wanna feel special

“Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”

Has this been done yet?


Okay, so this is my first request. I’m sorry it took so long, but I didn’t have a laptop with me

  • oKay
  • So do you remember the boyfriend video at the final concert
  • Very much like that
  • Brings his guitar anywhere
  • Always plays his guitar as backround noise while talking
  • Loves to listen to you sing while he plays guitar
  • even if you suck
  • he doesn’t care
  • Will also try to teach you how to play guitar
  • Is actually a really good teacher
  • Very sweet and patient with you
  • Is one of those people whom you can vent for hours and will actually listen
  • It’ll probably be evening when you finish
  • He’ll hold you close and sing to you with his sweet honey vocals
  • Loves to run his hands trough your hair
  • Likes your hair in general
  • Loves to touch your hair while you’re hugging
  • Or kissing
  • Or having sex
  • Also I just saw a video with him having messy hair
  • oMG
  • imagine seeing that every morning
  • Along with his morning voice singing
  • And you get to see his forehead all the time
  • Likes to hold you close
  • But also wants to be held sometimes
  • Would love if you snuggle him when he had an especially tough day at work
  • being a ceo is tough
  • now, imagine his legs
  • they have nothing to do with this scenario but OMG 
  • those LeGs bruh
  • If you can’t cook, no worries
  • He’s got you covered
  • Knows what you like and what you don’t like
  • Has all your favorites memorized, and very careful of your allergies
  • Sewoon: You’re alergic to that Y/N
  • You: I’m only alergic to oysters not shrimp
  • Sewoon: they’re to similar
  • He’d savor every moment he has with you
  • Realises what he has and doesn’t want to fuck it up
  • Because you mean the world to him
  • And he’ll make you mrs. ceo one day
A Birthday Present for Mark Rosewater

His birthday is months from now and I’d prefer nobody tag him or mention him in this post just on the off chance he checks on that and it spoils the surprise. I’m going to do all the work on this but the gist of it is I’m sending some cards to Mark of special significance. The list so far is as follows:

  • Maro
  • Tinker
  • Endless Ranks of the Dead
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • Look at Me, I’m the DCI
  • Library of Lat-Nam
  • Gustha’s Scepter
  • Yet Another Aether Vortex
  • Doubling Season
  • Venser, the Sojourner

That’s 10 cards. I need 5 more to complete the list but I’m not sure what else to include. A brief explanation for each card included here:

Maro is his namesake and a card he actually owns the artwork for.
Tinker is perhaps his most notorious card, as noted in a recent ask, the card R&D has voted as his most bah-roken creation.
Endless Ranks of the Dead is a card I’ve seen him call his favorite multiple times. And while that favorite card changes with the day, seeing this multiple times leaves me confident at its inclusion.
Soldier of Fortine, Library of Lat-Nam, and Gustha’s Scepter all share the distinction of being the first cards Mark designed that saw print. Look at Me, I’m the DCI is the only card for which Mark Rosewater is the artist.
Yet Another Aether Vortex is a card I’ve perhaps forgotten the reasoning on but I think it’s because multiple times he’s called it his favorite un-card. It might also be because he has said it’s the un-card that spawns the most rules questions (citation needed).
Doubling Season is a card Mark designed solely because he wanted to see it in the game.
Venser, the Sojourner is the one planeswalker Mark has once called his favorite. He doesn’t tell us his favorite planeswalker anymore because Creative is capricious.

Also I’m recalling Mark designed Donate I think to make his weird wall deck work? I should probably include that on this list. Which means I need four more cards to give to Mr. Rosewater when his next (or at least next next) birthday rolls around. Which should they be?


I wish there were more occasions besides weddings where it’s socially acceptable for the average person to wear a regal formal dress. like girl I wanna feel special give me more reasons to, why do celebs get all the fun

Honestly I love ALL of my mutuals/close friends.

(long talk in the tags)

The Get-Away

Request: Can you write a fluffy one with Parker? He wants to surprise his gf with a special date for their one year anniversary and asks Tony for ideas. Tony sends them away for a weekend long “stark internship” field trip to his beach house and a credit card for take out. He sets out a picnic on the beach with pizza and gummy worms cause those are her fav candies (mine lol)

Requested: anonymous.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: fluff.

Originally posted by thomashollanddaily

“Mr. Stark, I really need your help.”

“Seriously, kid.” Tony sighed, shaking his head. Giving up on the work he’d been looking at in frustration, he looked up at the kid he’d somehow managed to take under his wing with mild annoyance. Peter had been calling his name and professing the emergency he had for over a half hour, and it was becoming tiresome. “You’ve been standing here for a half-hour, annoying me, this better be an emergency.”

