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I’m gonna update my byf a bit, it’s not really necessary to read but if y’all want to you can in just a little bit

This is what a happy woman looks like after gym. That was yesterday and now I could barely get out of bed and barely stay awake, gotta love post lymphoma fatigue. Buuut Imma go for a jog at least today still. Couldn’t make it to the gym today but I wanna do something.

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Does it bother you that emison didn't get like a legit makeout session the way the other straight couples did? Don't get me wrong I'm very grateful for their ending and the bed scene but like all the other couples get legit makeout sessions instead of small little pecks. It's like they don't wanna make the lesbian kisses too hot or something.

I mean of course I wish they got more, however, considering before the network didn’t want them showing anything sexual at all with two girls in earlier seasons, I’m pretty happy with what we got honestly (I just wish Marlene didn’t say there’d be HBO level sex)

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A couple of days ago I grouped up with these two guys in 3v3 elimination. They were okay at first, i mean, they made a little uncomfortable- (don't ask why) but they were okay! but then. suddenly,, out of the blue, I'm dragged into comp. which, me being a total doormat, halfheartedly agreed to. Why. Why did I agree to this. We lost all three matches. Not to mention, in the last one they left midgame. No warnings or "oh my moms calling me gtg" gee.. i hope i don't run into those guys again later.

That sounds awful! Are you alright? Honestly I can relate to you, and the fact that they just up and left!
Jerks! Sorry anon, if you dont wanna do something that makes you uneasy or doesn’t sound fun you shouldn’t. :(
(I hope you dont have to deal with them ever again.)

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

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long mornings and longer thoughts

  • *in the future*
  • jisung, the oldest: mom why do most of us have korean names
  • sungwoon, 2nd oldest: why do you want me to find a guy named noh taehyun
  • minhyun, 3rd oldest: why do you always tell me i'll reunite with minki, aron, dongho, and jonghyun
  • seongwoo, 4th oldest: what is a slate
  • daniel, 5th oldest: why do you always get me a kitten for my birthday *surrounded by 13 kittens*
  • Jaehwan, middle child: stop calling me a vocal legend mom i like to rap
  • Jihoon, 5th youngest: why are you calling me winkboy and saying jeojjang or gugugaga whenever i pass you
  • Woojin, 4th youngest: why do i have an eyepatch on
  • Jinyoung, 3rd youngest: stop calling me and jihoon winkdeep
  • Daehwi, 2nd youngest: why are you trying to get me to befriend someone named somi
  • Guanlin, youngest: i'm not a swaggy rapper, i'm a vocal legend. why do i have a pet chick named seonho
  • me: *sweats nervously*

well this took longer than it should ^^; meet my new Ocs!! Salus and Andrea!! i haven’t fully developed a story for them yet (actually i have but im afraid some might say its pretty dumb ;v;) and i might make more comics about them soon!!

writing fanfic like

Fic tags/warnings : angst, pining, friends to lovers, roommates, but they don’t live in the same actual room, flatmates, modern flat, domesticity, cooking, cooking breakfast, not cooking lunch or dinner, eggs, omelettes, non-veganism, dish ware, tea, drinking the tea, bickering, snark, watching tv, rupaul’s drag race, shangela, more pining, referring to boys as gorgeous, holding hands, interlaced fingers, legs touching, knees touching, fabrics, use of shoulder as a pillow, cuddling, breathing, hearts pounding, continued television watching, whispering, failing to act, time skips, sleeping, sleeping in separate rooms, nightmares, waking up, moving to the same bed, bed sharing, cotton sheets, awkwardness, hugging, comfort, a restful night’s sleep, morning breath, pretend disgust, staring into each other’s eyes, kissing, giggles, face touching, noses, butterfly kisses, fluff, lots of fluff, pressing together, frotting, frotting through pajamas, silk pajamas, flannel pajamas, friction, hardness, pleasure, sweat, ecstasy, sexual release, bodily fluids, mentions of laundry, implied bathroom usage, more breakfast, hugging from behind, feelings of surprise, feelings of contentment, happiness, hopeful resolution

Commenter: y wouldn’t u have a warning for doing the dishes? I hate being reminded of my chores, had to stop reading