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General Smut Masterlist

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Bad Luck Bunny - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: warnings; D/s, spanking and bondage.

Blissed Out - philskoolkatz

Summary: top!Dan smut.

Blueberry Cream Tart - mairieuxes

Summary: Since it’s a rainy day, it’s a perfect day for a baking video. Or sex.

Carefully Chosen Words (ao3) - phansparent

Summary: Punk!phan; Dan is in a punk band, and he catches sight of Phil in the crowd during one of his gigs. Dan’s always good at choosing his words carefully, but Phil is about to change that (with really good sex).

Confidence - exovative

Summary: Dan and Phil go to a party and end up having ass sex basically.

Crawling Back To You - definitelythor

Summary: Inspired by Do I wanna know by The Arctic Monkeys [x], Dan and Phil started having phone sex while Dan was at uni, and once they moved in together they just stopped. Now they’re both coming to the realisation they want more, but they can still only tell each other over the phone.

Desperate For Attention - linguistphil

Summary: cock/cumslut!phil, top!dan, sexting (for like a lil bit), wall sex, daddy kink and facial.

Even When I Lose I Still Win - venuslester

Summary: Dan gets custard poured over his head.

Frustration (ao3) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan has surgery on his wrists and tries to cope with temporarily not having use of his hands. Warnings for masturbation, hand jobs, grinding/frottage, sex.

Golden Band - littlelordciel

Summary: After marriage sex.  

Human Nature - nightospherian

Summary: Sexytimes outside.

It’s Not The Same Without You - cuddlephan

Summary: Phil arrives home from Florida and gives Dan a pleasant surprise after he’s been alone all week.

Just From Your Neck - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Dom!Phil lies Dan on his stomach, and kisses his neck.

Love Bites - definitelythor

Summary: Phil likes to mark Dan with bites and bruises.

Not Really Our Surprise Plan - johnstamoslover69

Summary: PJ and Chris go to surprise Phil for 1 million subscribers and they find Dan and Phil having sex in a room instead.

Once You’re Mine - cuddlephan

Summary: Dan and Phil are in high school and while Dan’s with Phil he has a wet dream about him and gets embarrassed which leads to smut.

Softest Touch - crayolascripts

Summary: Phil’s had a busy day with the radio show. As it’s father’s day, Dan decides to give him some fun. Was sort of a prompt but I lost it.

Tipping Point (ao3) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan and Phil experiment with bondage. Warnings for d/s themes, begging kink, rough sex, bruising, blow jobs, rimming, edging.

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Hey, Cap! I was wondering, could you maybe do some more Sanvers + Sara fics, because I absolutely love how you write Sara? <3

She’s on her way to drunk – she’d rather be high, but Gideon doesn’t supply everything – and she’s thinking about Snart.

About Snart and Laurel and about Jackson.

Jackson, who’s very much alive but whose eyes haven’t been quite the same since they traveled back to the Civil War.

She heaves a sigh and glances around the bar approvingly. She knows – because Kara had told her in hushed tones and with eyes that reminded her of both Laurel’s resilience and, a little bit, of her own inner demons – that this bar has seen so much death. Too much death, too much blood.

But, looking around, what she’s seeing is life. So much damn life.

She wonders what Rip would think of a place like this. All these aliens, all these humans. 

Hell, she wonders where Rip is.

She takes another long, slow swig of her drink as her eye catches on the tight-as-sin jeans hugging Kara’s sister’s ass just so. A subtle grin forms on her lips.

The woman putting her arms around the eldest Danvers sister as Alex lines up a shot on the pool table – the detective, Maggie, her name was – is lucky.

But hell, so is Alex.

Her sister may be Supergirl, and live with all the attendant dangers involved therein. But that’s exactly the thing.

She lives with them. Because Alex’s sister is alive.

“Lance!” Maggie’s voice drags her out of Laurel’s reproachful look and into the present, into the bar. “Isn’t a night out of the Waverider supposed to mean you having fun?”

Sara sighs with a twisted grin and swirls her drink around the glass before finishing it in one go. She signals for another before standing and sauntering over to the couple, swishing her hips just a little bit more than she normally would.

She watches Alex gulp and her grin deepens.

“You’ve got two assumptions there, Sawyer. One: that nights in the Waverider aren’t wild and wacky fun. And two: that I’m not having fun sitting at the bar drinking alone.”

She flinches with a crinkled nose and a grimace as the words come out of her mouth.

“Did it sound less sad in your head, Sara?” Alex takes pity on her, and Sara pretends to glare.

“So what do you two do for fun then? Other than the obvious?” She points between them, somehow suggestive without being lewd, evocative without being objectifying.