Peter’s face fell with relief, placing his two hands together. “Thank you, Mr. Stark. It is.”

Sitting up straight, Tony placed his arms on the desk before him, placing full attention on Peter. “What’s up?”

“It’s my one year anniversary with Y/N, and I need he-”

“Okay, i’m gonna stop you right there.” Tony held up a hand, making Peter shut his mouth quick. Sighing heavily, Tony thought in his head what he’d done to deserve this. “You mean to tell me, you stopped my from doing crucial work so you could ask relationship advice?”

Peter’s face went pale, finally understanding the sheer none-crucial volume of his ‘emergency’. ignoring Tony’s glare, Peter smiled guiltily and nodded; “but it’s more than relationship advice.”

“How is it more tha-”

“It’s our one year anniversary-” Peter interrupted, his voice softening with plea. “And after all Y/N’s done for me, I really wanna make this good. I wanna… make it feel special. I don’t have the money or anything to something big, but I know you’re good with woman so I thought maybe you’d have an idea on what to make her-”

Tony’s face gradually softened, noticing how serious Peter was about this. If his rambling and blushing face had anything to prove, Tony realized that he was truly serious about this girl. He’d always thought that it was just some high-school fling, but never in his days had he seen a boy work so hard for a girl he was dating, only a year nonetheless. 

Shaking his head, Tony stood up, clasping his hands behind his back and walking around so he was just in front of Peter; “first off, making something is cliche. I seriously recommend not doing that.” Peter frowned, his one idea shot down so quickly. “Listen, maybe I can make a few calls and see if I can find something she’d really like.

Peter’s face immediately brightened; “really?”

“You’re going places, kid.” Tony laughed; “and not just with your career.”

Tony had really outdone himself. More than Peter could ever ask for and when he’d gone to Mr. Stark for advice he never expected to be gifted a weekend long trip down to his beach house and a credit card to spend. He’d flown you both down and soon enough you found yourself surrounded by a warm sun and the smell of an ocean.

The minute you’d arrived, Peter told you to settle in as he had a surprise of his own for you. An hour later, Peter was dragging you down onto the beach, the hot sand lightly burning your feet, but you didn’t so much mind. Peter had insisted that you kept your eyes closed and currently the only thing preventing you from walking into something, what you weren’t sure, was the hand gripping your own. 

Soon enough you felt a soft material hit the soles of your feet, and Peter allowed you access to your eyesight. Slowing opening your eyes, you blinked a few times from the harshness of the sun. Taking a second to bask in the beauty that was where you were. When you looked over at Peter he was grinning madly and looking down, followed his gaze. Finding a blanket covering the sand, a picnic basket on it with cups and plates.

Gasping in surprise, you looked over at Peter. Immediately your arms fell around his neck, slightly knocking him out of balance but he regained it quickly. Laughing with you, he hugged you back before leaning away, as you smiled lovingly down at him. “I love it,” you whispered. “Thank you. This is more than I could’ve ever asked for.”

“Well it’s not the gourmet of dinners but it’s us.” He grinned.

You shrugged, “though I am in love with this place. The most important thing is that you’re here with me.” You made sure he knew that, as you felt that it was crucial he understood that. “I would’ve been fine with a card or something from the heart, but don’t get me wrong, I love this too.”

Peter’s grin slightly fell at the mention of ‘something from the heart’, mentally cursing Tony but still blessed. Turning to the picnic, his smiled; “shall we?”

You immediately sat down on the blanket, curled up next to Peter as you gazed into the basket. You lips curled into a goofy grin, a giggle escaping your lips as you shook your head at Peter. “Pizza? Really?”

“Hey, it took time to cook that!”

“Yeah, in the oven!”

Peter laughed, before grabbing the basket from you and reaching in. “Yeah, well, i’m sure you’re gonna love me when you see these.” Pulling his arms out, he barely at time to look at you before a hand snatched the snacks from his hand.

“You got me gummy worms!”

Since i’m taking the no expectations path here and honestly i’ll never make up my fukin mind…

Just, have no expectations about what i’ll post.

Because even i don’t know.

I keep trying to separate stuff but then i’m like oh yeah, tumblr is a shitty place to try and get found no matter what you’re doing, and my terato blog is a fukin miracle in the flesh.

So learn to love me, all of me, because i’m open and I’m freaking weird and i have a lot of interests. I still love monsters. That love will never die.

