wanna see the light

guess who just saw the power rangers movie?

this guy, that’s who.

It was pretty good. I only have two gripes about it, and they are kind of me problems.

1. We only saw Jason’s sword being used as a weapon. I wanted to see the other Ranger weapons. The Lance, the Axe, the Bow, the Daggers. Maybe even the power blaster. But I guess you can’t get ‘em all, and who knows maybe they’ll show up in a potential sequel (come on we all saw the post credits scene mentioning Tommy Oliver AKA the Green/White Ranger).

2. We didn’t get to actually SEE the Megazord forming. As some one who not only likes the Megazord formations in the franchise, but transformation sequences in general, I really don’t like it when they blur out the effects with flames or bright light. i wanna actually SEE the change happening.

Other than that it was pretty decent.

does anybody here…….. love boys…? and wanna….. hold their hands and kiss their cheeks and play w their hair and tell them how amazing and cute they r….? or stay up till 3am w/ them talking and laughing…..? or try to count all their freckles and have picnics …. or wanna see the way their face lights up when they’re happy and hold them when they’re upset…… u kno…. gay stuff… 

i love the mythbusters they’re like those weird uncles that you only see occasionally at big family reunions and every time you see them they’re like, “hey kid, wanna see what happens when we light a bee hive full of jalapeños and grenades on fire and shoot it?” and you’re like “uncle adam no” but it’s too late and there go your mother’s hydrangeas 

dragonfishdreams  asked:

So, Allura can manipulate Quintessence because she's Altean, is it because she's a girl, of the royal family, be- you know what, I'mma cut to the chase: Season 3, please give us glowy, quintessence-using Coran. Even if it's just one scene. Even if it's just a joke. Please. I need to see the beautiful man using space magic.

I think we kinda did with the Balmera crystals (smallish scale)

though I think I know what you mean, I wanna see Coran light up like a star~

So its like Allura has a high capacity of manipulate Quintessence and storing it it, also is connected to the Castleships Quintessence. Prob whats going on is that some Alteans had higher capacity of Quintessence than others, more likely if you’re part of the Royal line I imagine (sup Alfor) and so other alteans have different amounts, high, average, low. Coran may be in the average/low area. Like get a couple of Balmera crystals ‘I can do that’. give power to entire Balemra planet ‘dude that would kill me’.

 oh but what if Allura has unusual higher capacity than usual (like she eventually kicked Haggars ass who pretty high in control) maybe a cause of it was being in cyropod for 10,000 years while still connected to the castleships quintessence, cause I don’t think that stuff can be turned off, so just been buzzing around, developing (like wine). 

This might also explain why Coran so afraid for Allura using lots of amounts of Quintessence. maybe because she’s still a young adult and that high amount is unusually to develop at that age. and maybe Coran has seen past Alteans with high levels of quintessence overuse their powers and die as a result (Allura you got very ill the first time. I’m so worried for your health’. then in the latest use, she got up after 10 mins and went to whoop Haggars ass). 

then this got me thinkin of ideas I had fo some more scar/injuries hcs for Coran. that can you get injured from using high amounts you’re not usually capable of, like high amounts of electricity storage. Like what if Coran tried to open a wormhole with the castle ship using his capacity of Quintessence with the castleships, would that kill him? or knock him out for awhile and cause burns and scars from the high levels? (which I now added to my Coran scar/injuries hc list. dude’s always wearing gloves)

ok you know what actually is a good example ‘chakra’ from Naruto (believe it).

So I’m re-reading the Symmetra comic, and I’m having some serious Feelings about her, especially as an autistic character. ;w; Because, like, as I look at it again I actually do rather like how her particular traits are portrayed by Blizz? Like, her being on the spectrum does effect her, but it isn’t used as an excuse to either villainize or infantilize her, which is nice. Particularly her issues with empathy, which affect the plot in 2 ways: she doesn’t see why the people in the community Vishkar is trying to take over are mad about that, and she doesn’t see that Vishkar itself is manipulating her.

