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A Super Help (Fem!Reader)

@jackie-sugarskull This prompt moved me so much. I don’t think my heart can take this any longer. The Captain interacting with children is my absolute favorite thing ever.

Hope you enjoy!


There! That should be the last of them!”

The Captain clapped his hands together, brushing off the dirt. Your ten year old daughter and her little brother watched in awe as the superhero helped load the last cage onto the animal control van

“Who knew gophers could grow that BIG!!!” Your daughter threw her arms up in wild emphasis, while your five year old son began to play pretend, growling as if he too were a rabid gopher.

“Thank you so much, Captain! You really saved the day!” You eagerly threw your arms around the trouser-less wonder.

Haha! It was no trouble at all, Ms. Y/n!!!” The Captain beamed, tightly wrapping his arms around you in return. “Trapping them was easy once we found out they were magnetic mutant gophers! Just open the hatch to the metal cage and they zip right in!”

The gophers snarled and rattled in the van, stuck to the sides of their metal cages. The Captain released you, and your two children came running to cling to your legs.

The Animal Control workers slammed the van shut, and soon they were driving off, taking the reactive rodents far, far away from you and your children.

Captain Underpants let out a proud exhale, placing his fists on his hips.

“Well, it was a pleasure seeing you all again.” He said tenderly, playfully tousling your son’s hair.

“Huh? No, don’t go yet!” He reached up to grasp at the Captain’s cape.

“Yeah!” Your daughter piped. “Can’t you stay just a little longer, Captain Underpants?”

He could swear his heart was ready to shatter to pieces. He bent down to their height and placed a hand on each of their shoulders.

“I really wish I could but I’ve done my duty, young ones. I don’t want to overstay my welcome.” He brought your children in for a warm embrace.

You couldn’t bear to see your son and daughter in such disarray. It isn’t every day their favorite superhero comes for a visit. Actually this was only the third time they had ever seen him in person. Apparently he had saved their school on more than one occasion.

One of those occasions being in the middle of your class when the school was being overtook by an invasion of stink-spewing skunk cabbage creatures thanks to the work of a new garden-themed villain.Three of the creatures had you entangled in their vines, forcing you to inhale their toxic fumes.

That is, until Captain Underpants swooped in, tearing you from their creeping foliage and whisking you, along with the rest of the school to safety.

The other time was when a dastardly fiend attempted to swarm the school with hundreds of tiny android insects, which you had to admit was pretty cool at first. They were actually pretty cute, and the kids loved playing with them, especially your two.

But when you saw that vile man attempt to attack your son when he accidentally crushed one under his sneaker, that’s when you drew the line. Your daughter tried to step between, arms outstretched to defend her little brother, but to you horror she had taken a swift kick to the side, knocking her clean to the floor.

But before you could react, that brief-clad hero quickly intervened, scooping up your daughter and son in one arm, then delivering the evildoer a swift uppercut to the jaw.

You gazed in awe at the strange bald hero as he clobbered the villain to the ground, then gently lowered your children into your arms.

“Take care of them. I’ll have an ambulance on the way for your daughter, Miss Y/n.” He said to you before returning to finish off the creepy-crawly creep.

You held your children close. “Th-Thank you, Captain… Wait! How did you know my-….”

But it was too late. He and the villain were gone, and the mechanical bugs were all scurrying out of the building. And in an almost second, an ambulance siren wailed around the corner of the elementary school for your daughter and whomever else was in need of assistance.

So you did technically owe him three times for his valiant efforts.

You tapped at your chin.

“You know, I was planning on baking a pie tonight.” You grinned amusingly.

It was almost as if you had revealed the Holy Grail.

PIE?!” Your children exclaimed with stars in their eyes.

You nodded contently. “Mm-hm. It would be a shame if you couldn’t join us for a slice.” You flashed a playful wink at the Captain.

“Oh…? Well, I do believe it would be rather rude of me not to partake, now wouldn’t it?”

The Captain passed the wink to the kids who in turn, clung to the hero in delight.

You couldn’t help but laugh as the waistband wonder soared into the sky, twirling your two children in his arms.