“She loses to me at pool.”

“I try to get her to give me flash grenades.”

They speak at the same time and Sara grins, reaching up to grab herself a pool cue from the rack on the wall.

“Flash grenades? Is that what the kids are calling it in 2017?” she grins as she starts setting up the table for a fresh game.

Alex blushes and stammers and Sara winks at Maggie.

“They might be adoptive sisters, but somehow the oddly attractive awkwardness runs in the family, huh?” she asks, and Alex splutters some more.

There’s laughter and there’s blushing and there’s flirting.

There’s Maggie losing and there’s Sara giving her pointers and there’s Alex messing up on purpose so Sara gives her pointers, too.

There’s even more laughing and blushing and flirting after that.

But after a few games – and a few more drinks – Sara’s eyes keep flitting to Maggie’s hip.

“What?” Maggie wants to know, checking her fly. “Lance, what – “

“Your shield. My dad’s a cop, too. A detective.” She pauses and sips on a bottle of beer, shaking her head. “No. It’s 2017. He’d be a captain, now. Hard to keep track sometimes.”

“Did he want you to join the force?” Alex asks, hopping up to sit on the pool table until M’gann waves her off from across the bar.

Sara laughs, low and liquid and just this side of lost.

“Hell no. He wanted us to stay far away from that gig. Too dangerous. He taught us how to handle a gun and how to defend ourselves, but…” She shrugs and she sighs and she twists her mouth into a small grin. 

“The Gambit,” Maggie supplies softly, because she’s heard the stories.

“Do you ever wanna go back? In the Waverider?” Alex asks, and Sara nods and then shakes her head and then nods again.

“If I hadn’t gone with Ollie, Laurel might have. And I… the hell that those years were? I would never risk putting that on my sister. Or on the timeline.”

Maggie takes Alex’s hand when Sara mentions Laurel, and Alex reaches for Sara’s.

“Well, don’t we know how to have fun?” Sara chuckles dryly after a few moments of damp silence.

“We do, actually,” Alex grins, kissing Maggie’s hand and squeezing Sara’s. 

And that giddiness – borne, not of levity, but of gratefulness, to be alive, to be breathing one more day, to be holding hands with… well, with family – spreads through Alex’s fingertips and into Sara’s, into Maggie’s.

And the rest of the night is exactly what a night away from the Waverider should be.

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Top 5 ot4 moments.

1. “I swear this is what they did before gigs!” “NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHAT THE BACKSTREET BOYS DID, NEIL!” “SHUT THE FUCK UP, LOUIS!” 


3. “Ha ha! I got you, Louis!” “WATCH YOUR FOOKIN BACK, LOAM!” “Aw brudders!” “Shut up, Harry. “YOU SHUT UP, NIALL.”

4. “Last one over has to suck Louis off!” “I’LL GO LAST!” “Harry, you cant possibly still be that eager after six years with him.” “WANNA BET, LIAM?” 

5. “Because seven times of one chorus is still not enough.” - All Of Us.

I swear I’m not trying to live up to my own ‘wanderlust, nature-boner loner’ stereotype, but this pet sitting gig is seeming exponentially better the longer I work it. Seriously, the more time I spend with people’s dogs, the less excited I am to go back to spending time with people. 8-hour laundry shifts have got nothing on this. 

See You in April

Hey guys! So, this is my first ever submit so please, be open with me and give me any and all prompts/criticisms/feedback, all will be greatly appreciated. The name’s New Queen on the Block, but no one has time to type that out so NQOTB will do just fine!

I’m currently working on a couple of one shots and possibly another series, but for now I’m planning this as a three-parter (unless you all hate it, in that case I shall never write a word again.) But for now, here’s some real-world Trixya angst, technically set in the future as it is set after Katya comes back from her current social media break and was inspired by Trixie’s comment on her Insta post explaining her impending absence. For any eagle eyed readers who may remember my ask, this will also incorporate Trixya’s original music that she has been performing on her Ages 3 and Up tour. At the moment it’s Katya’s POV, may switch it with each chapter. And don’t worry, there is plenty of smut and fluff in the works to please as many people as possible! Enjoy :) 

