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Wanna hear something funny? Pennywise is a cosmetics store in Trinidad so every time I hear something about that evil clown my first thought is wait wtf?? Like hearing about ppl wanting to fuck him literally makes me pause for a sec like do you mean the products??? or the empLOyEES??!!?!

L maO tbh I would rather want people to get down and dirty with makeup instead of a SPIDER CLOWN

Can we all agree dance practices where no one takes it seriously are the best dance practice videos

yall wanna hear something cool and completely unrelated to this blog, okay theres all these different sets of numbers right, and all these sets of numbers are infinite 

So the number sets kinda look like this,

you have 

a [all the real numbers]

a + bi [the complex numbers which include i the imaginary number which is really just another way of looking at how algebra can function (we can now take the square root of negative numbers), which is a different take on algebra where we simply had the set of real numbers]

and then you get 

a + bi + cj + dk [quaternions, which is the next step up from the complex numbers in algebra, and are a new set of numbers that have a new way of looking at algebra, and are also infinite]

So about the complex numbers, thats numbers that include i, the ~imaginary number~ which is a terrible name for it, it’s not imaginary, just a completely different bit of algebra that doesnt work with what was previously thought to be algebraic laws and rules. Because before we had i you couldn’t take the square root of a negative number, because thats just not how the real numbers worked. It changed how algebra functioned with this new set of numbers. 

You can just change the set of rules for math for it to work, by creating something new, as long as it all logically follows.

Anyway, once you get past the complex numbers you hit this cool thing called quaternions, which is another set of numbers, except in this set of numbers, which are also infinite, they don’t follow all of the rules of algebra we were previously taught to believe, in this set of numbers we don’t have the commutativity property,

[commutativity property is where a*b = c, and b*a = c]

without this it means if you multiply numbers together together in different orders, you get different answers. Which isn’t how any of the other previous sets of numbers work in algebra.

in regular algebra which works with all those numbers up to the complex numbers: 2*3 = 6, and 3*2 = 6

In quaternions: j*k = i, but k*j = -i

So with quaternions 

i^2 = -1

j^2 = -1

k^2 = -1

But you know whats wild about this, in this set of numbers:

i*j*k = -1

And the order does matter in this set of numbers.

because in this set of algebra

i*j = k  BUT heres the wild part j*i = -k

we can see it again:

j*k = i, BUT k*j = -i

When you multiply j*k you get i, when you multiply k*j you get -i, which isn’t how any of the other number sets behind this one in algebra work, isn’t that wild? 

There’s a part of math where basic definitions of algebra don’t exist for these types of numbers to exist, and the further you keep going into new numbers, the more fundamental rules of algebra you start losing for the number sets to exist.

and this guy just came up with it walking across a bridge


“Cousins forever.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, drowning in feels.


BTS - Being Rough in Bed (M)


  • You’d be the one to suggest being a little rougher in the bedroom
  • Just to see what it’s like
  • Jin would be surprised as he was usually more romantic and vanilla
  • But of course he’d make an exception for you
  • And if he was honest with you the idea excited him
  • He’d start off slow
  • The usual routine, purposely to keep you in anticipation
  • You’d both be lying on your shared bed
  • Jin kissing along your collarbone making his way up your neck
  • His hands lightly trailing up your arms
  • When suddenly he’d pin your arm above your head causing you to yelp
  • His hands were tight around your wrists
  • Your heart pumping with excitement as his light kisses turned into biting
  • After leaving several marks on your skin his mouth would move to your ear
  • He’d growl, causing goose-bumps to form on your skin
  • “Stay still.”
  • You’d obey knowing what would happen soon
  • His hands would release your wrists as he got onto his knees
  • He’d look down at your naked body as his hands traveled to your hips
  • They grasp your sides in his slender hands while giving you a slight smirk
  • He’d unexpectedly flip you over
  • Your ass on full display for his thirsty gaze
  • He’d reach out and caress your firm ass before slapping it
  • You’d reward him with a yelp of excitement
  • Getting excited from the noise he’d be encouraged to continue
  • Without hesitation he’d slowly enter you without any warning
  • You’d moan at the sudden feeling
  • Tears escaping the corner of your eyes with the exertion
  • His hands would grab your hair roughly, tugging from the routes as he increased his pace
  • You felt your climax and soon both of you came
  • Afterwards you’d both lie down together
  • He’d wrap his arms around your torso holding you against his chest
  • He’d be more careful than usual
  • “Did I hurt you? I got a bit carried away” he’d whisper in your ear
  • You’d twist around to face him and give his cheek a light peck
  • “It was perfect, we should do this again”

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Sometimes being brave is going to the pool even though you hate your own body. Having a cute swimsuit help a little tho.

i am just so in love with jonerys that istg…if they’re building up this whole thing just to snatch it away from me in season 8 catch me at the nearest mental institute

all i ever wanted was for someone to care about me

not how i look.
not how sex with me would be.
not what i can do for them.
but how am i doing spiritually. emotionally. mentally.
i want someone to care when i feel like dying.
i want someone to love me in spite of everything.
i want someone to just hold on me sometimes. don’t say anything, just hold me.
just tell me even when i don’t believe it…that everything will be okay.
Why does distance matter or anything matters when it comes to that?
Why can’t someone love me enough to just pick up the phone and ask me if i wanna hear something funny or watching cute cat videos?
what is so wrong with me that i can’t find not one honest soul to do that?

Wanna hear something fucked up?

Remember in season 1, where Morty ended up killing his demon-possesed-clone family?

Well…Obviously he was hesitant to do it. They looked exactly like his real family, and he would never want to kill his family.

But what was it that drove him to do it?

He had to close his eyes, because of how they looked. But he could listen, and listen he did. What made him decide was this:

Beth told Morty she loved him.

And why would THAT of all things make his family easier to kill?

His real mother would never say that.