wanna put yo name on it


HUMP ME! FUCK ME! Daddy betta make me choke. HUMP ME! FUCK ME! My tunnel loves a deepthroat.

(It do)

Lick, lick, lick, lick I wanna eat yo dick. But I can’t fuck up my nails, so Imma pick it up with chopsticks. Mouth wide open, Mouth wide open, Mouth wide open like I was at the Dentist Mouth wide open, Mouth wide open, Put it so deep I can’t speak a sentence (1) My fingas in it gentle Explore this Ngga mental Imma write my name on his dick (his dick) Don’t need a pen or a pencil (No, I don’t) All I need is my body My pussy pink just like salami Don’t need no drink to get naughty Cause bitch I’m not Bill Cosby My pussy mean and it’s clean I’m not a squirter I cream Keep it smellin’ like baby wipes, I never smell like sardines (Ew!) This will never fucking end. Ballerina that dick when I spin I fucked this Ngga so good, I ain’t swallow one kid I think I swallowed twins! Go and put it down my butt! Let’s shoot a movie, no cuts. Ride the dick and my nipples licked that’s breastfeedin’ while we fuck. Gonna get the dick wet and firm, you betta sweat me out of my perm. Can’t wait til’ it’s my turn, I wanna blow bubbles with sperm. wanna hit it from the back? Let me arch my back Once I arch my back that means attack this pussy Don’t need no porn star cause I’m the moderin’. All my spit on his dick Sound like I’m garglin’. Make him bust 3 nuts is the task My panties stuck in my ass So I pulled them down to show him the pearl Made his pubic hairs grow fast. Fuck this pussy Fuck this pussy Fuck this pussy Come fuck this pussy Fuck this pussy Fuck this pussy Fuck this pussy Come fuck this pussy.

  • “My heart just pooped it’s pants.”
  • “I have a photographic butt memory.”
  • “[ name ], if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be.”
  • “If you need me I’ll be down here on the floor. Dying.”
  • “You’re tongue feels so much more different than my cat’s.”
  • “I’ve eaten nine birthday cakes, and I still feel empty.”
  • “Is it possible to be in love with twenty-five people at once?”
  • “Here’s a bunch of numbers. They may look random, but they’re my phone number.”
  • “Cute? He’s the reason faces were invented! You idiot!”
  • “Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.”
  • “[ name ] doesn’t get drunk. He/She just has fun.”
  • “I like to play with a yo-yo so something comes back to me.”
  • “You’ve got to calm down. Let’s see your ‘everything’s ok’ face.”
  • “Don’t tell me not to dance, [ name ]!”
  • “I’m not hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else.”
  • “Hey [ name ], I see you’re riding a bicycle. Do you know they call it a bicycle because bi means two? Speaking of two, there’s two of us. Wanna go on a date by the way?”
  • “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”
  • “I’m not afraid of ghosts. I’m not afraid of sharks. I’m not afraid of cancer. I’m just afraid of snakes. They really creep me out. Where are there arms and legs? IT’S NOT OKAY!
  • “So I’m being attacked by a zombie, and I start screaming, ‘do you wanna make out?’ And I make out with it.”
  • “Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?”

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The submissions wernt open on the other page so I guess I will submit it here :^^

Character Sheet Info
Name: Shifty
Nickname: Shift
Species: Monster
Soul Color: darkish red with a little bit of blue
Companions: I um have no idea who to put here X"D
Tool of the Trade/Art Weapon- digital drawing pen with digital pen drawing nibs
What your Art weapon turns into in battle: The nibs of the pen can be thrown like throwing knives, while the holder can turn into a sword
Abilities: Shift into a skeleton wolf
Teleport (although limited to three times until he passes out)
Likes/strengths: BBQ sauce
dislikes/weaknesses: Loud Noises
Strong Smells

Short Bio about yourself in the Academy including what class level you are at: Yo ma names Shifty, I am a apprentice but I wanna be the very best artist and fighter out there!

