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Ladies Wanna Feel Special? Tune In Wednesday January 4th @ 10pm To See My Boy @heat718__ in Vivica Fox’s Black Magic Show on @lifetimetv. Only Latino In The Show…#lifetimetv #vivicafoxblackmagic #heat718 #latino #dominican #puertorican

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Omfg i am so hapPY RIGHT NOW I MEAN where do you all come from ?? I don’t have words to express how surprised and excited I am ?? Thank you so much to everyone who is still here after all of my shiposts //free kiwis for everyone// Have Team RWBY in sweaters for that ;;

Have you ever met someone on tumblr and you just crush so hard on them you wanna make them feel so special but you dont wanna be weird about it and you literally think they are the cutest thing ever and you wanna make them happy but from a far and you wanna know their sexuality but just cant ask cause you feel weird asking and she’s just so cute i cant even ohmygosh she’s perfect and I just wanna make her happy and make her smile and giggle and yea I’ve fallen for her and this is just one long sentence but she is literally so cute and perfect and gorgeous and I just wanna be her friend and be able to talk to her and get to know everything about her

American voters are literally the most nonsensical group of morons you will ever find. There’s no real ideological compass or set of principles they follow, it’s literally just moment to moment thing of whatever feels right to them. Like I’m here watching an analysis of how Bernie Sanders supporters have decided to follow the libertarian candidate, which makes no fucking sense because Libertarians and Socialists are literally on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but none of that matters because these cracker ass yuppie hipsters just wanna feel special by supporting an “anti-establishment” candidate. American voters lack such a profound amount of just basic knowledge when it comes to politics and I wish I could say that because we’ve had such a long history of stupid voting that it no longer shocks me, but it does, it totally shocks me every time just show emphatically and confidently people can support their stupid ideas. I feel like I’m trapped in Pawnee 

i love taehyung so much like he’s honestly so precious and he’s such a ray of sunshine that always makes my day a little brighter and i’m so thankful that he exists and continues to be his wonderful self every day and i’m so honoured to be his fan ♡

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It is Cauthrien’s 51st Nameday! In a completely unrelated note, King Gareth Cousland of Ferelden has decided to host a Grand Tourney in Denerim to bring some hope and morale back into his Country, now that Corypheus is finally dead. 

He and Queen Anora invite participants from all corners of the Continent whom believe they have the strength and will to compete. Anyone can sign up and the games are set to go for days and days. Alongside the arena battles, there is also Jousting, Dog handling, musical perfomances and plays, a stage ready for whomever wishes to please the crowd. Now that he has time, Gareth has also prepared a contest for Mages specifically to honour his now-deceased friend, Enchanter Wynne of the Ferelden Circle. Mages will be encouraged to show off their mastery of the Fade and made to race each other to complete tasks and the like. 

But the Grand Tourney is the main attraction, the star that nobility and commonality alike will flock to see. To the winner? A substantial cash prize, the favour of the Queen herself and the Honour of Dueling Ferelden’s unbeaten Champion for Ten years, Ser Cauthrien of Gwaren, ‘The Ferelden Frostback’ to her Soldiers.


Not everyone attending the festivities wishes all joy. The last dreggs of the Venetori cult has seen an opportunity to continue spreading dissent, to weaken their enemies so that Tevinter might profit. They plot a scheme to Assassinate the Queen, King and any other important dignitary that might attend. Who will foil this plan? Who will win the Tourney? Will Ser Cauthrien be finally ousted from her Victorious throne? 

Come all, come all to Denerim’s Grand Tourney! See ye what might begin!

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