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Lights Out

Halloween Special !!!

 Pietro x Reader 

Warning: spooky ??

 Inspired by - otpprompts: It’s Halloween night and your OTP is watching a horror movie. Person A thinks the movie is stupid and keeps rolling their eyes. Later when they go to bed and turn the lights off, Person A is suddenly scared but keeps denying it to person B. 

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Lights Out 
(Pietro Scaredy Cat x Reader)

 Pietro rolled his eyes as Y/N jumped in his arms once again. It was the 31st of October and the gang had just returned from one of the biggest costume parties of the year - Stark’s of course. 

The party ended earlier than usual, so the team decided to watch a movie, and what better on a Halloween night than to watch a horror film? Everyone was on board, especially Y/N, being the festive cookie she was. So when the party was over, they all got out of their (fabulous) costumes and got in their comfiest pajamas before they gathered in the lounge. 

 Pietro was reluctant to watch the chosen movie, for he thought horror films were ridiculous and stupid. “They’re not even scary,” he would argue about every horror movie, somehow getting on everyone’s nerves. Pietro would say this because his only experience of a horror film was the Toy Story Halloween Spin off and an episode of Gravity Falls. One thing Pietro liked about these horror films was that he had an excuse to hold Y/N as close as he wants in public. 

 As the night went on and the movie got increasingly scarier, Pietro’s eyes travelled everywhere but the T.V. screen. Although he kept himself from looking at the painted face of the killer doll, e couldn’t help but take a little peek, and once he’s done that, he’d lost all ability to look away. Pietro was good though, for every jump scare and every scene that made the hair on the back of his neck stand straight up, he kept his mouth shut and his body still, only clutching onto his girlfriend tighter as if to comfort her when really he was comforting himself. 

 When Natasha screamed was when all hell broke loose. Natasha was the toughest one of the group when it came to these things, so when she screamed, you better believe everyone else did too. Clint, who was “protecting” Natasha by hiding behind her, jumped up and let out a high pitched squeal as he pulled Natasha’s shoulders back. Tony ran straight out of the room, yelling out profanities and blaspheming with all the air in his lungs. He ran back in the room when he realized that he was walking into the dark, alone. Bruce was already hiding under his blanket, but he screamed too. Steve… Oh the poor captain. Have you ever seen a turtle cowering back into its shell? Well, Steve is the turtle and his shirt was his shell. He was the only one who kept a part of his costume on (his vampire cape) and he felt no regrets as he hid his head into the collar. Thor, who was asleep, woke up and screamed as well. Wanda threw the popcorn into the air and cowered under Vision’s arm whilst Vision stared at the screen blankly. Y/N let out an unusual scream mixed with a chuckle and a choked sob as she buried her head into the crook of Pietro’s neck, and Pietro. 

Pietro’s screams were chopped with deep intakes of breath in between every “Ah!” And “Oh My God!”

 After the scream fest, Clint decided to throw a dart at the Blu-Ray’s power button, shutting the television off and relieving the team of the fear. The first one to recover was Natasha who let out an amused laugh before standing up and bidding the group a goodnight. 

 "Wait!“ Clint called out as she began to leave. "You have a king sized bed, right?!” Thor was already asleep on the couch, so no one bothered to move him anymore. He was a god, he wasn’t scared of shit.

 "Looks like I’m stuck with you,“ tony frowned at Bruce as Wanda and vision paired up with each other for the night. Wanda didn’t want to lie to herself and push the thought that she could sleep in her room alone after what she had just witnessed. Bruce pushed his glasses up his nose and chuckled, "Tony, I appreciate the offer but I’m perfectly capable of sleeping alone-,”

 "Oh, no, it wasn’t an offer.”

 "Oh,“ Bruce nodded. "Alright then,”

 Once they left, Steve decided to head to his room as well. He seemed unfazed when he bid Y/N and Pietro a goodnight, but his shaking legs and tight grip on his cape said otherwise as he exited the room. 

 "Piet?“ Y/N whispered, shaking Pietro’s arm that was draped around her. Pietro let out a low hum as he stared straight at the blank television, still fazed by the film. 

 "Bed time, Piet,” she told him and reached up to touch his face so that he could turn to her. He nodded and lifted her up before they ran to their room. 

When Pietro set Y/N on her feet, he turned back at the door and made sure it was locked- scanner, doorknob, deadlock, chain and all. Y/n took notice and smirked. “Movie spooked you too, huh, tough guy?" 

 Pietro scoffed, ”Please," 

Pietro undressed to his boxers and slipped under the covers. "Was not scary at all,” “Mhm,” Y/N smirked, “Keep telling yourself that, Piet,” Y/N walked over to the light switch and reached out to turn out the lights, but Pietro stopped her. 

”Draga?“ He pouted from under the sheets, his hands holding them close to his chest. "Maybe we can leave the lights on just for tonight, yes?" 

 Y/N shook her head and giggled.

 "Oh, Pietro,” she walked over to him and crawled under the covers with him. “My sweet, sweet Pietro,”

 "Thank you, Y/N,“ Pietro smiled and brought her to his chest. His legs tangled with hers and his lips pressed to her forehead. "I’m sorry for making fun of you earlier." 

 "Mhm,” Y/N mumbled. "Wanna play hide and clap?” she joked.

 Pietro scowled and shoved her shoulder, “Shut up, dragoste,” Y/N laughed and closed her eyes. “Goodnight, Piet.”

 "Goodnight, Y/N,“ Pietro chuckled and closed his eyes too. There was a silence until there were two loud claps in the room.

Pietro’s eyes snapped open. "Y/N?” He looked down at Y/N sleeping figure and frowned. He shook her and brushed the hair out of her face.

 "Draga mea, this is not funny.“ But it was no use, Y/N was asleep and he was hearing things, or so he thought. Just as Pietro was about to close his eyes again and forget anything ever happened, there were two more claps again, and then the lights went out.