wanna party with them


Vilde: I’ve chatted with Elias now

Eva: new chat? Where is Noora

Vilde: they want to take us to a party!

Eva: ah, now I get it. Hehehehe

Vilde: yes Eva…

Eva: BAM

Chris: now we’re starting to talk Easter

Eva: talkeaster?

Chris: *talk easter*

Sana: *gif saying ‘hell no’*

Vilde: why not?

Eva: I wanna party with them 😩

Sana: not going to any party with my brother

Vilde: it’s for Noora

Sana: they’re not her type

Vilde: but what about some innocent partying? 😇

Sana: no Vilde

Chris: *gif saying please please please please

Not My Wife

Characters: Danneel Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki

Pairing: Danneel x Jensen, Jared x Gen

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, Nesnej (yep that’s a warning - ask Jared :P)     

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: I blame Gen and her livestream for this, but also @mysupernaturalfics who is an enabler! She is also the gem that betaed this for me.

Side note this is my first time writing a Padackles fic with no reader, but I can promise you it won’t be the last time. I love these guys so much and I wanna show them some love without inserting third of fifth parties into their lives cause they are perfect as is.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


A night like this what exactly what they all needed. It wasn’t that neither of them didn’t love their jobs, their lives, and kids, but sometimes parents needs to take a breather to be husband and wife again. This weekend every year was exactly what Jensen and Danneel needed, as well as Jared and Gen. ACL was an event they aways attended together.

Jared and Jensen were best friends. More than that, they were brothers and even though every day was spent together on set 4 days of the week, 9 months out of the year, a huge chunk of their free time was spent in each other’s company as well. Very much helped by the fact that their wives had become as much like sisters as Jared and Jensen were brothers.

Tonight wasn’t about Supernatural, opening of a brewery or even their kids. It was simply about having fun and enjoying each other’s company. The music was loud and the alcohol was flowing. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, dancing and laughing, never wanting the night to come to an end.  

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join us this week on “nyx can’t draw skeletons”! this episode’s victims: red and stretch!

also excuse me as i continue to cackle about how red’s feet don’t even touch the floor

here’s the sketch version with the notes i wrote at two in the morning, too, just ‘cause i thought they were funny

the tortoise’s two cents: AHHHH, LOOOOK, it’s me between my lovelies! ♡♡♡ 

 This wonderfulness is from Sassy Nyx’s party yesterday, where I was greedy and needed both my skelemen in my life. I not even gonna lie; I’m still giddy over it. 

I see why you guys like the parties so much. Thank you soooo much for drawing this! I’m so happy right now. x]

anonymous asked:

Could I get RFA reaction to a shy MC ?



- oh boy

-this guys an actor……. have you ever met an actor????? Usually very outgoing people

-he probably overwhelms you at first

-but he’s usually really aware of your feelings so he’ll reel himself back in before you get upset

-v nice to you and tries not to put you in the spotlight

-still shamelessly flirts but not as explicit or bold as he would have done if you were less shy

-the last thing he would want would be to hurt you by being mean

-tries to control his inner beast because sometimes??? you’re just super cute?


-you’re shy?? He knows a club at his college that helps people deal with, overcome, and accept shyness! Wanna invite them to the party?

-he doesn’t really act different around you?

-he thinks you’re v cute!


-she’s used to dealing with all kinds of people because of her work

-she’d be the most patient and kind out of everyone

-if you haven’t said anything in the group chat in a while, she’ll ask for your opinion

-Jaehee is such an angel, if she knows you feel uncomfortable about something or if you get put in a situation you don’t want to be in, you can bet she’s going to step in and give a stern talk to the whole group about respecting other people’s wishes (even if she can’t stand up for her own TT^TT)

-gives you the space you might need

-always by your side when you need her.

-didn’t really expect someone that just walked into Rika’s apartment to be shy but hey what can you do


-emotions? what’s that?

-he doesn’t understand?

-why can’t you just say what you want?

-it takes this boy a long time to learn that some people can’t just do what they want and that they can be afraid of confrontation

-he learns to respect boundaries but still…… r u d e

-at RFA parties, if people talk to you too much and you’re feeling uncomfortable, he’s 110% going to go over there and wrap an arm around your shoulders, guiding you away

-(it’s going to be embarrassing only for a moment, he swears)

-once said something creepy about you being like a doll?