“Alright, you three!!!” You shouted up to the sky. “Come on inside and I’ll start making the crust!”

“I wanna put the filling in!!!” Your daughter exclaimed.

“I just wanna lick the spoon after!” Your son giggled.

“Alrighty then! To… YOUR KITCHEN!!!

And with that being said, the Captain swooped down with your children, racing into the house while you happily sauntered behind.


“Mmf-… Thiff if a luffly place you haff here, Miff Y/n!” The Captain attempted to speak through a mouthful of your favorite pie.

“Thank you, Captain. It’s an old place, but I think we spruced it up rather nicely, the three of us.” You replied, sitting down on your sofa next to him with your own plate.

“Captain Underpants, look!!! I like superheros too!!!” You smiled as your son came running into the living room with an armful of crayon drawings, haphazardly spreading them on the floor in a personal gallery for the Captain to view.

The Captain’s eyes lit up. He swallowed and leaned forward to get a closer look.

“Wow, son! Those are amazing! Is this you?” He picked up a drawing of a boy in a bright green cape flying and saving a cat from a burning building.

Your son pumped his arms excitedly. “Yeah!!! When I grow up, I wanna be a superhero just like you, Captain!!!”

Meanwhile your daughter sat in the back corner in the recliner, scribbling away in her writing notebook.

“I’m sorry bro, but you’re gonna need superpowers for that to happen.” She scoffed.

“Superpowers?! HA!!!“ The Captain set down his plate on the coffee table. “They do help quite a bit, but you don’t need superpowers to be a hero! Why when I first became Captain Underpants, I didn’t even have powers!”

REALLY?!” Your son put his hands on the Captain’s knee, his mouth open in shock.

“Mm-hm! But I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to do something good for the world.” He reached under your son’s arms and plopped him down on his knee. “If you really want to be a superhero, you need to ask yourself one thing and one thing only: …. Do you want to do something good for the world?”

YEAH!!!” Proclaimed your son, pumping his fists in the air once more.

“Then, my boy, you CAN be a hero!!!!” The Captain lifted your little boy in his arms, holding him high above his head.

It was a beautiful sight, seeing your son so overjoyed. You knew he was going to remember this moment for a lifetime. Even your daughter was enthralled in the excitement. It almost felt like the moment could last forever.

“Well, I am sorry to say this, but I think I need to be heading home.” The Captain glanced out the window, noticing the sun was just about to set for the day.

“Aw, really?!?!” Your children moaned as he lowered your son back to the floor.

“It is getting rather late. You two need to be getting ready for bed!” You felt like a sword was being driven through your chest watching the happiness drain from your children’s faces, but you knew it had to happen eventually.

“Can you come back tomorrow, Captain?” Your son asked, tugging slightly at his cape. You reached down and scooped him up in your arms.

“Honey, Captain Underpants has to keep an eye out and protect the city. That’s his job! He’s got to make sure no weird robot gophers come back to take over Piqua!” You bounced him in your arms, making him giggle. You turned back to the Captain.

“But please, don’t be a stranger, will you?” You smiled graciously.

“Only if there’s more of that delicious pie!” He winked, then turned to your daughter who was back in her chair, still writing away.

“You’ve been rather quiet back there, Little Lady. What are you working on?” He asked.

Your daughter quickly folded her notebook shut and pointed to the cover.

“I’ve been writing about all the times you saved us! I never want to forget them!!!” She beamed proudly.

The Captain chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Be sure to keep those safe and sound. And who knows? Maybe someday you’ll become Piqua’s next ace reporter!”

A wide, toothy smile spread across your daughter’s face. And with a leap off her chair and a tight hug goodbye to the Captain, she bolted up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Thank you, Captain Underpants!!! I won’t let you down!!!” She yelled as she darted into her room.

You and the Captain shared a laugh as you lead him towards the door.

“Will you be safe heading home, Captain? Er-… I mean I know you’re a superhero, but it is getting dark and I-…. Ugh, I’m a mother, what do you expect?” You shook your head, wanting to kicking yourself.

