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Do you have videos planned for your youtube?

I do!!!
I kinda wanna do some animation memes cuz that seems like a fun way to practice animation. Also, I’m currently workin on one and it’s kinda long, and the next one I wanna make it about weird laws or something idk

So, I’ve been considering… I dunno what has me drawn to the idea, but I kinda wanna make like… An ask blog for my characters? Or maybe like a blog as though one of them is running it? I mean, I guess there’s a whole “Would anyone even be interested?” question, but I feel I’m more curious to know if this is even a good idea?

I’d still wanna make this a comic, but there’s always been something about doing an ask blog format that has helped to further develop characters that I am writing and feels like a fun way to just have folks engage and stuff.

Other comic authors seem to have done this, but I really am curious if folks like it or not?

↳ Cynthia Reynolds x Iris West

“And it is stupid and schmoopy. But there is something about you that It makes me wanna do stupid, schmoopy things. And I hate the word “schmoopy” and people who use it.”

“Everyone’s gotta go sometime, right? And I am pretty sure today just… Isn’t my day.”


hi this is my first time writing a 2nd pov fic. honestly it feels more like some otherworldly figure is telling You about how she met riko or something. oops. kinda wanna make a second one

She was perfect in your eyes. Her flowing auburn hair and warm amber eyes. The way she smiles at you makes your heart race. Compared to your silver locks paired with ocean blue eyes, she was a burning fire. You’ve always wondered how she cold love someone as dull as yourself.

“C’mon You! I want to go to our special place.”

Your special place with her. It was where you two first met, after all. Thats the entire reason why it was special. If it didn’t have any significance, it would just been that one forest near the park.

It was a small forest near the outskirts of the park. It was a good distance away so kids wouldn’t tread over there. In the middle of the lush green forest, there was a clearing. You wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for the sound of her playing the viola.

It was a soft distant sound. You were sitting on a bench in between the forest and the park. Her viola was still audible with the few children running around you. Wanting to hear the music, you walked over to the forest. Thats when you saw her.

“Look, its where I first saw you.”

Ever since you first saw her, she wouldn’t get off your mind. The way she gracefully played the instrument in her hand, the way she looked at you with curiosity. The way she first said hello. If you had gone back in time and told yourself that you met a woman who would change your life, you would laugh.

She was practically burned into your mind. The more you sat in the clearing and listened, the more she was buried into your mind.

“You, I love you.”

You pressed your lips against hers. “I love you too, Riko.”

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

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Lol I wanted to do this for prom season, but I obviously missed it…but yaaay, two cool dads taking their daughter prom dress shopping. xD