little things to love about junhui
  • jun born on june nice
  • can be a motivational speaker tbh
  • “YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!” you know what, i can.
  • super talented like why y’all always sleeping on him sometimes
  • You wanna go eat? oh let’s have some spicy food
  • jun loves spicy food
  • loves talking about the food in china, honestly i can listen to him talk all day
  • yo he loves reading books that’s amazing
  • top 10 visuals according to jun? 1-10: Jun.
  • can we ALWAYS talk about blond junhui
  • such a helpful older brother
  • remember when seungkwan was about to give up on putting his pjs in that small ass bag
  • also his english name is jerry lol 
  • but then when it comes to making a fire, shit breaks loose.
  • he can’t wink lol BUT HE’S STILL CUTE 
  • he also sounds like heechul too when he sings omfg 1000x yes
  • BRING BACK LONG HAIR JUNHUI jessi y u gotta make the boi cut off his long locks
  • we can’t forget actor!junhui 
  • he’s famous in china NICE NICE NICE 
  • such a beautiful dancer 
  • IS THE CUTEST MC!!!!!!!!!!
  • “Let’s gogi” 
  • “I make half hearts so fans can photoshop themselves next to me.”
  • remember when the fish on ofd smacked his ass and he was like “HEY STAY STILL” and smacks the fish back
  • pls love junhui and apprieciate the beautiful human that exsists on this earth

anonymous asked:

Hey hey >:3 what should we draw for you if we wanna give you an art gift???


her name is Eme, she is 16 yo and she’s totally the best mom friend figure you can rely on!! eme lost her sight when she was 6 years old, but she is strong and always handled it very well!

sorry the rough sketchs ;;;; i don’t have any proper drawing of her because i always put fandom as priority when i have to draw… so if you will give me a art gift (thank you so much??? i love you??) i’ll be the happiest person in the world kskjkjfjjkj 

she is my only and one oc, i love eme so much y_y

“Ladiesandgentlemen! This iiiiiis a Jazzy Phizzle Producshizzle!”

Even if you’ve heard those words, there’s a decent chance you might be sleeping on Phalon Anton Alexander, better known as Jazzy Pha. First of all, he’s not just some dude hiding behind a computer using blips and bloops and doesn’t know music. He’s actually the son of James Alexander, bassist for the Bar-Kays, a soul group from Memphis. And if you don’t know how dope the Bar-Kays are, I’m going to break it down for you another time.

Anyway, you might’ve just started hearing about Jazzy Pha when he started producing for Ciara (“1,2 Step; Goodies”) or working with T.I. (“Let’s Get Away”). But what if I told you (no Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus) that he’s was on Erick Sermon’s 1995 album Double or Nothing? And what if I told you that even before that–way back in 1990–he released an album under his real name, Phalon, and it was straight R&B/New Jack Swing? He had an album (and a song) called Rising to the Top. This joint has 663 views on YouTube right now, so I know I’m putting some of y'all up on game. He had another joint on there called “Don’t Cha Wanna” which has less than 900 views on YouTube right now…so again, boom. It’s so 1990. This joint makes me wanna break out a polka dot silk blowie shirt and get a gumby and do the running man on top of a roof and perform at the school dance on Family Matters for Laura Winslow or at Ashley Bank’s birthday party on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “All these 90s fantasies on my mind/only thing is with mine/they come true in due time…”

Yeah, I quoted Drake. Let me have my moment, man.

Anyway, Jazze doesn’t produce as much these days, but don’t sleep, man. A lot of these guys who you think either just sample and sequence can really compose, write, and play. And like the Sanaa post from earlier, I wanna remind you that success is no accident. You need to build a dynasty.

If only I had just one day
I want to peacefully fall asleep
intoxicated with your sweet scent
If there’s a chance in my busy schedule
I want to put my body in your warm and deep eyes
I like that, your long, straight hair
Your breathtaking neck when you
put it up and the strands that fall out
Wherever we go, my handbag is your waist
Yo ma honey, whenever I see you,
I run out of breath
Like the streets of Myungdong,
our BGM is the sound of breathing
Your voice when you say my name
I wanna be locked in you and swim in you,
I want to know you more. An explorer
venturing through your deep forest of mystery
I appreciate the masterpiece that is you
because your existence alone is art
I imagine this all night every day
because it’s a meaningless dream anyway.

Min Yoongi (Suga) ‘Just One Day’

Basically this verse is one of my favourites ever

I saw this long ass post by a deluded SB shipper about how they re-used SB lines for WA..”suit or no suit, you’re still the same guy”..n i laughed so hard because u know what?


The only barry she really knows is the barry that woke up from that Coma who had powers…now if the person is gonna talk about how “caitlin is the one who deserves to say it to barry” then i politely tell u that u r ONE CRAZY HEFFA…

Caitlin doesn’t know the barry that was plagued by nightmares

Caitlin doesn’t know the barry that was scared of the dark

Caitlin doesn’t know the barry that was bullied throughout high school, the barry that was called crazy by friends..

Now let’s be real, do y’all think if it was caitlin that barry said “caitlin, my dad he didn’t do it” she would have believed him? Negative Nancy Caitlin snow? That one who NEVER believes in barry? That one? Get over yourselves!!