Satya doesn’t get why there are protesters against Vishkar, cuz in her mind, the corporation is a force for good.  The changes they made to her hometown helped her greatly, and she joined to be able to do that for others. The protesters obviously don’t feel the same way, and Vishkar def. isn’t planning to help them, but Satya doesn’t get that cuz she can’t ‘see’ the other perspectives on their actions well.
But just because she can’t empathize with people doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them! She may be a rather proud person, but I’d say she’s mostly just upset because she wants to help everyone and doesn’t understand why they don’t see what she does. Her inability to see what they see alienates her (again tho, this is also helped along by her natural pride), and that helps allow some of the awful things Vishkar does to happen, but it isn’t written in a way that makes her some heartless villain. Like, look  v v v v 

The other thing that combines with this (and sort of causes it tbh) is that she doesn’t see how Vishkar (And Sanjay) is manipulating her, and sure as heck not to help anyone but them. It might seem clear to the reader, sure! But she clearly seems to trust Sanjay, and Vishkar helped her community in the past, too. So she trusts it when Sanjay says that they’re helping and that the people protesting are just angry because they don’t understand that, because the people telling her she’s right are trusted allies.
It’s a rather common experience for some girls on the spectrum to connect closely to certain people, and trust them through a lot, and you can sometimes get used cuz of that. Even if in retrospect you can see that they were using you, that just doesn’t help anything in the moment, you know?  

But the good bit is that it doesn’t mean that she’s not a genius, or that she’s helpless. Satya is a wonderful person herself even tho Vishkar sucks, with very strong morals. She challenges her orders on smaller matters pretty often (like refusing to kill even when ordered!), and she wants to help better the world, more than anything else. This is just as much a part of what keeps her working so hard, even as her employers grow farther and farther from that vision, as her autistic traits ever are. They are a part of her that contributes to her story like any other, not the sole hinge of her whole plot, yeah?

Like, her empathy issues don’t make her into just some awful monster that doesn’t care about people and can’t understand their pain. And they ALSO don’t just make her into a helpless child that could get manipulated by Sanjay and Vishkar like wet clay.
Satya’s a calculating genius, and a hopeless idealist, and someone on the ASD spectrum, with clear sensory and empathy issues. She’s all of those things and more, and I thank god for that characterization, tbh, especially coming from Blizzard’s writers.

…And anyway, “Satya” means “truth”, right? 

I have no doubt that she’ll find hers one day, even if we don’t know exactly where she stands in the current game :3
(And then god help those Vishkar bastards. They’re toast!)

the road you didn’t take- showtunes that explore regret, guilt, and grief

no good deed - wicked // the world was dancing - songs for a new world // sorry-grateful - company // good for nothing/being mrs. banks - marry poppins // the road you didn’t take - follies // i know the truth - aida // send in the clowns - a little night music // you learn to live without - if/then // days and days - fun home // almost real - the bridges of madison county // if he walked into my life - mame // lament - into the woods // what would you do? - cabaret // what would you do? - if/then // the beauty is (reprise) - the light in the piazza // the guilty ones - spring awakening // how did we come to this? / queenie was a blonde (reprise) - the wild party // coffee - see what i wanna see // stars and the moon - songs for a new world // nobody needs to know - the last five years // the life i never led - sister act: the musical //



Whatever happens, you will come back.



can someone enlighten me on how Jimin is now, currently, blond, at this event, because i’m just not seeing it. 


nya dudes im back with another commission post bc my old one is outdated!!!

heres my art tag if u wanna see some samples

i will draw:

  • ship art
  • light gore
  • oc refs
  • concept art
  • p much anything that isnt listed below vvv

i will not draw:

  • explicit nsfw (nudity is ok tho)
  • pedophilic/abusive/incestuous ships
  • hardcore gore
  • offensive things
  • anything im uncomfortable with


prices will prob start at about $5 and work their way up depending on how complex you want your drawing to be. the most expensive stuff would prob end up being no more than $100


i can p much always be reached via tumblr messages/IM or my discord (zach #7878)!! all payments will be accepted via paypal (my paypal is gayndam@gmail.com)

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