliens LINK)

What most worries me about this is that the SS fandom are ignoring the pure sexism which was applied to their film and too Harley Quinn (margot robbie) which has been proven here [Source].

The main character was reduced by the Oscars to nothing more than a sex symbol.  (And yes the Oscars do this a lot. Don’t forget they are often racist too)

If Star Trek won because they said the same shit about Uhura I would be FURIOUS. Especially if there was a film which clearly had put THOUSANDS of hours into so many creations. I would lose my mind. Heck, when the people who made the JJ films said that kinda of thing the whole fandom LOST THE PLOT and called it out. 

Skill in film making will last forever and can even change the face of film making. Sex appeal, does not last. 

If you respect what you love, you would be outraged by any of the actors and characters being reduced to sexual appeal. 

SS might of won, but they didn’t win through respect. And that should make someones skin crawl. It would mine (and i will say it again. If Star Trek was beaten by someone else for skill alone, fair play it has happened a lot. Always fair play. But if Star trek beat someone else on a characters sexual appeal, I would go mad)

i wanna go see “get out” and “i am not your negro” back to back on the same day with a group of black folks again. i went to see em both in 125th like i do with most black films so it feels more at home and more cathartic when you in the audience watching all that and experiencing it all with a spectrum of folks similar to you. it heightens that cathartic feeling  i think.

honestly the best part of marvel’s netflix side of the mcu is how everyone falls in love with claire temple at first sight and the fact that this cannot bleed into the films?? tragic

i just wanna see the entire avengers team with heart eyes for claire temple

the guardians of the galaxy end up on earth somehow and BAM! claire

they never saw it coming, they weren’t ready

           can I request a fake text to Damon where she’s drunk and sends to him “damon ur so hot I wanna see you dance like Channing Tatum in that one film nm,mpoòdhiwopelkjf”                     


Okay so some people asked me to post some selfies so here they are! 😊🙈

Also some people asked me some questions about myself so here they are too!

What’s your name?

Marianne, but you can call me Mazzi 😁

Where are you from?

I’m from England! Although I was born in Thailand and my mother is Thai and my dad is English. But I look more English and Thai and I have a British accent so I normally just say I’m English 😂

What are your aspirations?

I want to be an actress! I wanna be in films and tv shows so I can see people make gifs of me and stuff cause idk 😂😅 I really wanna be in a batman film. I have loved batman from a young age and I want a Batman tattoo!

What languages can you speak?

Well obviously I’m fluent in English, and I know a few languages I’m just not fluent in them; I know Spanish, Thai and I’m teaching myself Romanian! 😊

If you had to choose a character to date out of any universe or anything, who would it be?

It’s a tie between Bucky Barnes and Jason Todd really, but I guess by how I image my ‘type’ is, I would have to say Jason Todd.

What got you into writing?

It’s a long story but in short, I just wanted to try it out! Plus it’s a good hobby and I enjoy it a lot!

Most things precious to you?

1. Sleep
2. Batman (and Jason Todd 😆)
3. Tv and Film
4. Food
5. My phone
6. Family
7. Friends
8. That’s all I can think of at the moment 😂
9. Ooooo I forgot books!
10. And drawing!

What’s your favourite colour?

Black and Red.

Do you prefer Batman or superman?

Batman. 💯

What is your style?

Well I like leather jackets, jeans, dr martens/timberland boots, oversized tshirts and hoodies and anything.

I guess you could say my style is like 'bad girl’ or 'biker girl’ or just a female Jason Todd.

What’s your personality like?

I’m horrendously dirty minded. I’m a sarcastic little shit and I tend to swear a lot 🙈 but I guess I’m nice and I care a lot I just tend to come off as someone who doesn’t care and is a cold hearted bitch. But! Once you get to know me apparently my friend calls me “a huge, dorky, loving teddy bear.”

Another friend also told me, before we we’re friends, that when she first saw me she thought I wanted to kill her because of my apparent “bitch face” and my headphones were in and I was listening to like slipknot or something 😂

That’s all the questions I think that I have been given, if you want to ask me ANYTHING - come ask! 😊 or if you just wanna talk that’s fine too 😋

I wanna see Kylo be redeemed, but in a specific way. I want Kylo getting his ass handed to him by Rey, and when he’s almost finished off, she stops to let someone else do the honors. Leia steps out of the shadows, in full mom mode, and goes off on him, complete with yelling his full name at the top of her lungs (everyone irl and in-universe knows Leia is not someone to mess with). Then, she drags him by the ear to the Falcon, and when they get to the base, drag his sorry ass off the ship by the ear.

Push Kubo.

Seriously, I have retweeted, reblogged as much I can about anything super positive and such about Kubo. That film was so under whelmingly pushed by hollywood and the studios and it’s a god damn shame. So to any and all my followers, push that film. I wanna see it do well and be recognized more then just a “Cult following” movie.