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Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

Being asexual is so weird for me because like I’m starting to having like “cravings”??? For sex but also could care less.and I am still a virgin and can imagine myself doing it with a trusted friend but I also do not have the desire to do it with anyone in particularly .so the whole concept of “dressing sexy” or whatever is such a foreign thing to me.

long mornings and longer thoughts

wary….its an all around good idea just to leave her alone…

(back from dead!; istg i draw more than just jasper in sweatpants, lmao, but bonus doodle:


anyway here’s the best omake in the entire series


i know you probably wanted naegi to be badass also, but i couldn’t get this image out of the brain, so, here u go my fella~

fighting fish

lol so @peyelle told me to make a gemsona so… i made a moss agate!!  she was a pd gem and Majory Fucked Up keeping the rose quartzes in line (lol clearly) so she was reassigned to yellow for reconditioning/training (its a shock she wasnt shattered but u know how sentimental bd is lolll). she really struggles with blaming pd’s death on herself so she overcompensates by putting on an Extra Tough front and being really hard on other gems for their flaws (sound familiar?? lmFAO can u tell who i relate to in the show aaaahahahah) 

also heres a height chart for your reference

i did try to make her aesthetically similar to holly blue since yanno, both agates and all. i hope u guys like her lmaooo/////// i feel embarrassed posting this //////////////////////

So we all remember this scene yes?

So I was listening to my psychology lecture today (and it turns out that YOUR PUPILS ARE ACTUALLY JUST HOLES IN YOUR EYES), anyway and it turns out that the inside of your eyeball is this fluid, jelly-like stuff but otherwise its pretty hollow (except for some wirey nervy stuff) soooooo

Inuyasha’s Eye (I guess his human one to be exact):

I came up with this. Because the legendary Inu no Taisho is a goddamn science nerd in his free time, he somehow managed to insert a lil pearl in his baby son’s eye (somehow without Izayoi noticing, I imagine) before many of the nerves in there are formed and therefore …

That is why Inuyasha went momentarily blind in one eye when Sesshomaru removed the pearl with his lightning-fast fingers, because his nerves probably grew around the pearl when as he got older.

I dunno, it just interested me and its all speculation really, not facts.

But also while I was googling images for this I found this amazing piece of trash:

and that made my rainy, cold day 10x happier (plus I got a starbucks coffee)

I dunno guys. Maybe I should make an InuyashaScienceBlog

Hey guys, I don’t say it enough but I really do appreciate you. It’s kinda hard sometimes for blogs or artists or writers or whoever to always convey how much they appreciate followers. But I do. So I just wanna say I’m grateful for any support you’ve given me, if you enjoyed my works or my reblogs, if you’ve thought about me or sent me money, if you’ve given me any of your time or even sent me a message I hadn’t responded back to just cuz you were curious or wanted to say something nice to me.

I appreciate you guys. I hope one day I can give back enough to you that all of you have given to me

Some more Maria while I desperately try to figure out this texture stuff


silence can be deafening