Also do you guys like the funny quotes because i can post more of those. My mouth spews the craziest shit all the time so i could keep that kind of content going for the rest of my life most likely. 

also doodles, im down for doing more doodles, they may be shitty but they’re entertaining.



Omfg i am so hapPY RIGHT NOW I MEAN where do you all come from ?? I don’t have words to express how surprised and excited I am ?? Thank you so much to everyone who is still here after all of my shiposts //free kiwis for everyone// Have Team RWBY in sweaters for that ;;

A series of modern AU Bog headcanons I have amassed. 

(based kinda on the one touchofgrey37 did with Dawn)

  • He definitely owns some kind of family business be it a tattoo parlor or a bar or what have you.
  • He’s mixed race (his dad is Romani (that settled in Scotland at some point)). 
  • He refers to Plum as his aunt but she’s not blood related and she’s not so much an aunt as his second mom. He kind of grew up with Griselda and Plum as his two moms after his dad died. 
  • His dad died when he was eight. He doesn’t remember him very well aside from what stories he’s told. 
  • His real name has been passed down through his dad’s family line and is incredibly long and Bog pretty much jumped on the nickname as soon as he could. 
  • He grew up on B movies and cult classic type stuff and god when he and Mari start dating there are a lot of very educational movie nights where he introduces her to a lot of these.
  • (On that note, he takes Mari to see Rocky Horror Picture Show their first halloween after they get together, patiently explaining all the instructions for crowd participation at theater showings and she is utterly baffled but has the absolute best time anyways.) 
  • He’s quick to learn instruments and can not only play guitar, bass, and drums but also piano, an upright bass, and dulcimer of all things. Also harmonica.  
  • Oh and he’s a fairly good artist but is super self-conscious of his abilities.
  • He has no concept of seasonal attire and will wear the same thing be it 95 degrees or 5 below. 
  • His favorite color is, completely unironically, black.
  • He is complete shit with technology. Absolutely clueless. 
  • It takes a lot of get him drunk. A lot. And he usually doesn’t try to get to that point anyways. He can remember getting really really drunk all of like three times. The most recent was when he last had his heart broken.
  • He rolls his own cigarettes.
  • He also smokes a pipe.
  • He wants to go to Scotland sometime and actually study some of his heritage there. 
  • His music tastes can be described as anything that was considered rebellious for the era it was made. It’s good 6 decades of it.
  • He owns a record player and is adamant that certain musicians can only be appreciated this way. 
  • He’s allergic to cats. 

anonymous asked:

Who are some guys that lay pipe in the industry?

This is a very good question. Well everyone I’ve worked with be slangin in their own lil ways. But there are a few stand outs.

@ttbro1/@ttbro2 is quite the romantic. Very focused on pleasing her. And I really like that. You wanna feel special get you some Jesse.

@remedyremy *swoons* my tattooed booboo. I miss you… I love leaving my claw and bite marks all over his body. God he’s pretty… He lays it down for sure.

@henvoiv the only person on this list that works my nerves but hits this Pussy just right. SPACE MOUNTAIN PENIS. He’s super sweet though y'all. Dick be bomb asf ALWAYS.

@pandvhvu lays pipe pretty, PRETTY GOOD and hes always been chill asf with me. You squirt a few times messing with this kid. Just a heads up. :P HUBBY DICK THATS FOR DAMN SURE. 

@rengarhuntervardis holy crap batman…. he plays pussy like a violin and he’s such the gentleman. Holy cow. I have never walked away from this man unsatisfied. Like ever evers. He’s been mia for a lil bit. I miss him tbh. 

@gumbosauce I dont have words. He’s gonna rotate your wig. Do I need to clarify again? YOUR WIG GONNA BE ON A ROTISSERIE. LIKE A BOSTON MARKET CHICKEN. 

@ittswar99 Want penis on demand? Call War. My Gemini brother gone get you right. :P

@izack91 ye old faithful. Nothing like smoking a fat ass blunt then climbing on top of zack. 8 years strong pa. I’d what it is about white guys with beards, tattoos and bomb ass penis that makes my heart swoon. 

@mrtremainerashad should have seen this one coming. D A D D Y  D I C K. And its always a toss up. Either we were cuddled up and he pulls me on top to let me do my thing or we were fighting then next thing I know I’m being bent over the counter and having the living shit choked out of me while he just beats the breaks off this pussy and growls in my ear dont even think about giving his Pussy awa– *stops list and calls this man to start some shit*