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Walking away from you was harder than I ever thought it would be. All I wanted to do was hold on to you and never let go. Sadly, I had no choice but to leave..
—  L.N. | losing you

favorite pride and prejudice quotes


Goodbye TVD | Stefan Salvatore
“It hurts me, knowing what I’ve done, and that pain… That pain is with me all the time. And every day, I think that if I just… If I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy, and every day ,I fight that. And I am so terrified that one day, I’m not gonna want to fight that anymore.”

Goodbye, cuties, I'm going to drop tumblr

Dear Tumblr friends…

It’s been 2-3 years since I made this tumblr and it’s been quite a journey, and I’m really glad I made it because I found a lot of friends, love, inspiration, and so much amazing and lovely people whom I spend moments with…

There so much I learned, so much I shared, lived, laughed & stressed over about in this blog, even when it was anime related only, you guys were always so nice when I shared my personal posts, when I asked for asks to spend time, that asked me for edits when I wanted to make one but couldn’t decide…

I’ll take all those memories with me now, as I decide on dropping for good this tumblr. Like I said, it’s been a journey, and today this journey comes to an end… tbh I’m not going to delete this blog, after all, I can’t exactly detach myself from it so easily but at the same time I’m not really interested in keeping it updated anymore, it has become a boring thing to do and that’s not supposed to be the purpose of this blog.

I met a lot of great people thanks to this blog, I keep them all in my heart, all of you, Katie, Lelou, Aidah, Sen, Seda, Emma, Kat, Kisa, Momo, you guys, were amazing to me while I was here and I still have contact with must of you outside tumblr and that makes me so happy?!? I’m really happy I can still be friends with you all outside this website and I just can’t believe we have made it this far. I’m really thankful.

Anyway this is really long already so I’m just going to say, thank you for sticking with me all this time, through my Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki, Free!, Tokyo Ghoul, Magi & Bts phases, tbh just by following me I’m really grateful to you.

I hope I didn’t bother any of you with my spam, or with my bts posts when you didn’t want any kpop in your dashboards lmao, seriously, thank you for sticking with me even after that.

I love you all, and if you wanna keep contact or just want to talk to me I’ll leave my current active social media here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/yoongihearted (warning: I tweet about bts on daily basis lmao)
Instagram: uriekookie
Line: kurokocchiz
Kakaotalk: Cyphertrash
Snapchat: montselovato

Thank you so much for this amazing 3 YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL.

With love,


Cat Grant Appreciation Week // Day 4: Favorite Inspiring Speech

I don’t know what to do.
What do you mean, like… like into a lake?
You’re standing on the shore, afraid to dive into the new waters, and you’re afraid because you don’t wanna say goodbye to the mild-mannered, lovelorn Kara Danvers, the sweet and dutiful assistant to Cat Grant. You are standing there looking out at your options, the icy blue water, the fast-flowing river, and the choppy sea. And they all look very appealing to you because you’re dying to go for a swim, but you know that water is going to be cold, and the journey is going to be hard, and when you reach the other side, you will have become a new person. And you are scared to meet that new version of yourself. Now, we all get used to our own personas, and we’re used to our own comfort zones.