“Not a problem, Miss Y/n! I appreciate the concern!” The Captain wrapped his arms around you and your son one last time. “Thank you for such a wonderful time!”

You nodded. “Yes, please do come again! I’m sure the kids would love seeing their favorite superhero again someday.” You gave a small kiss to the side of your son’s head.

The Captain saluted and clicked his heels. “You have my word!!! And now I must bid thee, farewell and goodnight!!!”

And with a bend of his knees, the Captain soared high in air. A triumphant “Tra-la-laa!!!” echoed through the evening sky as he zoomed off into the night.

Your son let out a long, heavy yawn, which contagiously made you yawn in return.

“Let’s get you up to bed, then, shall we?” You cooed, taking him back inside.

The sleepy boy rubbed his eyes. “Mommy, do you really think I can be a superhero like Captain Underpants?”

You smiled, bringing him close in your arms.

“Yes. Yes, I do, sweetheart.”

Best Friends?

Parings: Dean Ambrose x Reader (y/n)
Warnings: lots language and lovin

You and Dean have been best friends ever since you were put on the main roster. You just had so much in common. Neither one of you had the ideal childhood growing up, and you were both know to be a little on the crazy side, so natural you just clicked.You two did everything together from going drinking with the guys, to cuddling on the couch watching TV.There was no surprise that people thought you two were more than friends, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t attracted to him, but you really didn’t want to mess up your friendship.

Today was your day off and like most days you wanted to spend it with your best friend.You pulled out your phone and called Dean.
His voice sounded scruffy as usual, you’d never tell him but you thought it was kinda sexy.
“Do you wanna come over today?”
You already knew he would, but it never hurts to ask.
“And what do you have in mind for today, Miss (Y/L/N)?”
“Since today is my cheat day, we’ll just have a lazy day, bake cupcakes, and watch movies.”
You heard him chuckle threw the phone.
“What’s funny?”
“Cupcakes, really?”
“Yes Mr. Ambrose cupcakes, do you have a problem with that?”
“Nope, I’m on my way”
You were looking threw movies on demand to watch when you heard a knock at the door.You got up and answered the door, even though you were only in a tank top and some cheeky boy shorts. It was Dean.He was wearing a white tee shirt that perfectly showed off his figure and some black basket ball shorts.You gave him a hug.The way his muscular arms wrapped around you made you practically melt in his arms. You convinced your self to finally let go of him and let him into your small apartment.
“Your not happy to see me,are you?”
He started to laugh at your greeting, since you had just seen each other yesterday at work.
“Aren’t you just so funny…”
“You know me doll, I’m a natural charmer.”
You rolled your eyes at his remark, because you knew it was true.He always has had a way with people, whether it’s getting them to like him or hate him.
“So what movie we watchin?”
“Umm, I was thinking Mickey and Malore”
He started to laugh at you again.
“The movie is Natural Born Killers, Mickey and Malore are their names.”
“Whatever same difference.”
“Not really.”
You knew you two could go on forever about the name of the movie, and normally you would, but you really wanted cupcakes.
“Anyways, we have cupcakes to make…”

You made you way to the kitchen, dean close behind, and you got out the stuff to make the cake.Dean got down a bowl while you got out the ingredients.You two were goofing off, singing, and dancing around the kitchen while you cooked.You but the batter in the cupcake pan and started to scrap the bowl.
“You wanna lick the spoon or can I ?”
He went to take the spoon away from you, but you put batter all over his cheek.
“Really (y/n)?”
“Ya you look good like that.”
He picked up the bowl, put the chocolate batter on his fingers, and started to walk towards you.
“But you’ll look even better.”
“Dean don’t.”
He ignored your plead and continued to get closer and closer.So you did the only thing you could think of…run.He chased you around your whole apartment.You made your way back into the kitchen when you felt two muscular arms wrap around you from behind and fingers spread batter all over your cheek and lips.You turned around with a ‘I can’t believe you just did that’ look on your face.Dean’s on the other hand was intense.His eyes grew darker and his expression was hungrier (and not for food).He walked towards you and wiped the batter off your face and lips,then put his fingers in his mouth and sucked it off.He placed a hand on your face and looked deeply into your eyes.He began to let eyes eyes linger on your lips.He leaned in and kissed you. You’ve always wonder how soft Dean’s lips were and they were incredibly soft.His kisses were soft and sweet, but started to get rough.He trailed kisses along your jaw line and your neck.He managed to get to the sweet spot on your neck, making you moan.You started to think about what you were doing, did you really want to go there with dean and what would this do to your friendship.
“Wait Dean we… We can’t do this.”
“That’s not what it sounds like to me.”

