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Still need to know what tem is drinkimg, TQ. IT IS MY DESTINY! ...or just some random thing I wanna know... BUT MOST LIKELY MY DESTINY!

MTT brand Purple Wine. It tastes like purple. Incidentally, purple tastes nothing like grapes. Or wine.


Hogwarts AU update!

Poor Hinata feels so bad about where he got sorted, and who can blame him? Being a muggleborn and knowing nothing about Hogwarts, the first thing he hears about Slytherin is that it’s bad. Good thing Suga Mama is there to set things straight x3

10 random songs

Rules: put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs coming then tag 10 other people.

I’ve been tagged by the lovely @prossima-nebulosa thanks ❤

  1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  2. Naruto Shippuden Opening 5 Sha la la
  3. Come noi nessuno al mondo by Toto Cutugno
  4. Thrift Shop by Macklemore ft. Wanz
  5. Bromance by Chester See
  6. Oblivion (I don’t know who the singer is so here’s an SPN fanvid with it)
  7. A Good Day to Die (reprise) from Galavant
  8. Memories by Within Temptation
  9. Princess of China by Rihanna/Coldplay
  10. In Regards to LoveEros from Yuri On Ice
Thanks I love doing this thanks to this I can always discover new things to listen to! 😆 Now tagging: @petite-neko @miss-littlegiant @lululawlawlu @rei-the-rat @blueflamebird @wolfliorchi @conspacelien @castorlovescourgette @lux-morningstar and @trashmel~

i like animating to audio!! and i wanna make a short before i start actually Doing Things on my thesis because I didn’t really make a short this sem besides that crane couple video which is kind of different. if you have a 30 sec - 90 sec story to tell or thing to talk about (i like vibes of like drunk history or just cute/funny lil stories) hmu maybe i’ll make an animation about u!! 


yo skip this if you dont wanna know a bunch of random things about me

my babe my mate my dude @niqhteyes tagged me in another thing and now i’m gonna annoy you all here we go

Rules: answer each and then tag 15 people (lmao fifteen. sure)

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