Long Distance with Jungkook

Last but certainly not least is the last member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the other half of Jinkook, our golden maknae with such a cute smile like the lil bunny smile and the laugh and the nose scrunch good shiT, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve some reverse idol!Jungkook (here) which is basically where the reader is the idol and kookie is the fanboy, it involves youtuber!kook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer
  • There is a mention of ldr!kook in a drabble called Stress (here) which also features reverse idol!kook so this is gonna be the prequel to that drabble, but you don’t have to read it or any of the posts linked up there to be able to understand what’s going on in this post, they’re there to add in some back story for the people that are curious about it
  • You two had been dating for around nearly a year and everything was going great, you were happy and in love but both of you knew the tour was coming up
  • You would be on the road for a few months so it wasn’t horribly long but a few months in a new relationship is a big deal, those are make it or break it months
  • He can’t come along bc he’s got school and his entire gaming setup it at his place and it’s too heavy to lug around everywhere and too expensive to just buy replacements of
  • You two spend that last night before tour together and say goodbye then bc he’s got class the next day and you two wanna say goodbye in private bc Jungkook is just a private person when it comes to that stuff and also bc the relationship is still hush hush
  • So it’s a very long goodbye, it’s a full night of saying you’ll miss each other and how you’ll text and call each other all the time and it’s all cuddles and really gentle kisses and it’s just really sweet
  • You watch his live streams while you’re away, when you’re getting ready, when you’re going to bed, when you’re waking up, whenever he does one bc time zones man, you’re in a different one all the time
  • He plays a lot of different games but he also takes the time to sit back and talk about shit that’s going on, he updates everyone on his major, on his friendships, on his love life
  • His subscribers do know he’s in a relationship but they just don’t know who the other person is
  • “My love and I are happy, we’re long distance rn but we’re happy”
  • It’s always super cute to watch him play games bc he gets this concentrated look on his face that’s super cute and he gets so competitive at times and he almost always plays with Tae or Jimin or sometimes Jin when he’s not busy
  • He gets you to play Overwatch with him, regardless of how far away you are but that happens off camera bc if people heard your voice and heard you two calling each other pet names and shit, they’d be pretty quick at putting two and two together
  • He doesn’t even try to hide his competitiveness around you anymore, in the first few months of dating, he was really nice about winning or losing and would always congratulate you if you won and encourage you to try again if you lost but now it’s just all swear words or unintentional pouts if he loses 
  • But there are serious moments as well, you two Skype/Facetime a lot or sometimes just call each other and it’s of course not serious all the time but that’s where you’re the most likely to say the “I miss you” or “I really want you here”
  • He sends you some selfies and he wants some back bc he misses your face he misses being able to repeatedly poke your cheek to get your attention but he also sends a couple video clips here and there of him and Jimin or him and his fish bc why wouldn’t he get a fish he names her after a character in Overwatch and he acknowledges that she doesn’t do much but he loves her a lot
  • I also have a head canon that gamer!kook has a reptile of some sort, a lizard, a snake anything like that so there are some pictures of his lil reptile friends as well
  • You’re both a bit down bc your first anniversary is coming up but you’ll be working that day so on top of you being unable to fly back to spend it with him, you’ll also be busy for the majority of the day
  • But what you don’t know is that kook is actually flying out and using the time that you’re busy to set your hotel room up with candles and flowers and music and a cute lil dinner he orders in bc there’s zero chance of being able to cook anything himself since he’s only got a couple hours
  • He doesn’t get too dressed up but he does wear a white button up shirt and some black jeans so he still looks 100%
  • Your manager is texting him updates on where you are and when you’ll get back so he can have everything ready to go
  • You wanna cry when you walk into your hotel room and see everything set up and see kook and you give him a huge hug and forget all about the decorations for a few minutes bc he’s here he’s real you can actually hold him again
  • Then you start looking at all of the things he did, he’s got a couple presents on the bed, the dinner waiting on the table, all of the rose petals and your favorite flowers sitting in a vase on the nightstand it’s all just so cute
  • “I know it’s not much but I just flew in two hours ago and I thought you’d be too tired to go out so I kept it lowkey”
  • “It’s perfect”

This time, I wanted to say a proper goodbye before I left.
                          Stay by my side, okay?

First instalive

I really hope you guys like this one,that is from far my favorite until now.
If you wanna see anything in here,just let me know.

“Shawn?“You call him,opening the door of his house with your keys.

"I’m in the kitchen!"You hear him closing the oven.

"Can you help me here?” You ask,with all those books in you hand,you bag with your clothes and some supermarket bag in the car.

“Just a second guys!” You heard him talking to somebody,but didn’t notice who it was. “Hey,need some help here?” He asks trying to take the books from you.

“I can handle these,can you take the supermarket bag on the car?” You ask and he just nods giving you little kiss on the lips.“ You have some friends at home?” You waited him at the door.

“No,why?"He enters and close the door behind him,putting your keys on your bag.

"I heard you talking with someone.”

“Oh,no. It’s just the instalive, I started make dinner,and turn on the live.”

“Oh,that so you! Need an audience for everything now!” You joke and he laughs at you,following you to the living room.

“Put your bag upstairs and meet us at the live in the kitchen ok?” He asks,waiting for an answer. He always respected you decision to not be constant on media with him,but a few weeks ago,you asked him to be more open about the relationship,because you felt like the fans were missing on this,and you wanted to be more active on his life.

“Ok,I’m just gonna put this there and meet you guys.” You kiss his cheek and started going to his room.

“Sorry guys,Y/N just arrived from college with the rest of the ingredients for dinner.” He says,opening the supermarket bags and reading the messages in the phone screen.“Yes,she will be here in a second,she is just letting her books in a safe place.”

“Hey,I’m back!” You said feeling nervous,but trying not to show that up.