He started kissing that sweet spot again driving you insane. What’s the worse that could happen?You have feelings for Dean and you’ve always had these feelings.You just didn’t want to risk him not feeling the same way and you losing your friendship.
But the way he was making you feel, all the risks completely left your mind.
“Fuck it.”
You pulled away and lifted your shirt over your head, leaving you in just your underwear.Dean’s eyes widened and he took a step back.Letting his eyes roam of every inch and every curve of your body.
“Your just so fucking perfect”
He walked back over to you.You pulled him into a kiss and snaked your hands into his hair.He lifted you up off the counter, wrapping your legs around his waist.His hands gripped your ass as he made his way to your bed room.He laid you on the bed and took off his shirt and shorts off.You laid there starring at every inch of his body, especially the bulge in his underwear.He climbed back on top of you and started to kiss you again.He bit your neck making you dig your nails dig into his back.You both would have some marks in the morning.

He started to trail kisses all the way down to the bottom of your belly button.He pulled your underwear off of you and threw it on the ground.He began slowly kissing your legs, leading to your inner thigh causing your breath to hitch in anticipation.You could feel him smirk against your skin.
“Damn (y/n), your soaked is all that for me?”
You just rolled your eyes at him, I mean who the else could have made you that wet?The cupcakes? He licked your lips and then darted his tongue in between your folds.He started out licking up and down, then licking in circles.One things for sure, he sure knew how to use that tongue of his.He began to suck on your clit, making you moan louder and louder.Just as you thought you were going to orgasm, he pulled his tongue away.He shoved two long fingers inside of you, pumping them in and out, curling them, and rubbing on your clit all at the same time.Your back arched at his magic tough, your legs began to tremble, and your hands pulled at the sheets.
“Dean I’m, I’m close.”
“Its okay baby doll, cum all over my fingers.”
Those words was all it took to send you over the edge.

You were out of breath and still coming down from your orgasm, when Dean flipped you onto your hands and knees, and slammed into you with out warning.You never even noticed him take off his underwear.
“Ah Shit Dean!”
His thrusts were fast, but not sloppy. He had a vice grip on your hips that would definitely leave bruises.And it hurt, but in a good way.The way the headboard was banging against the wall, there was no way you weren’t going to have some sort of complaint from your neighbors. Honestly you didn’t even care.All you cared about was what was happening in that moment.
Deans thrusts were getting sloppy, so you decided to take control.You threw it back on him, while he just held on for the ride.You could feel him twitch inside you and your walls clench around him.
“(y/n) I’m really close.”
“I know…I am too”
You barley got out in between breathes.
“Cum with me.”
And just like that you both lost it.The room was filled with your cries of unbelievable pleasure.Once you were done riding out your orgasm, Dean pulled out and clasped beside you, still trying to catch his breath.You laid on top of his chest and he wrapped an arm around you, kissing the top of your head and drawing circles on your arms.You both just laid there cuddling, slowly drifting off to sleep.

There was only one thing you could think about.Was there anyway you and Dean were going to be just friends after this and did either of you really want to?

The Lips of an Angel

Cas x Reader

    I sat in my room, well I sprawled across my bed, thinking about what I would give for some brownies at the moment. Then it occurred to me that bought brownie mix like last month and never got around to actually making them. With this information I sat upright, I hurried out of bed, the quicker I made these brownies, the sooner I could eat them. If I wanted to I could just eat the batter… but maybe that wouldn’t be very prudent. As I speed-walked through the hallways, I nearly ran into Cas. His gaze dropped down to meet mine, he looked extremely curious as to what I was doing speeding  down the hall.