They wanna make it seem like Barry cares so much about Caitlin n Caitlin knows barry so well meanwhile the little shit barry allen went to his mom’s grave n was busily being a smooth ass MF, caressing iris’ face with his shiny ass eyes AFTER he got his powers INSTEAD of going to save Caitlin..talking about “you’re everything to me n will always be” when Zoom was naming His n caitlin’s kids, Crazy killer frostina Zolomon and Scary Zoom-Zoom Zolomon jnr (Zoom-Zoom’s nicky is ZZ btw n they made it Zoom-zoom just so that there would be no confusion but that MF be lazy so he just said he can’t say Zoom-Zoom all the time, hence the nicky.)

Now we all know if it was Iris he would have done what wells wanted right at the beginning n would have been running around looking for iris like there’s no tomorrow

But they wanna act like the most important person in Barry’s life is Caitlin snow…Caitlin? THAT one? The one that barry even forgot to mention when he was talking about the people he loves…he even mentions Wally’s name n he’s known wally for a minute LMAO n y’all wanna put Caitlin-negative Nancy miss Bad posture Snow BEFORE Iris-i’m gorgeous n barry allen wants to shove me in some closet n eat me up-West-(future)-allen?

Y’all MF’s be crazy….TAKE YO DAMN PILLS SB’s!!

7x20 feelings

I have to say I was proud of my baby, Damon. a.k.a. THE MAIN ONE DOING PRODUCTIVE SHIT THE WHOLE EPISODE!!! Keeping Bonnie alive (even though that bitch Rayna played you) by going the distance unlike certain other bitches!!! Spilling truth tea to Bonnie and Enzo in every scene!! Leading the damn brigade! Reassuring Bonnie to not give up like she’s used to doing and actually delivering on his promise to not let her die! DAMON GOT SHIT DONE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT’S UP!! HE IS NOT LETTING HIS WIFE DIE! EVEN IF SHE GIVES UP ON HER LIFE, HE NEVER WILL NO MATTER HOW SHE FEELS TOWARD HIM!!!



HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL IS DAMON BEING MORE OF A BOYFRIEND THAN YO ASS!! It should be YO ASS that’s pulling out all the stops, makin all the calls, telling Bonnie not to give up on living, telling Bonnie that her living is worth the price of opening a damn vault!!!! AND YOU HAVE THE F U C K I N G GALL TO COME AT DAMON FOR KEEPING BONNIE A-FUCKING-LIVE!! LITERALLY DAMNING HIM FOR SAVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S LIFE! Shit you seemed more okay with Bonnie dying than Bonnie did!!! Yea you all ready to do the cozy boyfriend shit while leaving all the real shit to Damon. Damn, I knew I wasn’t feeling you being all lax and shit while not accepting responsibility for your massive fuck up and blaming everything on Damon in 7x19 but NOW I am NOT here for Bozo, I am NOT here for Enzo St. John’s actions supporting Bonnie dying since he wants to stay the perfect, non confrontational boyfriend that can stay on Bonnie’s good graces. If Bonnie would rather die than do something that will save her life, then let her die??????!!!!!???!?!?! WHAT KINDA FUCKERY ENZO, HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND THAT AIN’T WORTH SHIT!!! He’ll figure it out my ass!! He was right next to Bonnie playing kissy face on the couch after his determination flew off somewhere. His bitch ass might as well been pickin out fucking coffins!!! And people wonder why I can’t support this Bozo mess. This is for Enzo in this episode.


I didn’t have any problem with you until you put Damon’s name in your mouth. Talkin about Damon screwing up again???? Ummm, excuse you, did Damon not just save Bonnie! Was yo ass not the last one to help while Damon’s been handling shit from the start. Sweetheart, you killing ONE vampire off RayRay’s list and what making soup was….cute…..however if it was up to you and Enzo for that matter Bonnie would have been up in that grave. Bitches who ain’t doing shit always wanna criticize!!!

 Am I in the mothafucking twilight zone right now?? Are these bitches in they right minds???

The only person that has a right to be upset with Damon is Bonnie!!! Everyone else can go have several theater seats with they Damon blaming bullshit!!!

otataki  asked:

Hey, I was wondering what you think about #asianivasion and also something for latinos?

The tag name…

… is #Asianinvasion?

… that’s… so… FREAKING COOL!

They put it in for May 8th and y'all being organize and stuff. And y'all don’t wanna co-opt and give us our own space…

… and that is REALLY lovely. I’m personally am excited to see y'all “roll on with yo bad selves” May 8th!

As far as latinos… I dunno. Having heard anything. But I do know #AfroLatin people are going to be all up in that tag as well.

I’m actually looking forward to all these creative spin offs. I really, really do.