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Omfg i am so hapPY RIGHT NOW I MEAN where do you all come from ?? I don’t have words to express how surprised and excited I am ?? Thank you so much to everyone who is still here after all of my shiposts //free kiwis for everyone// Have Team RWBY in sweaters for that ;;

Me: Half asleep, feeling like I’m forgetting something
My mom: Hey ur dads birthday is on Sunday what do you wanna do to honour him?
Me: *the loudest groaning imaginable as I pull my blanket over my head*

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happy birthday!! did you get anything good?

thank you!! and tbh my work friend got me the minun pillow and thats it… well i got money but tbh my mum kinda forgot till last week and didnt have a lot of money so shes just giving me some for sat

Most cishet aces who force themselves into the LGBT+ community are probably white.

Did I catch your attention? Good.

Probably (no, change that to definitely) gonna get a lot of hate for this but honestly… I really don’t give a shit. Hear me out on this.

I’m a cishet ace and I’m comfortable with labelling myself as such. I’m also a black woman. What is the connection between these two you might ask?

As a black woman I’m part of the group that’s being oppressed by white people and by men in general. As a cishet ace I’m part of the group that oppresses members of the LGBT+ community, even if I don’t partake in actively oppressing them. THIS is why I can actually put myself in the place of the oppressed group because I actually know how it feels to be in that position.

When my oppressors (white people and cishet men) use the N-word, stereotype/harass/fetishize/dehumanize/discriminate me and blatantly appropriate black culture while remaining extremely anti-black, it angers me to the point where I think that most white people are this racist and most (cishet) men are beyond sexist.

This mindset is really similar to how members of the LGBT+ community feel towards cishets. And me being ace but still a cishet isn’t going to change that. I’m not trying to excuse myself from my cishet privilege, but these feelings are definitely similar towards each other.

When you’re not part of an oppressed group (in this case cishet white people), you will never know how it feels. And not being able to experience that doesn’t make it easier to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. And that, my friends, is why the ace discourse exists.

(Most) straight cis white people continue to search for something they can be oppressed/be part of something for and being a cishet ace is the one thing they basically don’t have to change for at all. That’s why so many cishet aces are so eager to join the LGBT+ community and when they’re not doing that, they create something like ‘white feminism’. Because they’re probably white with the exact mindset I mentioned above.

I’ve highlighted this in a couple of posts already but, just to be sure, I’ll say it again:


Wanna feel special as a staight cis white person? Realize the privileges you have that many people that don’t fit that particular mold could only dream of. Taking oppressed people’s communities as your own on top of you own privileges makes you a terrifyingly ignorant person.

I just can't stop feeling love for him,

I hope he’s surrounded by people who love, support, and give him strength. I hope he’s doing well. I hope he’s finding time to pursue his passions. I hope he’s eating well and not stressin’ about a god damn thing. He was just such a cool and talented guy, and he truly deserves all good things in this world.

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Why do some people say that Pisces are "Heartbreakers" at their finest? And that they have the power to break your heart without saying a word?🐠🐠🐠

You wanna feel special, dont you, little Pisces? Pisces fall out of love relatively quickly. Once they know enough about the other person, they’ll start losing interest. (This happens to Sagittarians too.)


Since our ships are all canon by the end of 2014, it’s cool to spread some love to celebrate the soon-to-be-old year and get ready for the brand new 2015.

This post is dedicated for anyone who are in a relationship or still single:

“How to Express Love to Your Special One in 17 NARUTO Styles”


1. The Stalker 

Silently watch him from afar. Memorize all of his little things or even bad habits, let yourself be inspired by him every day and slowly nourish that pure love. If you love him warts and all, he totally deserves you.

2. The Hug 

Tightly hug him whenever he gets angry or upset. Beg him to stop with the sweetest tone ever. Your eyes, your voice and your warm embrace will distinguish his rage and erase his sorrow right away.

3. The Blush

Let him see your shyness every time he comes and talks to you. Your rosy cheeks will make a strong impression on him. He may think you are weird at first, but then he will find it cute and even get excited whenever you are around.

4. The Forehead Kissing

Kiss him on the forehead after being shared about his lifetime goal. He will feel super confident and gain more motivation to fulfil his future dream, of course with you by his side.

5. The Praise

Tell him how great he is and even when he fails, he himself is still a sweet failure in your eyes. He’s gonna get power up immediately and even reveal something that make your heart go doki doki.

6. The Confession

a. Sasusaku Style

- Declare your genuine love. If he’s a good guy, whether he is sure about his feeling for you or not, he’s gonna be deeply moved and say a sincere “Thank you” for loving him. There’s a high chance that he will think about it and give you a surprising answer in the right time.

- Confess again if you are given some hints that he may have feeling for you, but he has to hide it for some reasons. When you get under his skin, he’s gonna recall the nostalgic memories with you and let his body react weirdly without realizing it.

b. Naruhina Style

Wait until he becomes a damsel in distress. Suddenly show up, take all of your courage to protect him from the bad things and bravely confess. He’s gonna be jaw-dropping, and then feel lost in heaven.

7. The Slap

Slap him gently if he is about to do something stupid. And don’t remove your hand too soon but linger it on his face while preaching him. After being enlightened, he’s gonna touch your hand, tightly hold it and gain his spirit back.

