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fakeduce 101: boy in luv team 1 vs kang dongho, part 1

(part 2

“miscommunication in comedy”

[based on this post]

I wanted to try tradigital art and it took me way too long but hey it’s mars

anonymous asked:

Same Anon but yes she goes by ettellecos on Instagram and confirmed it was your idea when other people noticed but still did not credit you so idk how you wanna take it but I felt offended

She saw my message on twitter and I’m gonna DM her now on Instagram just to tag me in future stuff so I can show Dest too! I know people wanna keep it a surprise and a guessing game, but once it’s been guessed and people know where it comes from, please just tag us! Please just credit us!

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when there’s no credit even after the game is over! Just keep it in mind, things like this will encourage us to stop creating content if we don’t get the proper recognition for our project! 

I’m literally on all social media, so just @numinoceur me and we’re good!

dread pirate Norris :^) clearly I have an excellent understanding of how arms and clothes work… clearly

 edit wow okay that looks blurry as heck but if you click it looks better

I know people do this thing for like the reblogs and likes but I honestly wanna do this. Please like this or reblog this for a mini short letter from me :) it’ll be worth it I promise.