-always expecting you to be as outgoing as him before he realizes that you just a r e n ‘ t

-v playful about teasing you about it

-sometimes he’ll be good and have a calm conversation but realistically??? Not usually

-talks too much

-actually, sometimes he talks enough so you don’t even have to, which can be good

-if you ever need to get something done, he’s the guy to talk to. He has a guy for everything

-however if you need to do something like talk to someone (in person, not email) he’ll go up to them with you and bring the energy to the conversation. All you need to do is give the info (and try to keep him from saying anything stupid smh)

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i love your hc for married edmund, can you do narnian hc for married peter?

  • peter is the first one to get married
  • their wedding is the biggest party in narnia
  • susan made sure of that
  • she planned everything
  • to the guests and the flowers and the rings
  • edmund is the bestman and his #1 job is to keep peter from freaking out
  • lucy is the bridesmaid
  • mrs beaver keeps crying
  • “look at my son all grown up”
  • mr beaver is very embarassed
  • they all danced all night
  • peter and his partner left at dawn to be in a more quiet place
  • susan is mad
  • “they didn’t even taste the cake!!!”
  • peter is a very thoughtful husband
  • he loves making tiny gifts
  • and leaving tiny notes to remind his partner he loves them
  • every year for their anniversary they do something special
  • and each year susan keeps asking them if they wanna throw a party to celebrate

does this count as a reference????? idk i did flat colors so it could be used as a ref if anyone likes them alot

anywho these are my version of the boys (if you wanna ask anything about them feel free)

Chat - Eva, Vilde, Chris, Sana - at 16:53, 13.04

I’ve chatted with Elias now

New chat? Where’s Noora

They’re taking us to a party!

ah, now I get it. hahaha

Yes Eva…


Now we’re taking easter!

Taking easter?

*Talking easter*

(Nicki Minaj gif)

Why not?

I wanna party with them 😩

Not going to any party with my brother

It’s for Noora though

They’re not her type

But how about just a little partying? 😇

No Vilde

(Parks and Rec gif)

the riot club rp meme

You may change any verb / sentences to fit your muse !

  • “It’s actually just PIN. The ‘N’ stands for number, it’s Personal Identification Number. So, if you say ‘Pin Number’ you’re saying ‘number’ twice. You’re saying "Personal Identification Number Number”.[chuckles] “That’s just wrong.”
  • “Well, you know what they say: girls for now, girls for later.”
  • “Care to play the game ‘Spot The Virgin’?”
  • “Harry Potter IS gay. He’s clearly fucking Weasley.”
  • “Your brother is the best person ever! He’s a legend!”
  • “I’m just very passionate… about corporate finance.”
  • “What the fuck happened to your face?”
  • “You know in a few years these boys will be very important.”
  • “You got quite a posh name. [Name], are you? Posh.”
  • “Sir, you can’t go through there — oh, you’re HIM. I’m so sorry.”
  • “I’m offering you a future.”
  • “We really shouldn’t be doing this.”
  • “These people are not your friends.”
  • “We’re in the top university in the world. Sure, there are twenty thousand other people — but there are no more than ten in the Riot Club.”
  • “It’s time for you to leave.”
  • [Punches somebody] [Laughs] “Oops.”
  • “Couldn’t it have just been a mistake?”
  • “I was only saying what every other fucker in here was thinking.”
  • “I don’t give a shit about the club. Smash it.”
  • “I am sick to DEATH of poor people!”
  • “Oh, it’s just a little bit of fun.”
  • “You said you needed me, and I came. I think that makes me a nice person.”
  • “You’re too good for us? We’ve got the finest sperm in the country in this room, you should be paying us to let you drink it.”
  • “Stop it! FUCKING STOP IT!”
  • “You let them humiliate me.”
  • “I need your help, something’s happened.”
  • “Why should I help you after what you put me through?”
  • “You were there. You had a choice. And you chose to do nothing.”
  • “It is our time, gentleman. Let us eat till we explode. Let us drink ‘till out eyes fall out. Let us dance footloose upon the earth, and carpe some fucking diem !”
  • “We all did this.”
  • “I’m just bringing the sexy back.”
  • “Excuse me, I’m in charge here!”
  • “I’m not just a live version of the sock you wank into.”
  • “Do… we need to like each other?”
  • “There weren’t any girls at your school, were there?”
  • “Don’t worry, girls are just like boys. But cleverer.”
  • “I swear, being at Oxford, it’s like - being invited to a hundred parties all at once. And I wanna go to all of them, you know?”
  • “My dad would’ve cried if I HADN’T got into Oxford. My whole family came here.”
  • “Can you stop flirting with me, please?”
  • “People like us don’t make mistake.”