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you know, dating calum would be so fucking amazing because you’d be one of the less people who’d know what’s on his mind and he’d tell you about his new songs and his ideas and his passions such as playing his bass and wanting 5 lil dogs when he’s older and living in a cute house with you and being on stage and giving his everything out to the fans every single night and you’d ask yourself every damn day how you got so damn lucky because you’re literally just an average girl living an average life but one night you caught his eye at one of his shows so he had send out his security to ask for your number, praying you’d actually do it and don’t think he’d just wanna bang you backstage. of course calum was one of the main reasons why you drove over 5 hours and saved up so much money to attend this concert. one thing led to another. you got to know eachother, it wasn’t always easy though, due to calum being so to himself and so careful who he could trust and who’d only use him to get a bit of fame. so you had to put so much into that strong relationship you have now and be so so patient because at first you didn’t really know if he actually liked you but he’d always show you how special you are to him such as asking you if you wanna listen to this new bass bit he had in his mind for this new song he’s just written a few hours prior, - he let you in. of course it’s not always happiness and sunshine due to him being the famous rockstar, traveling around, being tired and grumpy most of the time due to jetlag and fans wanting to meet him all day every day and him not wanting to disappoint the people who are the reason he can live his dream. but he’d always be so happy when you’d be at one of his gigs, he’d always keep an eye on you to see if you’re enjoying yourself because he’s so insecure about what he’s doing sometimes, no matter how often you tell him how talented and amazing he is, he just wanted to impress you every day just as much as you’ve impressed him when you turned up at one of his gigs 8 months ago; enjoying yourself, singing along at the top of your lungs and not caring about what others might think. little did you know where that would get you but you always get back to that night when you’re in your bed alone, calum in a complete different country, in a complete different timezone and that’s always the thing that keeps you going. you impressed him without even trying. and impressing impressive people is a big accomplishment. 

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11. If you could go back and see one show front row, which tour would you go to? :)

I wanna say OTRA Dublin Courtesy: narry-live-in-action-

But then, I may not survive that euphoria.. so to be safe, I’m gonna pick the San Siro gig instead-

Because hey!

We are 1D Family first..!

Cheers to Ot5!


and he kinda sorta did?

ask me about one direction

I was in LA on holiday, and Russell [Brand] came by,” Gallagher says of how his encounter with Morrissey came about. “He goes, ‘What’re you doing tonight? I was with Morrissey last night, and he wants to go for a drink.’ So Russell’s texting him and Morrissey’s texting back, saying tell him to bring his credit card and whatnot. So I say to Russell, 'I’m up for it but I don’t want to keep Sara [MacDonald, his wife] up. I wanna be in by two. Russell says, 'Two? I can’t handle Morrissey for more than 30 minutes. He’s fucking mental!’ So we meet up and I shake [Morrissey’s] hand and asked him how he was, because he’d just canceled a bunch of gigs for whatever reason. And he says, 'Yet here I am.’ He was fucking hilarious. We were drunk off champagne, and Russell, who doesn’t drink, as I’m sure you know, was really miserable. We were roaring drunk. And Morrissey just kept bullying him to have a drink, already. It was fucking brilliant. He had this CD of music with him, and he basically demanded the barman play it. But I did get a good song out of it.

Noel Gallagher, Esquire, March 2015

Verdict: Russell needs better mates. Oh, and Morrissey is a twat (but we already knew that.) Noel G’s not much better.

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You and Luke get in a fight in front of the fans

Being best friends with four really amazing guys in a band definitely had its perks. The main one being you got to see so many new cities when your schedules allowed you to come on tour with them. But seeing has how it was harder for you to adjust to their lifestyle, things weren’t always so amazing.

It was the beginning of your second week on tour with them and you were absolutely exhausted. Between the plane rides, bus rides, and nightly gigs, you were on your last leg. But these were your best friends we’re talking about, so, you just had to grin and bear it.

“Hey y/n, we’re gonna go meet a few fans and get a bite to eat, wanna join?” you looked up from your phone to see Michael smiling at you, so of course you agreed.

Luke had fallen back from the rest of the guys to walk beside you. “I’m so glad you could come out with us… even if it’s only two weeks.” he smiled as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you leaned into him. You and Luke had definitely always been the closest between the five of you, and you’d always hoped it would turn into something more, but so far it hasn’t.

“You know I’d do anything to see my boys Lukey.” he grinned as you giggled before Ashton interrupted your conversation.

“Alright guys, we’re gonna stay like twenty minutes tops, sound good?” all the boys nodded and you scoped out a place to hangout while they met their fans. Little did you know, twenty minutes would soon turn into forty-five minutes and you were absolutely freezing.

Wrapping your arms tightly around you, you bit your lip and shifted from foot to foot, trying to keep warm. You heard someone chuckling behind you and turned around to a smiling Mikey.

“You alright there y/n?” you smiled and nodded briefly before stuttering out a reply, “J-just really c-cold is all.” He grinned before shrugging off his jacket and offering it to you, “Take it, it could be awhile.” 

