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practice!! >///< (*cough* so umm my first digital drawing here… please be gentle with me~~)

Playing A Game

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Crowley

Pairing: Crowley x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Fluff…that’s it. Sorta crackish, I dunno…not much tho. Just fluff and a bit of kissing.  

Word Count: 808

Summary: When both Winchester’s take an interest in Y/n, the outcome is unexpected.

A/N: Ok, requested fic by @hannahriley12​-Its fine! I’m actually only on season 6. Can I have one where the reader is a hunter and sitting in a bar. Dean starts to hit on the reader but the reader takes in interest in Sam. Sam like rubs it in deans face a little since he always gets the girls. Sorry it’s a little weird. Thank you! So, we all know I’m not a Sam person, so this was just rather…unrealistic to me. So I sorta changed stuff up and made it a little different. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!!

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They’d both been ogling you from afar.

It was slightly hilarious, the way they both just stared and practically drooled, not noticing the other doing it.

You knew it was only a matter of time before at least one of them got up and tried to hit on you.

Less than two minutes later, Mr Hottie With The Eyes walked up to you, smirking as he licked his lips.

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highlight of chapter 1128 for me tbh

Practice for exam

은/는, 입다/신다/쓰다/하다/끼다

  • 등산하는 사람들이 대부분 건강해요.
  • 예쁜 치마를 샀는대 입어봤어요.
  • 학교에 가기 전에 신발을 신고 모자를 쓰고 반지를 끼고 목걸이를 하세요.

은/는 것 같다

  • 그 영화가 재미있는 것 같아요.
  • 그런 무거운 가방을 여기까지 든 것이 어려운 것 같아요.
  • 오랫동안 헬수에 간 것 같아요.

을 것 같다, 자고 하다

  • 채식주의자 돼면 건강에 좋을 것 같아요.
  • (소피아: 김밥 먹어갑시다!) 소피아가 김밥 먹어가자고 했어요.


  • 나는 여기 있는데 너는 어디냐?
  • 예쁜에 좀 직지 않아요?

어/아지다,  어/아도, 으라고 하다

  • 날씨가 더웠는다 갑자기 추워졌어요.
  • 태형이가 랩을 아무리 연습해도 늘지 않는데 남준이가 계속 연습하라소 했어요.

은 적이 있다/없다, 도…. 도

  • 한국어 간 적이 있어요? 
  • 아니요 간 적이 없어요.
  • 요즘 바쁜데 시험도 숙제도 많아서 열심히 공부해야 돼요.

은/는지 알다/모르다

  • 자전거응 타는지 알아요?
  • 수영하기 이렇게 어려운지 알았어요?
  • 아니요 어려운지 몰랐어요.

읍/습니다, 냐고 하다

  • 지민이 카메라에게 왜 저를 안 촬영했냐고 했습니다.
Strangers AUs No One Asked Me For
  • You have got to be the most philosophical drunk I have ever met; do you come to this bar often?
  • I know you don’t know me, and I definitely don’t know you, but you really suck at riding this bike so I’ll teach you how to ride right now to save you future embarrassment
  • I’m hitchhiking with this person I do not know, holy shit balls what if they’re a deranged murderer or something and– wait you like [fave band/singer/etc]? Dude, let’s rock the fuck out with your volume at 100
  • So my friend stood me up, and your friend stood you up, so how about you let me have your extra movie ticket and we’ll go see Jurassic World together?
  • I was completely ignoring you the entire time, but the moment I heard my NOTP’s name slip out your lips, I freakin’ snapped
  • Because I took pity on you, I’m giving you ride home on my (motor)bike and we’re having some pretty deep conversations on some really deep topics… Wanna do this again sometime?
  • Well random stranger, I saw from across the arcade you’ve been kicking major ass on DDR… Allow me to dethrone you.
  • Turns out that car I kicked yesterday was the car that belonged to my new lit teacher and they recognize me. FML
  • I just got a major role in a play and this stranger I see at my bus stop all the time has been helping me practice them… Hey do maybe you wanna go see the play?
  • Why the hell did you take a picture of me?! Wait… You think I’m cute?… *blushing* wanna fight…?!
  • So I’ve been singing some old Disney Classics and you heard through our really thin apartment walls and joined in right when I got to the chorus of Can You Feel The Love Tonight (and holy shit do we make a good duet!)
  • So I see you’re watching the new season of OITNB on your phone… plz let me watch with you
  • It’s the middle of June, who in the living fuck is going around singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town on loop obnoxiously loud in the middle of the store
  • So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!
  • Eww they like fishing? Crap they heard me and now they’re making me go fish with them; why do I open my big mouth at the shittiest of times?
  • For the path month this person at my favorite bookstore has been telling me about their shitty at home life everyday on Saturday at a specific time and they aren’t here today, what do I do?
  • I’ve been having these convos with this person in the class after mine by writing notes to each other on the desk we both share and I wanna meet them now
  • Alternatively, I drew this sweet ass picture on my desk and when I came back to class the next day there was a note written on the desk that said it ‘was not too shabby’ and pointed out the flaws in it. So that kinda became routine as I continue to try and get your approval on one of my pieces and damn it you are hard to please
  • I threw a concert and you’re the only person that showed up… Wanna free T-Shirt and CD? (totally not from Steven Universe *cough*)
  • We don’t speak the same language, but despite that we’ve hung out together the entire summer somehow managing to get by on strange gestures and whatnot and despite the language barrier I really like you, but I get the feeling you’ll be leaving soon and I don’t even know your name
  • You ‘ve been reading my favorite reread at the library, so I’ve been stoking you out waiting for you to finish it and you noticed me

sapphicshawol  asked:

So my man I'm going to need links to the performances they've done... Considering getting into them...


theyve only dont one performance w their own song and he rest theyre backup dancers but otherwise:

i mean theyve been back up dancers for those two songs in a lot of performances but those two are the best but some other things you should watch

  • Dance Practices ((lots of covers and some flips and shit, not all practices r in this one tho)) (((i found this one especially for u))
  • Vlives!!!!! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ((2 and 3 r eng subbed))

thats all i can think of rn pls stan them with me theyre so cute