“Hey sweetheart,I was just telling then you were keeping your books safe. Say Hi to them!”

“Hey everyone,hope you are having a good day. What are you trying to do here love?”

“The chicken is on the oven with the veggies,all we need is to get the rice done. Ready?”

“Let’s go!” He stars to pass you what you’re asking while you put the water to boil.

“What have you being talking about until I arrived?”

“Actually,I was just asking then what tea should I make right now.”

“Which one they chose?”

“Peach,want one?”

“Not my favorite. I’ll stay with some of the juices I got.” He finish cutting the onion and pass it to me.

“They wanna know somethings about you. Wanna answer?”

“Sure,what’s the first one?”

“Ok, Angelmendes wants to know how was your day?”

“It was good,very productive actually! Thank you for asking.”

“You finished that work you had?” He asks look at you.

“Not yet,but I’m almost there.”

“Ok,next question from Tomatohater,she wants to know if you constant listen to my songs.”

“No,never!” He looked at you with his eyes wide open and you starts to laugh.“ Of course I listen to his music all the time. You know that Shawn!” He smile grow and you smile back.

“Lovebabymendes wants to know what is you favorite song from Illuminate?”

“I love all of them. But my favorite is Understand.” He keeps making some questions until the rice is done.

“Last question, Shawnhotmendes wants to know if I am a good boyfriend?” You laugh but he tries to hold his laugh.

“Oh,he is an amazing boyfriend,sometimes” His jaw drops and you laugh even more.

“Ok guys,dinner is ready,so we need to go. Thank you for making us company. Love you all! Y/n,wanna say bye?”

“Goodbye everyone,have a nice dinner you all. Thank you.” You say with a little of pink on your cheeks.

Shawn turn the live off and put his phone to recharge while you make the table for two.

“So,I’m,sometimes,an amazing boyfriend?”



“I didn’t get any formal kiss since I arrived here.” You turn to look at him and smile.

“Let me fix that right now!” With two steps he is in front of you,his hand on you cheeks and than that warm kiss you missed.“Better now?”

“Almost. Your luck is that I’m sleeping here,so you can make it up for me.” You say and he laugh.

Tonight is the final night of The Vampire Diaries. While most are shedding tears of sadness, I’m shedding tears of happiness. 8 long years I’ve had to deal with inconsistent writing, awful ships, fandom coddling, disastrous retcons, and ship wars.

TVD had so much potential to be an amazing show. That was until Julie Plague got her grubby hands on the sole writing, and hired the devil incarnate Caroline Drywall. They ran one of my favorite shows, a show I used to run home to every Thursday, into the ground. They lived their lives through certain characters and ships, to live out some pathetic school girl fantasy.

The only main POC who happens to also be a WOC, got the worst treatment of all. Bonnie Bennett, who I related to the most on the show, was the most selfless, kickass character I’ve ever known. But because she wasn’t Caroline or Eleanor, she got the shit end of the stick. Bonnie fans wanted nothing but the best for her. It took three seasons for Bonnie to even get a house, when we’ve already visited the other girls home. Where was Bonnie’s 18th birthday? Caroline and Elmo got one.

Don’t even get me started on Bamon not being canon. Or any interesting Bonnie ship for that matter. Instead we were thrown bread crumbs (i.e. B/remey & Bon/nzo) to “satisfy” us. I can go on forever on why Bamon should have been canon, but I’ll leave that for the Bamon Captain, Ian Somerhalder.

“Certain rabid Bonnie fans…”

“Bonnie is too beautiful and strong to be with a vampire like Kol…”

But yet this woman spent 8 years coddling another certain fan base, giving them stunt flash backs and retconned storylines.

I’m gonna stop now. I just wanna say goodbye and good riddance.

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Art & Anatomy 3.5 (Trixya) - Pinky
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 AN: For the Shrooms to my Pink! I hope you like this QweenKimChi/Rose/Shrooms/Squeaky 😊  This takes place between parts 3 & 4 - a little summer interlude. I apologize in advance for the concerning lack of pee scenes, this was a gift for Squeaks and we all know I’m the pee qween. ~ Pinky 🎀