Before you could thank him he had walked off to a different group of fans, and Luke quickly took his spot in front of you, standing so close your chests were almost touching has he tried to slow down his breathing. He was mad.

“Wanna explain just what the hell you’re doing?” all color drained from your face as he spoke to you, you’ve never seen him this mad, but he was seething with anger, and of course the fans around you took notice.

“What? Luke what are you talking about?” He swiped his tongue over his lips before smirking and taking a step back from you, shaking his head. “Don’t fucking play dumb y/n, really, it doesn’t suit you.”

At this point, all the fans around you had fallen absolutely silent while watching the entire exchange, just as confused as you. You took a tentative step towards look before reaching out to touch his sleeve before he flinched away from you.

“Lu.. what.. I’m confused, I don’t know what I did.” your voice cracked at the end of your sentence and you willed yourself not to cry. How could this sweet, sweet boy you’ve known all your life be acting like this?

He groaned and ran a hand over his face before letting out a defeated laugh. “You really don’t fucking get it do you? Are you that stupid y/n? Really?”

You couldn’t help the tears that spilled out this time. You were tired, cold, and at this point completely defeated. “Just tell me what I did wrong, Lu.” your voice came out so quiet you thought he didn’t hear at first, you weren’t sure if you heard it yourself.

Luke shook his head and crossed his arms before pulling his lip ring into his mouth and raking his eyes up and down your body. “I’m mad, princess, because I don’t like whats mine, to wear my best mate’s clothes, okay?”

He stalked off before you could get a word in, leaving you upset, confused, but most of all; hopeful.

First Date (Mikey)

You were standing in your bathroom finishing your hair and jamming out before your first date with Mikey. You had met at the Blink 182 show last week when your friend had ditched you to push her way to the front of the crowd. A pit had opened up near you and Mikey had pulled you back when a fist came dangerously close to your face. By the time your friend found you at the end of the show you and Mikey had exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up later that week. 

“Y/n” your mom said as she popped her head in the bathroom. You jumped and shouted, she had scared you. She laughed “There’s a boy with colorful hair waiting for you”. You checked the mirror one more time before grabbing your bag and rushing down the hallway after her before she could embarrass you. You slid on the floor and ended up hitting the couch and falling over the armrest, landing on the couch itself. You looked up in shock to see your mom and Mikey both giggling. You felt your face flush red and said “I forgot my shoes”. Mikey’s eyes sparkled as he giggled and your mom said “Would you believe that she does that nearly once a week? The couch has been in the same spot for years”. 

You walked back out, this time with your shoes on and greeted Mikey with a shy “Hey”. “Hi, y/n” he responded. You looked him up and down and let out a sigh of relief “I was afraid I might be underdressed”. “You look great” Mikey said at the same time and smiled at you. Both of you were just wearing skinny jeans and t shirts. He had told you that you didn’t need to dress up but you we so nervous about everything. “Alright. You ready to go?” Mikey said after a minute in silence. “Yea. Let’s go” you said and started walking towards the door. “Bye Mom! I’ll be back before midnight” you shouted back to her. “It was nice meeting you” Mikey said before he walked out the door.

“So.. Where are we going?” you asked as you hopped in the passenger side of Mikey’s car. “We have a dinner reservation downtown” Mikey responded and looked over at you for approval. You nodded. “Let’s go” you said with a smile. You pulled up to the restaurant and Mikey quickly got out and ran around to your side to open the door. You smiled and giggled quietly to which he did dramatic bow and offered his elbow for you to take. You linked arms with him and walked up to the restaurant. 

Over dinner you talked about nearly everything and were fascinated with everything he was saying. When you asked what he did he was really quiet as if he didn’t want to say anything but he finally answered “I’m in a band”. You thought he must be shy or embarrassed about it because it wasn’t a ‘real job’. You told him you were still in school and were studying art. He smiled and said “Maybe you can design something for my band sometimes”. “I’ll have to hear your music first” you teased. 

“Are we doing anything else tonight?” you asked. “Actually some of my friends are playing a little gig a few blocks away. Wanna go?” he asked nervously. “I’m always down for a show!” you exclaimed. He mumbled something along the lines of “Oh, it’ll definitely be a show” as he opened the car door for you. It took a few minutes to get there and the first thing you noticed was that it was completely packed, there wasn’t an empty spot out front. Mikey drove to park in the back next to a big van, which you assumed was his friend’s. He turned to you before he got out and said “Listen, I told them I wasn’t going to be here tonight and they’re the type to cause a scene, in the best way possible of course. So don’t freak out, yea?”. “Yea, of course” you replied, confused as to why he would be clarifying this. 