8. The Show Off

a. Shikatema Style

Impressively appear and save his whiny ass right on cue. And after finishing your cool action, don’t forget to give him a big shiny smile. He’s gonna suffer from a mixed feeling of embarrassment and amusement at the same time.

b. Sasusaku Style

Show him how bad-ass you are after a long time not being together. Throw a “Watch and learn!” into his face. He will be taken aback, get turned on and internally scream in pride.


1. The Encouragement

Detect her problems quickly. Encourage her by emphasizing on her strengths; show her that you feel proud of her no matter what happens. She’s gonna be happy as hell and gain her confidence back.

2. The Nickname Giving

Give her cute nicknames that you think they fit her. She’s gonna blush and perhaps start thinking about you, even dream of her love triangle with you as the Mr. Right every night.

3. The Sarcasm

Tell her you think women and marriage are troublesome, but in fact show her that you actually care and secretly dream about you and her future wedding. She knows, she can even read you. Women are not only troublesome, but also smart and dangerous.

4. The Sorry

Say a sincere ‘Sorry’ after what you have done to her. She’s not gonna forgive you easily, she may reply with a sarcastic tone like “IDGAF!”, so you have to forget your big ego and desperately beg for her forgiveness.


5. The Bridal Style

Carry her in bridal style and run fast in the middle of the night. And then give her the cutest smile ever! She’s gonna see butterflies everywhere and may consider settling down and have a kid with you.

6. The Forehead Poking

Poke her forehead all of a sudden with your index and middle finger and tease her with your sexy lips, like promise her you will do something special for her in the right time. Even when she doesn’t figure out what the meaning behind your poking, she will believe and wait for that day to come.

7. The Handholding

Hold her hand. Look into her eyes. Feel thankful that she’s always beside you and believe in you. Thanks to your sweetness, she will automatically unleash her unbelievable potential power that you have never seen.

8. The Slow Embrace

Catch her when she’s exhausted and about to fall. Slowly pull her a little closer to your muscular chest while still maintaining the conversation with other people like a boss. It’s purely therapeutic. She’s gonna recover both physically and mentally.

9. The Eyesmex

Look into her eyes intensely and make her go speechless. Research shows that ‘Having eye contact more than 6 seconds without looking away reveals a desire for either sex or murder’.

Either you choose to have sex with her or murder her with your beautiful eyes, she’s gonna die of euphoria anyway.

10. The Cowboy (This is only for guys who can ride motorcycles, horses or anything like that)

Suddenly speed up so that she’ll be forced to quickly grab your body for self-balance. You will feel her smell, her touch, her blush, her boobs and her figure pressed tightly to your back. Be cool and keep calm. Conceal, don’t feel, or else you‘re gonna get out of control with a big boner while riding with her to the sunset and all of your friends will make fun of it.


It is said that Shounen Mangas are all about heroes fighting for world peace and there is no place for love or other cheesy things like Shoujo. But in NARUTO, we can find a bunch of inspiring love stories which give us many life lessons! And those beautiful moments are definitely NOT cheesy at all!

Well, if you wanna express your special feelings to someone you adore, perhaps those NARUTO’s impressive styles above will support you a lot in your love life. Re-read this long rant and replace characters’ names with your name and your love interest to go on a Feeeeel Trip!

Let’s start 2015 by spreading some happiness into the air! Reblog to share the love, no more war please! HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

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Bruno imagine? Pweease!



I heard his footsteps come up behind me.

“hey bae, whatcha doing?” He asked kissing the back of my head.

“Nothing, just making some dinner.” I replied turning my head pecking him on the lips.

“Soooo, you know what friday is?” He asked hugging me from behind.

“What’s friday?” I asked confused.

“Seriously bae, it’s Valentine’s Day!” he said excited.

“Oh Bruno, I thought we agreed we weren’t doing anything for Valentine’s day.” I said.

“aww c’mon baby, I wanna do something special for you.” he said pouting.

“Bru, you always do special things for me.” I said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, just this month, you bought me a ring, you take me out all the time and you know, everyday is valentine’s day for me.” I said.

“yeah but this is our first Valentine’s Day and it’s the first of many. just me and you baby, nothing big, some candles, chocolates, a shitty movie we can laugh at and then maybe we can get liquored up and do the do.” He said touching his nose to mine.

“Fine, but if we do celebrate, I wanna be the guy. You always make me feel special so I wanna make you feel special, ya know, shower you with gifts, buy you flowers, rub your back, kiss your neck.” I said kissing him softly on his collar bone.

“Alright alright, I’ll let you plan it. Just don’t forget the whiskey.” he said

“No, friday I get the whiskey and you get the frilly pink champagne.” I laughed.

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random question do you know what your ethnicities on your father's side are? like french, polish, etc

nah my dad’s side is just white. like, i know it’s a mishmosh of german, italian, russian, polish, danish, and apparently irish but i really think they’re just making that up, but like ethnically we’re not…anything. white americans really don’t have ethnic identities u feel me (and if they do tbh it’s just bc they wanna feel special to contend with people of color’s ethnicities)

im obsessiveee and gross and the only motivation and sense of purpose i have in my life comes from wanting to impress or please ppl that i obsess over like

the only reason ive been drawing the past few weeks is bc i wanna make my bf feel special 

the only reason i try n take care of myself n do productive things is bc i live with my other bf and i dont want him to think im rlly a lazy sloth 

shakes my own shoulders bitch why r u so dependent or whatever is this normal like is this ok isnt that,, kinda yknow weiiird