    “Hey angel face,” I  greeted with a happy smile. It was always nice to see the angel about. He was usually on his own errands, or hanging out with Sam and Dean. It wasn’t all that often that I got to hang with him by myself and I really wouldn’t mind some alone time with him if you catch my drift.  

    “Hello, Y/N,” he spoke in his gruff formal voice. I shook my head and smiled, walking around him  since it seemed like he had no intentions of moving. He followed closely behind me as I continued my journey to the kitchen. Part of me wanted to ask what he was doing here, but i didn’t want him to feel like I was telling him to leave.

    “So what brings you here?” I questioned, curiosity getting the better of me.

    “Dean asked me to check on you.”

    “Oh, well I was about to bake some brownies, you can help if you want to,” I offered, looking back at him as I rounded the corner into the kitchen.

    “Yes I would like that.”

    “Okey dokey.” I went through the cabinet where Dean kept things like flour and cake mix and all that jazz. I grabbed the box of Ghirardelli brownies and pulled them down so I could read off the ingredients.

“Alright Cas I need 2 eggs,” I instructed whilst grabbing the vegetable oil in the open cabinet. Cas held the eggs while I pulled out the right bowls, and two whisks. I slid a little bowl over to Cas.

“Crack the eggs into this bowl,” I instructed while I moved over to preheat the oven.When

I looked back at Cas he was holding the crushed eggs in his hand over the bowl. I wanted to be upset but all I could do was laughed. He gave me a confused and slightly distressed look. I shook my head at him and got two more eggs. I poured the mixture of egg and shell out and rinsed the bowl. Cas stood there with gross eggy hands, just watching me.

    “Wash your hands, silly,” I laughed as I put the bowl down and cracked the eggs myself. It turns out baking wasn’t really Cas’s forte. I did all the work but he was hypervigilant over my shoulder, watching my every movement. When I had put the brownie batter into the pan, I offer Cas the spoon.

    “You wanna lick the spoon?”

    He tilted his head curiously, before leaning forward and literally licking the entire spoon. Oh Castiel was a gem.

    “Take the spoon, wise guy,” I cackled, thrusting the spoon forward so he’d take it. I grabbed the bowl from the counter and proceeded to use my fingers to eat the remaining batter. If this was how the batter tasted, I can only imagine how the brownies would taste.

    “So what are the boys up to?” I asked, while I put away the stuff we used with my relatively clean hand. Right after I was done, I put my extremely chocolatey finger in my mouth. Cas didn’t answer my question so I looked over at him curiously. He was absorbed in trying to fit the entire wooden spoon in his mouth.  He was quite a sight to see, with chocolate all over his nose and mouth. I couldn’t even hold back the laughter if I was trying. He gave me a wide eyed confused stare. Oh Jesus I wanted to kiss him. He was so darn cute. I picked up a towel and came over to wipe off his face, as I did so I kind of got lost in his intense stare. Without really over thinking I leaned down and kissed him. I moved away suddenly mortified, but before i had a chance to melt into nothing but apologies, he was standing, looming over me. His mouth pressed down on mine, and his hand was knotted in my hair. Our kisses tasted of chocolate and it was absolutely great. When he pulled away from me I was absolutely dazed.

    “Whoa, that is not what I was expecting.” I murmured to myself.

    “I learned that from the pizza man,” Cas explained. Just like that I was laughing again. The mouth on that angel would be the death of me.


A/N: This one was very fun to write, I really enjoyed it. If anyone has any requests like this, please do send them in. They aren’t silly, they’re very good ideas and I love writing them.


Anonymous: So I have a small headcanon that Joker has a secret sweet tooth I’m not sure why but imagine the reader is baking something and Joker comes in and they find out about his secret?? I don’t know something fun to make.

Warning(s): Kinky hand placement and ass slap.

Word count: 1,013



Words couldn’t describe how bored you were. You were left at home while your boyfriend, the Joker was out on a heist, taking all his henchmen with him (he said he needed them but it was actually because he didn’t want them to hit on you because if they did, he would definitely kill them, and he needed as many of them as he could get), leaving you with no one to talk to and nothing to do. You would have thought that as the home you shared with him was quite big that there would be tons of things to do and there normally was, but today you just weren’t feeling it. Sometimes, you’d even go out and help the Joker but today you stupidly decided not to. So it was actually your own fault you were so bored.