You were walking inside when Mikey slipped his hand in yours then he paused, frozen for a moment. “Uh. Is this okay?” he asked nervously, swinging your hand slightly. You smiled “Yes it’s okay Mikey”. You saw relief wash over him just as you walked through the door. All Mikey had to do was make eye contact with the bouncer and he nodded and moved out of the way to let you through. You walked into a room filled with screaming girls with three boys on stage. You tugged on Mikey’s hand and he leaned down. “You’re friends, they seem pretty popular” you shouted over the music. “Yea. This is kind of a small show. It was a surprise, last minute thing they decided to do because they were bored” he shouted back, almost hesitant to tell you and his cheeks flushing dark red. The way he was acting was starting to get weird. 

You pulled him into the crowd, wanting to get closer to be able to see his friends play. Mikey walked with you through the crowd with his head ducked slightly, like he didn’t want anybody to notice him. You assumed it was because he told his friends he wouldn’t be able to make it. You made it to a spot where you could see the band through the crowd and hoped Mikey wasn’t too uncomfortable. When the song ended you were about to lean in to tell Mikey that you enjoyed the band’s music when you heard an “OI”. One of the boys on stage was looking directly at Mikey.

Suddenly it felt like everybody was looking at Mikey and also you because your fingers were still intertwined and Mikey had pulled you closer. “Lad, I thought you were busy” the blonde boy who had been singing yelled. “I’m on a date” Mikey shouted back, his face becoming more red than before. “Bring her here so we can meet her” the dark hair boy said as the other two laughed. Mikey began apologizing profusely as you walked towards the stage, you laughed it off insisting that it was okay. “Hi” you shouted when you got to the front. “Hey pretty lady. I’m Calum, that’s Luke, and back there is Ashton” he said. “I’m y/n” you yelled so they could hear you. “I guess she’s a good enough reason to ditch us. I would’ve done the same” Calum said. 

“Alright lad. You have to join us for at least one song. Then you and your lady friend can leave and finish your night in peace” Ashton said from behind his drums. It suddenly hit you, he was acting weird because he had ditched his own band to go out with you. You smiled up at him and squeezed his hand. “I’d love to see you play” you said. That was all the convincing it took, suddenly Mikey was on stage and grabbing a spare guitar. He gestured for the band to meet back by Ashton. They leaned in to hear Mikey as he spoke and all nodded in agreement. 

Mikey walked up to a mic and said “Alright. I’m going to play two songs. This one is called Voodoo Doll and the next one will be a cover”. The girls in the audience screamed. You stood in the front fascinated with how Mikey was on stage, feeding off the energy of the crowd. You picked up on the beat quickly and began to dance, smirking at Mikey and enjoying yourself. When the song finished Mikey leaned into the mic and asked “Y/n, do you like my stupid hair?” You both laughed and he continued with “You know, when you smile I melt inside”. You got the reference immediately and the band launched into First Date by Blink 182. 

You walked out of the small venue with Mikey’s arm draped around your shoulder. “You’re so great! Why didn’t you tell me about your band?” you shouted. He laughed “Didn’t want to scare you away on the first date. And I believe I did mention I was in a band”. “Shove it” you laughed. “I’d love to come to another show. You know, if you want to continue to see each other that is” you added. “Well I like you and the lads in there seem to approve. So wanna do this again this weekend?” he asked. You smiled and nodded.

“Well, I know a guy. So maybe you can get back stage for one of the shows” he smiled as he drove you home. You laughed and hit his arm playfully. He pulled up in front of your house and once again rushed out of the car to open your door for you only this time you locked it before he could grab the handle. Mikey pouted and you laughed from inside the car and unlocked the door. “Could I give you a kiss goodnight?” he asked. “I’d like that” you said as you started to lean in. You bumped noses and you pulled away to laugh. “I dread the thought of our very first kiss, a target that I’m probably gonna miss” you said. He chuckled and pulled you back in to place a gentle kiss on your lips. “I didn’t miss that time. Goodnight y/n” he smirked. 

Any loose change?

I hate to ask, but I’m a few bucks short right now with having another person to support for a tiny bit and I wanna make sure I can afford gas back to pittsburgh (about 40-50 bucks depending on gas prices) if you could spare even just a dollar I will send everyone thank-you messages when i get the chance and if you donate at least 5, I’ll record 200 words of whatever you want just like my fiverr gig. 

my paypal is totalspiffage@gmail dot com (protected for spam) since the link wasn’t working!

I’m just waiting for my paypal stuff to go through to my bank but it’s just cutting it REALLY close right now.