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Long Distance with Jin

So I made a post about this yesterday and everyone said I should do the series and I really wanted to do it too so I figured I would, I also wanna say thank you to everyone for giving the last series so much love, it means so so much to me, onto the post, to start us off as he always does is the first member of the hyung line, half of Jinkook, an amazingly sweet cutie pie with the sweetest smile, his smile is so warm and welcoming and it lights up his entire face and I love it so much, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve college!Jin (here) which features youtuber!Jin (here) for everyone that hasn’t read the original posts, he has a food channel where he does cooking videos but also eating shows/mukbangs and taste tests and all the things lovely and he’s a cooking major
  • You two had been dating for a while when you went long distance
  • You meet while you’re in college when you take the same class as him and things just go from there and you live together in a teeny tiny apartment for a good chunk of time before you have to move
  • You were gonna be studying abroad for a couple semesters, your entire trip would last for a year and for any couple, a year apart from each other is a long time but especially so when you’re recently engaged and are in that extra lovey dovey stage of engagement where you want to do nothing but hold him and plan the wedding 
  • But you had been saving up for this for so long and you’d planned it out long before you’d even met Jin so you decide to go, with the encouragement of Jin
  • Of course he wants you to stay with him, who wants to not be able to see their loved one for so long but he knows how much this means to you
  • He still remembers talking about it on your first date and seeing your eyes light up and he wanted this for you just as much as you wanted it bc one of the most important things to Jin is that you’re happy and content
  • He doesn’t want you to look back in twenty years and regret not traveling and seeing the world more or doing what you wanted to do when you had the chance to do it so he’s one hundred percent supportive of it
  • Saying goodbye is s o hard for both of you, he’s trying to cheer you up the entire day but you know that he’s just as upset as you are
  • You can tell by the fact that he keeps stalling, asking if you have everything, did you forget your phone, charger, did you pack some snacks, some gum???
  • When he hugs you, he holds on so tightly and he nuzzles his nose into your neck and he’s honestly ready to go buy his own ticket and fly with you bc he doesn’t wanna say goodbye yet but he’s got a job and his own classes and family
  • He does tear up when he knows he can’t go with you any further but he tries to remind himself that you’ll have so much fun and that you’ve wanted this for so long and that it’s not that long
  • “They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?? That means I’ll love you even more after this” 
  • You give him another hug and a kiss and promise to call him when you land bc you’re gonna miss your flight if you stall any longer but you still don’t wanna leave his arms just yet so you let him walk you a bit further before you two have to say goodbye
  • The entire first night abroad, you’re on the phone with Jin and he’s making you laugh and being so positive but you can still hear that his voice has a bit of sadness in it so you turn the conversation serious bc you don’t want him sad
  • You two talk it out and you promise you can Skype or Facetime or just call each other every day so it’ll be like you’re still there in your tiny lil apartment that had become home
  • “I’ll always come home to you, who’s gonna be your taste tester??”
  • He finally laughs and then you start feeling so much better and so does he
  • It takes the both of you a couple weeks to get used to not being in each other’s space anymore
  • After living with him for two years, you had gotten used to waking up every morning to his warm arms and the soft kisses and making breakfast together and having him there to joke around with
  • You still had a roommate and you knew that Jungkook was staying with Jin for a couple weeks so neither of you were alone but it obviously wasn’t the same
  • You started watching his videos a lot more, you had always watched his newest ones but now you started to watch the older ones as well and that helped a lot, seeing him so happy and in his element and seeing the way he was such a natural and made everything seem so simple and easy
  • There’s daily communication to help make the distance seem shorter, sometimes you two will have your Skype up while you study so you can study together like you did in the apartment or while you cook bc then he can playfully scold you whenever you do something wrong
  • He’s constantly sending selfies/pictures with anything he’s around, whether it’s your favorite restaurant or the boys or whatever he made for dinner that night
  • You send him plenty of pictures back, especially of the scenery bc it’s a new city, new country, new everything so you wanna share your experience with him
  • Always always a l w a y s sends a good morning/night text
  • “Good morning<3″
  • “Jin, it’s 8 p.m. there”
  • “But it’s morning for you and I wanted you to wake up to a cute good morning message”
  • He has to visit you bc he can’t go a year with you in another country so during winter break, he flies over to spend his break with you and he does the same for spring break
  • You two hug for a good ten minutes and he doesn’t stop kissing you the rest of the day when he gets there and you wanna show him everything
  • It’s that one scene where you’re staring at the scenery and talking about how beautiful it is but he’s only looking at you
  • He’s always really affectionate so just imagine what he’s like after not seeing you for a few months, he’s not letting go ever again
  • He’s so so happy to be able to see the places you’d sent him pictures of and he loves seeing the city through your eyes and finding out what all of your favorite places are, your favorite restaurant, cafe, stores, hang out spots 
  • “Maybe one day, we’ll buy a home here”
  • “I like our home now”
  • “I like anywhere you are”
How Dean should come out on the Show...

