wanna get back

i got tired of work so i decided to doodle some conman dancing. instead of, ykno, going to bed when it was already 6:30am

it is now past 9:00am

im. gonna go sleep


can u believe im posting shit art again its been 800 years

anyway my good buddy daniela tried to convince me that i could pallette swap a junkrat into a joker and like a fool i didnt believe her 

might go on a short hiatus, take a tiny break from star trek. I’ll be back though, and my queue has a couple days worth of reblogs in it, but for now I’m gonna go check out some other stuff. Keep it real, guys


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Daveed: I like this Lafayette character. What about Jefferson? Do I get to rap a lot for him, too?! I love rap!¡! 

Lin: Well… 



one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)

humans more like ew-mans am i right




A MASTERPOST OF PORTRAITS OF MY SUMMERTIME MAD SWEENEYS! they’re FINISHED! i wanted to fill this portfolio i got, and i DID IT!! there’re actually about 30 in total, so this isn’t all of them, just the ones i particularly liked/featured in the folio

these were done on 9x12″ sketching paper with graphite, charcoal, india ink, white ink pens, white out, and occasionally faux gold leaf. a lot of q-tips died for these pieces

this character has been my summertime muse–i recently ran into a rut, and it was right after i finished The Swaingels. i pretty badly burnt myself out from overworking with digital, my eyes were in bad shape from accidental straining, but i REALLY didn’t want to stop working on things. i’ll get back to spn stuff soon, but it felt really nice to focus on this character for a while

i uh

i super adore him