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Could you do some angsty headcanons where the main three + Beka are pair skating/messing around with their s/o and they drop them while doing a lift or a toss or something? (If you wanna make it super angsty what if their s/o got hurt from it)

((no super angst pls))


-Immediately starts crying at the fact that he hurt s/o

-Definitely overreacts, with stuff like ‘do we need to take you to the hospital’

-I just fell on my butt, chill


-Brain dead

-S/o will have to wake him up with a kiss~

-Jokes aside, he feels really sorry for dropping them and will be extra careful when skating the next time


-This guy shouts out loud when the second he feels his grip on s/o slip

-And tries his best to grab them again before they fall

-When he doesn’t, he’ll apologise a lot, a lot


-This guy wouldn’t drop s/o in the first place

-Just, do you really think Otabek would do it?

-Me neither

Alright since there is a huge mess on my blog I just wanna make somethings cleearrr:
1. I have no bad feelings/salt about anyone who blocked me honestly I was just making a passive comment
2. I never said JD was innocent or justified, only that he wasn’t truly evil.
3. Everyone who compares him to Hitler/Dylan Rood/any other monster is on something completely different
4. Relax

if you wanna get good at something like playing an instrument or doing make up or drawing use it as a coping mechanism for your depression

if you get up in the morning and go to work for the sole purpose of having money to buy the things that’ll help you do this one thing that gives you a fucking reason to live (and it isn’t drugs or alcohol) then fucking do it and don’t let people make you feel bad for not saving your money or spending that shit you worked for on other things because you are surviving mate and that’s fucking cool

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  — Happy 5th Anniversary, Tokyo Ghoul.

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I can’t help but feel that Charlie Swan doesn’t get enough credit for being a good dad. Especially in the fandom.

Like… the first thing that comes to mind, is in New Moon, when Bella goes into that deep depression stage after Edward leaves.

Charlie didn’t yell at her. He didn’t force her to get outside (although he suggested it). He tried to help her in small ways, and although they didn’t work, he tried, and didn’t get angry. 

This is a man who had never been allowed to be a dad. Not really. And yet he became a damn good one within the year he had her with him.

How can I pass up the opportunity to draw the Halloween costume~

Spoilery full version hidden under the cut~

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