I daydreamed this up at work whilst evidently not working and wanted to share it with you… If only I could pitch it to Andrew Dabb…

Okay so picture the scene. A generic MOTW episode with Sam and Dean and no Cas because he is off hunting Lucifer apparently (though since this is MY episode idea instead I am gonna say that the only reason Cas is sitting this one out is because he is currently visiting Claire and Jody for some R&R and the bros are stopping off to deal with this very minor hunt on the way to meet him and the girls. So THERE BOB SINGER.)

Anyway. The hunt is pretty straightforward, its either a Vamp, a standard salt and burn or I dunno, a Rugaru whatever you feel like. The monster isn’t important. What is important is that this is a DEAN centric episode.They roll up into this sleepy little mountain town somewhere in Colorado (or wherever, location isn’t important either) and go to interview the first witness. 

The first witness is a guy in his late thirties who clearly used to be a looker but the years have been hard on him. He can be anyone you wanna imagine. (preferably for me I’d say he’s dark haired and blue eyed but that’s my own preference *wink wink*.) the guy immediately recognises Dean. There goes the FBI cover story. Dean is completely taken back by this guy and gets kinda goofy around him much to Sam’s surprise and amusement. The guy (we’ll call him Jake) is really happy to see Dean and starts talking about how long it’s been and how he thought he’d never see him again after Dean left town. There is clearly a back story here hence why we get a nice close up shot of Dean’s face looking all sad and reminiscing before we cut to…

Young Dean, about 17 years old (played by Dylan Everett of course) is in the town with his dad and Sam whilst his dad deals with another hunt and he is skipping school. Through some consequence or another, Dean meets the younger version of Jake and they become friends. 

Throughout the episode, the story skips between the past and the present showing just how close Dean and Jake became as teenagers, though the subtext is obvious, the audience is still completely oblivious and thinks they are just friends. In the present time, Dean is obviously awkward around Jake and Sam continuously teases him and tries to get more info out of him about him and Jake’s past, since Dean never mentioned him to Sam. Jake outs himself as gay/bi pretty early in the episode in a similar way to how Jenna did in 11x02. It is never focused on, just mentioned in a passing comment about his “ex boyfriend” or something. No one even raises an eyebrow of course.

Jake either already knows they are hunters (maybe his family were the victims of whatever John was hunting in the past) or maybe he only found out now because he was a witness to the present day monster (or maybe the two monsters are connected who knows) but Jake is determined to help the boys in the case in present day. This leads to him getting hurt bad (maybe he dies but I hate that trope with a passion so since this is my story and not Bucklemmings the gay guy LIVES.) Dean is pretty broken up about it. He goes on about never bringing people with them into the hunt and how dangerous their lives are and this is why they can’t have relationships. Sam raises his eyebrows but doesn’t say anything. The Drs confirm that Jake will be okay but he is sleeping and Dean can’t deal with it. He leaves the hospital with Sam on his heel and gets into the Impala. 

Sam asks why they are leaving? doesn’t Dean wanna say goodbye to his friend?

Dean just shakes his head. They ganked the monster but someone got hurt once again. Its best if Jake just forgets he ever met Dean Winchester.

We cut back to the past. Dean is upset that he has to leave another town, another school, because his dad is taking him away again. Jake comes running up to him asking him whats wrong? that its okay because they can just meet up again? He can get a bus and visit Dean where he is moving to. But Jake of course doesn’t understand Dean’s life and it just makes him more upset. The two boys hug and when they pull apart Dean takes the initiative. He kisses him. There is no ambiguity about it. It is innocent and sweet and in no way platonic. The boys relationship was more than friendship all along. When they pull apart Dean tells Jake he will miss him and then he leaves. Young Jake is left watching as young Dean walks away from him. 

We cut back to present day Dean. Sitting behind the wheel of the impala clenching his jaw. He doesn’t say anything but Sam just looks at him with a sort of pity. Sam may not know the details of what happened between them like we as the audience do, but he knows something, because Sam always knows. The impala drives off into the night and we cut to credits. 

In the next episode everything is exactly has it always has been, Cas is in the next episode and acts as he always does. Nothing else is different, but suddenly the audience has a different perspective on everything they see. Because you see, Dean Winchester kissed a boy when he was 17, and therefore Dean Winchester has been bisexual all along. Nothing has changed, and yet everything has.