He’d been gone an hour and you had already cleaned the whole house (even though it wasn’t unclean) and had sorted through yours and the Joker’s paperwork and now you were stuck for things to do. You decided against making dinner as you had no clue as to how long the Joker would be and knew he would just be bringing back some kind of takeaway anyway. So instead you had an idea.

A cake.

Okay so you knew it was stupid since it would make a mess and you knew the Joker wouldn’t bother eating it so you’d just have to eat it yourself, making you feel guilty and fat afterwards but fuck it. You were bored and hadn’t baked anything since you were little. Yeah, let’s bake a cake.

You scanned the cupboards for the things you’d need: flour, eggs, sugar and butter.

“Wow.” You mumbled to yourself, finding that the cupboard was pretty much empty. “We really need to go shopping.”

Eventually you found what you were after and got all the things you needed and began on making the cake. It took you quite a while to measure out the weight of the flour, butter and sugar as you wanted to get it as precise as you could. After everything was measured out, you heard the door open and close, the Joker sweetly calling your name as he did.

“In here!” You yelled back, continuing with mixing the ingredients together. You were still on the first part of mixing when the Joker walked into the kitchen, pressing his torso against your back, his chin on your shoulder and his hand wrapped around your hip and resting on your inner thigh. “That was quick. I thought you were going to be longer.”

“Well what can I say, baby? I get the job done.” He purred seductively in your ear, hoping to get a response from you. Instead, you began to add flour to the bowl of cake mix, ensuring to add in a little at a time. He furrowed his brows looking down at the bowl on the table. “What are you doing?”

“Makin’ a cake.” You simply replied, turning to face him. “Wanna help?”

He thought for a bit, shrugging before agreeing. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just add in some flour for me.” You instructed him with a smile. He held the separate bowl of flour and hovered it close to the main bowl, tipping it upside down and dumping all the flour in at once. You squinted your eyes, looking up at the Joker who had a playful smirk on his face. “How dare you ruin my cake.”

As soon as the words left your mouth, you were met with a face full of flour, the powder seeping through your lips and up your nose, making you choke. The Joker laughed loudly, him finding it so funny he needed to gasp for air.

“Hey,” he chuckled, wiping the flour away from your eyes so you could see him. “You look like me now. We match!”

You just stared blankly at him watching as he composed himself, rolling his eyes at your unhappy face. “Oh come on, Y/N! It was funny.”

“You wait, I’ll get my own back.” You threatened. “Now go away and let me finish my cake.”

After mixing all the contents together, managing to mix the flour in properly after the Joker’s antics, you poured the batter into a cake tin, putting it into the oven and calling for the Joker.

He appeared seconds later, an excited smile on his face. “Is the cake ready?”

You furrowed your brows with a laugh. “No, but I’m done with the spoon and the bowl, you wanna lick it?”

“Why would I want to do that?” He scoffed, folding his arms across his now bare chest.

“Alright then.” You said, putting the bowl on the counter near the sink. “It’s there if you want it.”

Moments later after coming back from the toilet, you see a sight that no one would believe. It was the Joker, licking the spoon covered in cake mix, like a child. He had a satisfied look on his face, little “mmm’s” coming from him now and then. You quietly laughed at the sight, your heart fluttering at how cute he was aside from all the danger and evil he used as a facade. Placing the spoon and bowl back carefully and exactly how it was when you left it, he turned around to see you standing in the doorway with a grin on your face. Busted.

“‘Why would I want to do that’ eh?” You mocked, smiling as the Joker shamefully walked towards you. “Seems like you have a sweet tooth, Mr. J.”

He mumbled a quick “shut up” before walking past you, smacking your ass very harshly on his way, what he would do as a quick form of punishment (if you know what I mean ;)). No need to take revenge for the flour mask now, you and him both knew that you would never let this go.

The Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, the most dangerous and twisted villain in all of Gotham has a sweet tooth.